One-Liner Wednesday – Oh, That’s It

I was visiting my brother, his family and our mother this past weekend and earlier this week. They live in Ames, Iowa, the college town around Iowa State University. When planning these visits, I try to avoid weekends with football home games or other large-draw events. These events tie up traffic, overflow restaurants and jack up hotel rates.

When I made my reservations, the hotel rates were higher than I expected they would be. We couldn’t find any events, other than a Gordon Lightfoot concert and a women’s volleyball game. On the way to pick up mom for dinner, we stopped so I could check into my hotel. There, the mystery was solved:

I’m not sure if this changes our dinner plans, but the hotel clerk asked me if I am here for parents’ weekend.”

We drove by a few of the restaurants on our list and they were packed to the curbs.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals consisted of takeout from some of those restaurants. Even takeout required a wait, but the result was good food, great conversation and time spent with loved ones.

One-liner Wednesday is a weekly challenge brought to us by Linda G. Hill. They gallery below includes some photos from a drive through Ames while in search of doors.


  1. This is exactly how we found out about a new town in another state to visit. The original town had some kind of homecoming weekend and everything was booked. But 30 minutes over the state line–we had our choice of anywhere to stay!

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  2. I love how you managed to sneak in a crane into this post :)

    Fall is the best time of year to plan an outing somewhere – unless of course it’s Parent’s Weekend. I’m assuming Parent’s Weekend is related to the university?

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    1. Thanks Joanne. I had to include at least one crane. I had several pictures. It was a very good weekend. The big thing I wanted was to see my family, and that was a success.

      Parents weekend was af the university, although no one expected it to be on s non-football weekend.

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  3. We live 5 miles from UNH in Durham, and I have been known to check their events page before venturing into town. It is a stress I can just do without. :-) Glad you had a nice visit with family. I’m sure your mom and brother appreciate your effort to visit. Eat in or take out – I’m sure it was the company and the conversation that was the most important. I did chuckle at the hotel view – reminded me of KS. :-)

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    1. You’re exactly right, Judy. The company and conversation that we enjoyed. If I had been earlier, the hotel view would have been corn. I think they are going to develop that land, though. In the future, I might be looking st another hotel.

      We did check the events before I booked my flights, but somehow, we missed parents weekend.

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  4. Time with family is always the best, Dan, regardless if the restaurants are packed or not.

    Very nice photos! The ex and I drove through Ames many years ago…on the motorcycle, in 50 degree weather and rain. I remember we stopped at the local McDonald’s (it was kind of a fancy one), in our rain suits, to have breakfast and a few dry moments. Naturally, we didn’t stop to check out the rest of the town…not in the mood. ;-)

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    1. Thanks Mary. The time with family was the reason I went. I’ve seen the town, many times. I did ask my brother for a tour of something I hadn’t seen much of, and a chance to get some door photos, ‘cuz…doors. Since the campus is open on Sunday, he gave me a nice tour. Ames has a wonderful breakfast spot, The Grove. They would have accepted you in a rain suit, but not easy to find. Having been on a bike, in the rain,I understand that mood.


  5. Oh, yes, it can be hard to find a bed and a table on one of those weekend parents. But I’m happy for you that you managed to shoot lovely photos. The fall colors are quite something in Iowa. And of course spending time with people we love is the best ever treat.

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    1. Thanks Linda. As soon as I saw the look on my brother’s face after I told him about the clerk asking me that question, I knew two things: 1) we were getting take-out, and 2) I had a One-Liner Wednesday line :)


  6. Gordon Lightfoot AND women’s volleyball? That’s a powerful combo, Dan! Whatever drew the crowds, at least we got some more good Fall pics. Ha, the flag one reminds me of my own ROTC days in high school, where I was in charge of the color guard. Good times, probably because it was a bit later than the volatile days of 1969 and I didn’t have to do any guarding.

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    1. Thanks Paul. The crowds didn’t seem any lighter during the concert times. I guess it’s just folks coming to see their kids. I should have known something was up, the plane was full of middle-aged people wearing ISU tees and jackets.

      I don’t think guarding the pole in 1969 is anything my brother would have considered fun. Those were scary times to be in uniform.

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    1. I’m glad you liked that Deborah. If I’m anywhere near a crane, it’s going to be featured in a photo :)

      We have some nice color here, but we have three days of wind and rain in the forecast. I got some photos today (still on vacation) and those might be all I get.

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  7. There is something about fog pictures …. just love them. It was foggy this morning but I opted just to enjoy instead of fiddling with my camera. Lovely gallery, Dan. I am seeing the brights your way too. Let’s hope Jack Frost comes along to encourage these leaves to change fully. And as for those restaurants …. big groan from me. I’m not a fan of crowds. LOL <3

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    1. Thanks Amy. I just replied to Deborah that we may be seeing the last of fall leaves today. Three days of wind and rain in the forecast here.

      My brother and I took mom out for dinner on Monday. The place was almost empty, so we had plenty of time to talk and we didn’t have to yell over a crowd.

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      1. Dan!!! OH please don’t say that because we are due for heavy rain here. I have plans on getting out one more time. Darn darn darn! A lot of trees are still green BUT today I saw a lot of color which popped up over night. And because I needed to hike NOT do photography I said no to today. *sigh* This year has been tough!!

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    1. I don’t know about that, John. Home of Barilla Pasta, though, and it gets about 75 Union Pacific trains coming through each day. Ironically, they are both there for the same reason. The railroad came for the water (abundance) 100 years ago and Barilla came there for the water (quality), more recently.

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  8. I wish I’d know you were there. We drove to Seward, Nebraska on Thursday and back home on Sunday. It was my 45th high school reunion and lots of fun. It would have been fun to possibly get together. Parent’s Weekend would be a nightmare in many ways. Glad you found some good food and had a good time. We found several great places to eat, places I’ll blog about soon. See you tomorrow.


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    1. Thanks Audrey. There were four of those dorms when my brother was in school. They called them the Samsonite Towers. I’m glad you enjoyed this and it’s nice to know you’ve been through Ames.


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