Hi Ho

socs badge 2016-17Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go. No, this isn’t the dwarfs singing, this is those voices, he keeps locked away when he goes to work. This is our time, so here we go. We almost didn’t get this chance, Linda, the dungeon mistress of #SoCS was tangled up in some birthday party planning. Fearing the absence of a prompt, we were asked to “input” to a post about, I don’t know, sunglasses, geese and who knows what all. The normal “we have to edit our work and get it right” part of the brain was struggling with that title. Then the prompt arrived:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ho.” Find a word with the two letters–“ho”–in that order, and use it in your post. Enjoy!

So, Hi ho!

Yeah, I get it. The ‘ho’ is supposed to be part of a word. Well, Linda didn’t say it couldn’t be the whole word. See what I did there? Besides, all is a part of all. Linda didn’t say anything about bonus points either. I like bonus points.

I was looking forward to the SoCS prompt this week, because I’ve been on vacation. Actually this vacation was kind of a stream of consciousness freedom fest. You can say all kinds of stuff around family without thinking. Did you catch that one? Family understands. Family has heard it all before. Family says the same stuff. However, flying halfway across the country to see family requires some serious thought. Another one, actually another two…booyah!

When you speak to the folks at the TSA checkpoint, you need to think before speaking. No sense of humor between those crowd control bands. No photos, no jokes, no confrontation, no complaints, and no ignoring the rules, instructions, direct orders and questions. Someone wants to know why you’re going to Iowa? Tell them why you’re going to Iowa. Not to get cheap alcohol, not to attend the opera and not because you’ve been asked to crown the corn queen of 2016.

And not to see the fall foliage!

On the other hand, the foliage in Iowa was further along in its color change. Further. I think that’s right. I struggle with further and farther. I think Linda allows typos and grammatical edits, so I could just wait and see what the editor says, but I think I got this. I remember being told in 5th grade or something, that farther is appropriate when the “distance” is measurable. “The running back ran farther on 2nd down than he did on 1st down.” You can’t measure color change. Well, you can, but you’d need a spectrophotometer.

Measuring football yardage is easy. Football fields have lines painted on the grass. Most people can count. Not too many people own a spectrophotometer. Maybe physicists have some special little sets of chains to measure the distance between red and orange, but they’re not sharing them with us ordinary folk, so further. Further is kinda like yonder. It implies distance instead of specifying it.

See, this is the problem with SoCS. If this could be edited. Do you have trouble saying edited? The ‘dit’ sound always seems to tangled up with the ‘ed’ sound. It’s like both ‘dit’ and ‘ted’ want to be spoken. Anyway, we’re not editing. No problem saying editing. But, if I could edit this mess those voices have spewed onto the page, I might get rid of some of the spectral stuff, ‘cuz there’s people out there who freak at science.

If we forget about measuring color, we’d be back at fall foliage. By the time I returned home from Iowa, we had some nice color here in Connecticut. I’m going to share some of those photos – ho ho – today, but I have to hold some back. Some of them are important to another story. There it goes again. If I were editing, I’d leave that out. You don’t know about the photos I don’t use.

I hope you enjoy the fall photos in the gallery. Next Saturday, the voices will be under control and we’ll be back at the bar with Cheryl and my buddy. Until then, hi ho!


  1. You must take the train across that bridge- does it go to Springfield? A photo from the bridge would be great.
    From one train lover to another.

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    1. That view is crossing the river from east to west, heading south from Springfield. If not before, in 2018 we should have light rail from Springfield to New Haven. That should run mor frequently than AMTRAK so I could just do a round trip. I’ll get across.


  2. Whoa! (did you catch the ‘ho’ in whoa?–I cannot bold these comments). Anywho (there I go again….), after reading this, I wish we were having a beer……. ! I’ll buy. Excellent post, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I will get across that bridge at some point. I’ve been under it, as it also crosses the Windsor Locks Canal. My daughter and I have tons of pictures from the bike path between the canal and the river, as the bridge is a regular resting point for us. We seem to have a lot of yellow-orange-red this year. I’m enjoying the color, but it’s raining today with strong winds in the forecast. I’m not sure what will remain after tonight.

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        1. The colors this year haven’t been as spotty as last year, but they moved quickly to the yellow end of the scale.

          I have one more post coming (maybe Monday) but it’s a bit of a sad tree story.

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    1. This is the bridge I featured in my Train Day post, Sharukh. I got there prior to the scheduled AMTRAK train, but it’s hard to see through the leaves. That was taken from a different vantage point, as I don’t think I knew that the road went this far north at the time.You can see that picture here: https://flic.kr/p/Gg1C8W

      I do want to ride over the bridge at some point.

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        1. There are about 7-8 AMTRAK trains a day, and a few freight trains. The light rail that is scheduled top begin in 2018, will have trips every 1/2 hour. I don’t know if that will eliminate any of the AMTRAK runs. Right now, the 6:00 am, 5:00 pm 9:00 pm and the Vermonter at about 2:30 pm go north from Washington DC to/through Springfield. Several other trains go from Springfield to New Haven only, so they might be eliminated.


          1. That’s good news. Over here too, they have announced to make Vasai a hub to connect north-south rail network, which is good. But that also means the town will attract more residents and it means more traffic and pollution. On the bright side, more train options for me which means more convenience and rise in my property price. 2020 is the deadline, but going as per Indian reputation I’m betting 2025. So I have no worries for almost a decade.

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  3. Lovely colours and hoes, but what struck me was this: “I might get rid of some of the spectral stuff, ‘cuz there’s people out there who freak at science.” It might have been tongue-in-cheek, but I come across this sentiment often. I wish people wouldn’t take notice so much of what freaks out other people and just do their stuff. No science has ever killed anybody. (Well….)

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    1. Thanks. I do take notice, because I have a tendency to wander deep into the weeds on sciency stuff. Left to my own judgement, I would have written three more pages, describing how a spectrophotometer works, where it’s used and how you could build one from stuff lying around in your garage :)

      That’s not to say I don’t go there, or won’t go there at all. Science, math and computer technology is part of who I am. I just don’t want to go overboard on anything, That’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging, to see if I could find a way to balance all the subjects that I find interesting and make my posts interesting to others.

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      1. And then I thought that you looked up words with ‘ho’ in them and that’s how you found ‘spectrophotometer’ :D I know what you mean though. We all do it for different reasons. I think there are many of us who find your posts interesting and worthwhile.

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        1. It’s funny, I was surprised to find the ‘ho’ in spectrophotometer – it’s buried pretty deeply. I was really trying to explain my issues with further/farther – I like SoCS, because I really do get moved around by my thoughts.

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  4. Dan,

    I have heard of the bridge on the river kwai. I did not know about the bridge over the stream of consciousness. in Connecticut no less. I expect it would need to be built for completely unpredictable stresses. am sorry about not being able to use them two letters. darn near slipped up there till i found ‘them.’ As for that anti stream of consciousness attitude it is spelt and said Eddie Ted. then again i prefer to keep englaise a living language so Eddie Tedding becomes somewhat superfluous.

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    1. Thanks John – you’re making me smile as I read this. Eddie Ted works pretty well. As for the bridge of the stream of consciousness. I hope it has a brighter future than the one over the river Kwai.

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  5. Pretty foliage. I had a recent shorter plane trip and happily going through the security wasn’t too bad. I don’t like having to take my boots off though. I also got to see some beautiful trees at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, which included redwoods. :)

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  6. I’m so glad I didn’t see that prompt. I would have been sorely tempted to do a post about my “ho” neighbor, but mine is a G rated blog. Love your photos – by the time I’m able to get out to take some, the colors will be gone. Had thought about going out this weekend, but it’s pouring rain and too cold for me. I could take some pictures through the windows from inside my nice, cozy house except that the trees in my own yard haven’t started changing yet. Oh well.

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  7. Dan, this was a HOrrifically awesome post. I like your out-of-control voices, even though I was waiting for them to write about HO-HO’s rather than the Snow White dwarf song. I thought about responding to Linda’s prompt, except I wanted to call someone a HO and I knew that would be inappropriate. Instead, I’ll just tell you that those are beautiful photos…not a HO-hum one among them. Enjoy what’s left of fall color and I can’t wait to see what happens next week at the bar.

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    1. Thanks Mary. I love HOw people are working ‘ho’ into the comments. Very nicely done on your part (including ‘thought’ ). I thought about HoHos, ‘cuz I love HoHos, but I can’t control those voices. Plus, I have to go back to work on Monday after almost two weeks off. I’ll be off again starting Wednesday afternoon, but I still have to get up on Monday :(

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        1. Ha ha – the good news is I only have to face that reality for 2 days. I take most of my vacation in Oct/Nov. Fall is my season :)

          Still, I do have to show up to God only knows what on Monday :(

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  8. The railroad trestle bridge with the rusty red metal framework is an opening to a beautiful scene, Dan. The whole collection is gorgeous example of vibrant, vivid colors!
    Occasionally, I will answer a few responses on my blog in the early morning and to let people know “this is it” for almost the rest of the day, I will say those dwarf words, “Hi ho, hi ho, I’m off to work I go.” :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. I will be heading back to work tomorrow, after almost two weeks of freedom. I don’t know if I’ll be singing, but I’m sure the dwarfs will be proud of me.


  9. Some stunning shots here, Dan. You seem to have captured the fall foliage at the peak time. The array of colors, as well as the variety of angles, is all very eye-catching. The shot with the bridge is my favorite.

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