Glasses, Geese and Not-So-Great Pumpkin

glassesIf we were having a beer, you would be sitting outside.

“Whoa, check out the new shades.”

“What are you doing sitting outside? We sit at the bar.”

“It’s October. It might be our last chance to sit outside and enjoy a beer.”

“It’s starting to snow. Meet me inside, at the bar, ‘cuz it’s your turn to buy.”

“Is your buddy coming in, or are you guys taking a break?”

“He’s coming in, Cheryl. He’s buying too, so you can pour a Yuengling any time you like.”

“Um, yeah, about that…I have some bad news. They took away Yuengling.”

“What?!?!?! How could they do that? Lots of people drink Yuengling.”

“I don’t make the decisions; I just have to deliver the bad news to people like you.”

“Hi Cheryl. I told you I’d be back in as soon as he got here.”

“What are you drinking?”

“I’ll have a glass of Meiomi. Why isn’t he already drinking?”

“They took away Yuengling.”

“You’re kidding? I thought they liked you.”

“What did they replace it with, Cheryl?”

“A pumpkin ale.”

“Oh for the love… Why does the world need more pumpkin crap?”

“It’s in season.”

“I get it, Cheryl. It’s October. You want pumpkin? Dunkin Donuts has pumpkin donuts, Munchkins and lattes. Go. Knock yourself out, but we don’t need pumpkin beer.”

“Make that ‘more pumpkin beer’ – we already had a pumpkin ale.”

“Cheryl, no offense, but this is a disturbing trend. I know it’s not your fault. First, they took away the Parmesan Peppercorn dressing. Then Sweet Potato Fries. Then they took the Philly Egg Rolls off the menu. Now Yuengling. These guys don’t seem to care much about their regular customers.”

“Cheryl, he needs 12 ounces of Sam Adams Boston Lager, stat!”

“Here, here’s a Sam, on the house.”


“You know; we can still take that out on the patio…just sayin.”

“I like to be at a bar. An outside table is nice near the beach, when it’s warm, with family, but two guys should drink at a bar.”

“But it’s autumn. The leaves are turning. The air is crisp…”

“It’s 34 degrees.”

“It’s warm in the sun. I even heard some geese overhead.”

“Which way were they heading? I saw a bunch of geese the other day, heading north!”

“North, are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I was standing in the parking lot at the eye doctor, and I heard this loud squawking. I took a picture. Here, look.”

Let's go before they bring out more pumpkins.
Let’s go before they bring out more pumpkins.

“That’s a lot of geese.”

“Yep, and they’re heading north., probably to get away from the pumpkins.”

“Speaking of eye doctors, and hopefully changing the subject, what’s with those fancy sunglasses of yours?”

“I broke my old ones a couple of weeks ago.”

“Quite a different look.”

“Harley-Davidson, dontchaknow?”

“When did you become a slave to fashion.”

“Well, this is a new WVU Football shirt and this is a brand new denim shirt.”

“Ha! It suits you, but you’re not exactly working the wardrobe.”

“I like to show some support for my teams. The people drinking Pumpkin Ale can work the wardrobe.”

“Can’t you let that go? Maybe the growing interest in pumpkin beers is related to Snoopy and the gang.”

“What? You think they’re followers of the Great Pumpkin?”

“No, in honor of its 50th anniversary this week.”

“I didn’t know you were such a fan.”

“I’m not, I read about it on Wendy’s blog.”

“Well, in the fine tradition of ignoring what people like, in favor of something new and trendy, Snoopy and the gang just got fired.”

“What are you talking about?”

Met Life fired Snoopy. Him and the whole gang are o-u-t, out.They’re changing their logo to a big blue letter M.”

“Seriously? I like Snoopy. OK, now I need a drink. Cheryl, top off this wine and bring him another Sam.”

“Here, maybe if I pour it in a frosted glass it will seem more like a draft.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I just noticed, you guys don’t have a lager on tap.”

“Well, we have…”

“Don’t even say it. Stella and Bud Light don’t count. I can’t believe you kept those but got rid of Yuengling.”

“The distributor requires us to carry those two, and we sell a lot of both.”

“I’d sooner drink the pumpkin stuff.”

“Give it up, Cheryl. He’s a lost cause. He’s flying north with the geese.”

“Hey, we brought Parm-pep back, and we just put sweet potato fries back on the menu. Maybe Yuengling will return. You gotta have hope Dan. Besides, the distributor will run out of pumpkin soon enough.”

“Yeah, just in time for Winter ales.”

This post is in response to Linda G. Hill, who told us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in/out.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

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    • No, I got those from my eye doctor. Those are prescription lenses. I wanted something larger, for sunglasses and those were comfortable. They just happen to be HD.

      But we did think of you :)


  1. Oh, you’ve just given me my first snow of the season. That’s early. Love the geese and the sunglasses, as for the Yuengling (had to check above for spelling, you are the only one to ever mention this beer where I can hear it), I find it interesting that you don’t say why they have withdrawn it. You don’t wish to go there? Or everybody knows?

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    • They only have a few beers on tap, and we have a lot of local breweries. I’ll keep going, the food is very good, and I do meet some friends there. Yuengling isn’t sold everywhere. It’s only been available here for two years.

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  2. Hanging my head in shame as I’m one of those pumpkin folks. I never get enough, and I love pumpkin beer. :-) We’ve been getting rain, but I did see some flakes up north this week. Those sunglasses are way to fancy – don’t lose them. We loved to eat at Pigs Can Fly in Maine. My reason was because I loved their grilled cheese sandwich with roasted brussels sprouts. They took it off the menu, and I haven’t been back since. :-)

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    • I was pretty sure you had mentioned a pumpkin beer, Judy. No offense, I just didn’t see why we need two pumpkin beers, given that they only have 9 taps. And I don’t know why so many ales. I’ve heard people ask that question. They have a new chef, and he wanted to add his signature to the menu :(

      The snow turned to rain overnight We ended up with just enough to make a mess of one afternoon.

      Enjoy the pumpkin beer :)

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  3. Akkk! You were doing fine until you said the “S” word, Dan. I was so determined not to spend another winter here, but everything I (repeatedly) tried failed.
    Anyhow, I do love pumpkin pie, and the Great Pumpkin… but that’s all. The pseudo-pumpkin-everything makes me queasy.
    The cottony cloud-scapes are beautiful. Have a superb Saturday. Hugs.

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  4. Ah, the Great Pumpkin special is a favorite of mine. In fact, we share a birthday — it premiered the day I was born! But I have to say, this whole pumpkin craze is getting out of hand. Save it for the pies, people! And fine, put it in your lattes if you must …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well then, happy birthday. May you get the candy you like best (and no rocks).

      That’s a pretty cool thing to share a birthday with. I’m pretty sure historians will look back on this phase of American taste and shake their heads in wonder.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! Some peanut-butter cups would really hit the spot. Hope you also get some nice treats, Dan. And yeah, future sociologists are sure to find some interesting grist in this era, no question. (“Pumpkin-spice Pringles? What were they THINKING?”)

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  5. I had to check the snow photos more than once just to be sure I saw what I saw (and I haven’t even had a beer yet this morning!) Going to be 70 here today and it’s already in the mid-sixties. :-) I also prefer my pumpkin in pies, but then as a dark beer aficionado, the word “ale” isn’t for me. And regarding the geese, the ones here in NE Illinois seem to have no idea either where they’re supposed to be headed. Wherever they go, I’m happy, just so they take all the poop along with them.

    Happy Saturday, Dan.


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    • We’re heading up towards 60 today and in the 50s & 60d next week. Sometimes I think Mother Nature just likes to let us know who’s in charge. I guess we need to eat more pumpkin pie, so there isn’t enough for beer. As for the geese, I’m with you. They can go or stay but poop somewhere else :)

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  6. While I LOVE pumpkin, I’m not a fan of pumpkin beer. I’d rather consume it in the form of pie or bars or cookies. Today would be a good day to sit outside with a beer. It’s another beautiful day…warmth and sunshine (so far). Cheers!

    +5,000 bonus points to you for H-D sunglasses (and two thumbs up). Looking good!
    -5,000 bonus points to Met Life for dropping Snoopy and the gang.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Seriously, pie. How hard is that to remember? “What do we do with all these pumpkins? Let’s make pie” – not beer, P-I-E!

      Thanks for the bonus points. I figured you would like the HD shades. They are really comfortable. I have to admit, I almost don’t want to use the cleaning cloth ;)

      When I first saw the -5,000 bonus points, I thought you were shooting the messenger. Phew, yes, take all the points away from Met Life if you like. How can you fire Snoopy?

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  7. Man, I’m sorry about your Yuengling. It might be a long winter, huh?
    I don’t understand the pumpkin everything thing, either. Punkin pie, punkin muffins, punkin roll, and then I’m out. We saw pumpkin Pop-Tarts at the store this week and all made gagging noises.
    Nice glasses, very handsome. Glasses are always funny to me, because I’ve learned over the years that glasses brands seem to have a way of nailing people. I find this to be as true as astrology. Fun little hobby. Sounds bad, or shallow, but I’ve long found it to be accurate. Few people buy glasses because of the brand, but it’s like the glasses KNOW. Every time I go, they tell me, “Oh those will take longer because they’re handmade” and I’m like, “Well of course they are.” But I find this truer than true for all the people I know well.


    • This is an expensive story. I needed new glasses and had to change daily use, sunglasses and safety glasses – lots of $$ in May/June. I tried to save money by reusing old frames. Then I broke the sunglasses and no fixing or replacing frames, so new from scratch. I liked these before I knew they were fancy schmancy. The Mrs liked them too, so…

      Pumpkin pop-tarts? That’s beyond Halloween scary.

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  8. Snow already?! The A/C has been turning on this week–and I don’t keep my house cold. This weather is nuts. Cool shades, man! I had no idea HD made prescription glasses. They add such a cool factor–just in case you have to drink pumpkin beer. Ugh. Not a beer drinker, but that sounds really bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We had the A/C on last week (84) and now white stuff. But, back into tend 60s this week.

      I had to laugh. I often find Florida
      Indoor spaces to be freezing.

      I like the sunglasses. I wanted a pair with larger lenses. I didn’t know I was buying a brand, but I do like them.

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  9. I’m out here in California and it’s definitely too rainy and cloudy for a beer! I tried to stir clear of all the pumpkin infused drinks and donuts this time of year….

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  10. I get tired of many of the holiday thangs coming out early and in force. LOVE pumpkin pie and breads — grew up with that and squash and carrot breads — and as long as it is not Starbucks will have the occasional pumpkin latte… but not fond of pumpkin beer and neither is M. So nice to be back on to read your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kate. Pumpkin pie and other baked goods are fine. I’m not a fan of flavored coffee (of Starbucks) but I can see that. I can even see some folks liking the beer, but when you only have 9 taps, 2 shouldn’t be pumpkin.


  11. Thanks for the link to my post, Dan! I feel bad about your favourite beer, but am right there with you on the pumpkin stuff. I mean, it’s fine for the first week or so, but then it’s like, “That’s enough. I can make pumpkin-xyz any time of year if I want to.” I don’t often stop and get a drink while I’m out (because I’m incredibly cheap when it comes to most things), but I’ll admit that I gave in to temptation last week when I saw my favourite cafe/bookstore in town tweet about their special new pumpkin drink. It was twice the price of my usual favourite, but I got it anyway after reasoning that I could afford to shell out three or four times a year for a fancy cup of liquid. You know what? It wasn’t even good. The last sip was okay as evidently all the GOOD flavouring had sunk to the bottom, but the rest of it was such a non-event it wasn’t funny. I won’t be doing THAT again. I don’t like pumpkin pie, but I do make some other pumpkin recipes that are quite good. But still, I don’t really need a special time of year to have that stuff, and I get sick and tired of all the fuss.

    As for your pics… *shudders* … you’ve had worse weather than we have up here. Keep it down there, please, okay?

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    • Ha ha – we sent the weather up to you with the wrong-way flock of geese. In bad-to-worse news, pumpkins are giving way to Black Friday and Christmas – not the holidays, just the sales :(

      The timing of your Charlie Brown post and Met Life’s news was almost perfect. I think they fired those guys a day before of a day after you celebrated their 50th.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wellll…. I can’t complain too much about the early ushering in of Christmas as that’s basically my favourite thing in the entire world. I know for most people it’s about consumerism, but I personally have no problem making it a celebration of our Lord and being thankful and grateful, even if I start on November 1st! Remember, Thanksgiving up here happens in October, so there’s no other holiday after Halloween except Christmas! And I will admit that the sooner I can start that season, the better I like it!

        But firing Snoopy and the gang certainly wasn’t in keeping with the holiday spirit. I still haven’t read anything about it (other than here in your post), but what a ridiculous thing for them to do. I half wonder if the Peanuts characters were suddenly too “pure” and decent for them. Like last year when ABC Family Channel up and decided that they didn’t like how the term “family” made them seem like they carried wholesome family-safe programming, so they changed their name to “Freeform”. Blech. There’s something really wrong in the world when you find the idea of “family-friendly” so offensive that you completely overhaul an entire channel, including its name. I wonder if there’s a touch of this mentality in firing Snoopy too…?

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think names like “freeform” and logos like a capital “M” are ways of avoiding offending anyone. Let’s not pretend that we stand for anything other than making money. Let’s not get people’s hopes up and let’s not run the risk of turning away an anti-family viewer, ‘cuz that would be one more pair of eye on the ads we serve up.

          I love Christmas. I dislike the retail season that revolves around it, and I am getting closer and closer to hating the so-called “black Friday” thing. It brings out the worst in people and the worst in retailers. Once again, last week, I had to abandon my cart and wiggle between the shelves holding the stuff I wanted to buy in October and the stuff piled in the aisles for four weeks from now. The employees in the store are unable to help or explain and they seem unwilling to even care.

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  12. Didn’t I hear that Yuengling got into some political hot water ( hot water never being good for a beer ) ? Worse , I think , and you might agree , is the pumpkin ale phenomenon . They once had a beer around here with a red pepper in each bottle —- not bad , really , as long as you stopped with one beer —– again , never a good condition for beer ; but pumpkin flavored beer ? Maybe turkey flavored beer is next ? , or mince flavored . Mashed potato and gravy flavored beer might be good , but they’d have to use natural ingredients . There is probably cranberry-flavored beer in you neck of the woods . If not , why not !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yuengling, that is Mr. Yuengling himself, did manage to get into the news cycle. Not the brightest move. When you sell stuff, you risk alienating a bunch of customers either way you think.

      We do see the occasional cranberry concoction. I think there’s a Mike’s Hard Lemonade brew. A little bit of that stuff is more than enough. Thanks!

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  13. You are not alone in seeing geese heading North. I saw, I stared, and I said “Get out!” And poor you, no longer able to drink your favorite beer. I stay away from trends for the reason they come and they go, but when they begin to interfere with the regular customers, I’d put up a stink. Pumpkin beer? No thank you! As for your um snow shots, you’ve got to be kidding, right? This is a joke, right? No far no snow here and I am really happy for as long as that stays. Really enjoyed your post, Dan!! :) <3

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Geese flying North? Maybe they’re going to pick up relatives before heading south? :)

    I like pumpkin pie, breads, and muffins. Pumpkin beer doesn’t even sound good! I’m sorry they stopped carrying your beer. Let’s hope they bring it back!

    I loved the tree’s fall leaves reflection on the table with the leaf.

    Your new shades are cool! I have a thing for sunglasses. I have several pair. My most used pair is the pair I wear out when doing any type of Photography. They’re the foldable Ray-Bans. LOVE THEM!! They fit in my cargo pocket and are so comfortable to wear. I don’t look as good in them as you do your HD’s, but I was going for packability, and comfort over fashion and looks for a change. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I couldn’t get that reflection to stay in focus. I was using my phone, so limited options. The sunglasses are prescription deals, so I just have the one pair. I tend to forget I have them on when taking pictures and I get frustrated the the photo doesn’t look like what I see. My daughter has pointed out that “your camera isn’t wearing sunglasses.” I’m good with pumpkin pie/bread/muffins

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  15. I liked the puddle reflecting the trees with a leaf nearby. I am a fan of big sunglasses and warm people who don’t protect their eyes.
    The conversation made me smile and chuckle. I like pumpkin roll with cream cheese and pumpkin cookies with frosting. I am not a fan of pumpkin coffee nor could I imagine drinking ale with this flavor! I do like apple cider and hard apple cider, too.

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