Remember Those Who Brought Us Here

Veterans Memorial
Veterans Memorial

In a week when the news organizations will ignore all else in favor of what happens/happened tomorrow, I would like to draw your attention to the event at the end of the week. Here in the US, Veterans Day is this Friday.

When I walk our Irish Setter, Maddie, through Veterans Memorial Park, it’s usually a busy place. Three soccer fields and two baseball diamonds keep the activity level high. This weekend was different. I’m not sure if it was the time, we were a bit early, or the temperature, in the 30s, but the park was quiet. A couple of warm weeks following a mid-October dip into the 30s has caused the fall color to linger. At least that’s my guess as to why we still have red, orange and yellow trees along with piles of brown leaves. The reason doesn’t matter. As we walked into the park, I focused on the stunning beauty surrounding the small memorial at the center of the park.

The memorial is there because we honor the people who actually made this country great. We honor the people who served, who fought and who died. We honor the people who came home to elaborate parades and those who came home to scorn and ridicule. We honor the people for whom we built statues and we honor the people who came home to lives wracked by poverty, illness and inadequate care. We honor the people buried in foreign countries, or still officially missing in action, who never came home.

This time last year, we were already embroiled in election coverage. We skipped over Veterans Day, just like we skipped over floods, hurricanes, pipeline ruptures and thousands of newsworthy events that followed, that weren’t newsworthy enough this year. A historic World Series win by the Cubs, barely derailed the rhetoric.

So, if you live in the States, please vote tomorrow. Then have your fill of coverage, but set aside some time this week to think about the brave men and women who served to secure, and who continue to serve to preserve our right to cast that vote. If you want a break from the nonsense, please check out the gallery of bonus fall photos.


    1. Understandably so. Most of us are really trying to do our best. It’s hard to believe that we’re left with the decision we have, but it’s our to make, so…

      More than anything, I want this blathering to stop. It’s been the same rhetoric for well over a year. The usual suspects, saying the predictable things. I won’t go on.

      Thanks for the comment. I checked out your site again, as I am still not getting emails. I checked the setting and saw that I was signed up for emails, but neither the box for new posts or comments was checked. That seems odd, since that’s all there is. Oh well, I turned emails for new posts on and hopefully WordPress will get the message.

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  1. It’s Remembrance Day here too on Friday.
    You said it very well. This is a day that deserves so much more respect than it gets. I think I’ve decided on which location I will be observing the day.
    The colours are still glorious where you are. I especially loved the photo of the flag – perfectly still – with the trees in the background.

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    1. Thanks Joanne. I couldn’t decide between the flag flying or the still flag. I chose the windy shot because it also shows the POW flag, which was tangled around the pole, but I really do like the one you highlighted. I have a quiet post planned for Friday, but I wanted to say something about this day. We have tons of leaves on the ground, but there’s still lots of color. Have a wonderful week.


  2. That’s a very valid point you made here. I believe that is the reason why I don’t have TV in my life. The quality of news is simply pathetic and the questions that news reporters ask are idiotic. Most news channels have affiliations with political parties so the news is bias and one-sided. 70 years of freedom and we are still playing the blame game. These days India seems to be in a reverse gear, if you know what I mean.

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  3. Oh, Dan, these images are just so gorgeous!!! The colors are stunning and you like me, seem to be wandering in wonderland!! And for the endless blatherings of fools and the like, *sigh*, enough all ready! Let’s just get tomorrow over with darn it and focus on what is really important like who won the baseball world series! That was just a mere blip if that …. and then the same old smudge appears. I have planned for the week lots and lots of beautiful colors and scenes to get people’s heads back to where we need to all be ….. the here and now in our own lives and to live those lives in LOVE. GREAT post, dear friend. I know the feeling of walking in quiet with those gorgeous colors all around you. I especially favor the first image with the flag. Thank you for highlighting our flag and a mention of those who made this country great. I live with one of them. <3

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    1. Thanks! Give that veteran a hug, Amy. I was so surprised to have the park be quiet. Usually, with all the people, I spend most of my time paying attention to Maddie. This was just as calm as could be.

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  4. Because I lost two uncles in WWII, I am subscribed to a newsletter from the American Battle Monuments Commission about the American Cemeteries throughout the world. I was actually reading that right before coming over to check in with you. One of the articles is about a new visitors’ center for Manila which is where one uncle is memorialized with 36,000 others who went MIA in WWII. Thank you, Dan, for remembering because as long as we do that, they are not forgotten.

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  5. Lovely photos and a great message. As the greatest generation starts to fade away, their memories are what we should keep to honor them. All our family members who served in World War II are now laid to rest. We need to also think of those men and women who never had the opportunity to live a full life due to their sacrifice. Thanks, Dan. An excellent post.

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  6. Thanks for the reminder. Remembering my Uncle Ted, freed from POW camp at end of war. The story goes that when he returned he spoke of it once to his mother, and that was it.

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  7. Wonderful tribute to all of our veterans, those still here and those long since departed. I want to extend my personal thanks to each and every one of them for signing a blank check to our country so that we might live in freedom and liberty.

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  8. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Legion had begun their poppy campaign early this year. Usually the poppies appear only about a week before Remembrance Day (also November 11), but this year, the tables and poppy boxes were plentiful on October 28th. I was proud of them for doing it despite the fact that Halloween still hadn’t happened yet.

    It doesn’t sound like it would be a big deal, but when you look around a crowd of people and they’re all sporting a red poppy pinned to their lapel, well, it actually does do something. It creates an instant awareness of what that symbol represents and why it’s important. It’s an easy but meaningful way of saying “I remember”. It makes me sad to see some people abusing the freedoms that so many men and women gave their lives for, but that just makes me all the more determined to wear a poppy and show due respect for those who did what I hopefully will never have to. Lest we forget.

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  9. Thanks for reminding us about Veteran’s Day, Dan. My roommate is a reservist, so I always try to remember that day. I also feel your post is a reminder that this country is about people, a melting pot of beautiful people, who live in a democracy with special freedoms and the right to vote. I’ve already done my part to avoid the crowds, now I have to wait for the outcome.

    Beautiful photos! Most of our leaves are off the trees here and the temps are expected to drop after a high of 67 today. I’m not sure why I’m at work and not on my bicycle…

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    1. Maybe you can sneak out a few hours early ;)

      Sorry, I shouldn’t encourage bad behavior, but 67 in November? That’s crazy. Thank your roommate for her service. It’s important and I don’t think most people think about it often enough.

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      1. I snuck out at noon and went for a two-mile walk. It’s beautiful. Best autumn ever! I only hope that doesn’t mean winter will be the opposite.

        I will certainly thank my roommate for you. She is happy and honored to serve her country.

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  10. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility. I very much agree with your post, but in a loving distinction, I believe that Veteran’s Day is to honor all vets, while Memorial Day is the day to honor those who served and are now dead. Of course, we should honor them all at all times. Thanks for the reminder.


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    1. I think you are correct, Janet. I know that Memorial Day is for those who are dead, but I know that I think of my father on both days. He served in WWII and died 38 years later. It’s hard to switch gears :)


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  12. Gorgeous fall collection, Dan!
    The first central photograph was perfect in the elements of color and meaning. The American flag flying proudly, really gets my tears welling up. We are overall blessed with so much! Yes, this is a week or at least a few moments we need to “pause” and thank those who serve, those who we lost, those who may be still missing or prisoners. . . for all aspects of military service, a sincere to Veterans, thank you!

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