Daylight Is a Finite Commodity

No fishing from the dock
No fishing from the dock

If we were having a beer, you would be bemoaning the time of our meeting.

“I think we should start meeting earlier.”

“Why, what’s wrong with 3:00?”

“It will be getting dark by the time we leave. I like to go home in daylight.”

“If you’re planning to come out in favor of Daylight Saving Time, don’t bother. I’m not a fan.”

“Not a fan? You’re not a fan of driving in daylight? You enjoy darkness? What’s wrong with you?”

“Hey, I leave for work at 6:00 AM. I’ll take my daylight during that commute, if you please.”

“Cheryl, bring Sunshine a beer and please pour me a glass of wine.”

“Meiomi? Or do you have something else in mind?”

“Red, a dark red to match my daylight deprived spirit.”

“Ooooo-kay. I’m guessing you’re still drinking Sam… What’s with him?”

“He’s mourning the loss of Daylight Saving Time.”

“Well, that makes one of him., I loathe that particular assault on nature, I think they should stop messing with time.”

“Another morning person heard from. You guys are missing the point. DST is good for the economy. It’s good for farmers. It’s safer for school children. I think it should last all year.”

“Which one of you is paying today?”

“Sunshine can pay.”

“Good. I’ll get the drinks, please let him know how wrong he is.”

“What does she mean? I’m not wrong about this.”

“She means 1918 called and wants its misconceptions back.”

“Look. I know it started for the war effort during World War One, but it’s a good thing for workers, school children and farmers.”

“No. It’s not. Farmers, in particular, have been against Daylight Saving Time since its inception. They’re still against it 100 years later.”

“Yeah, well what do they care, they don’t have a commute.”

“They care because they and their animals get up when the sun rises. DST, during the summer gave small farmers one less hour to get stuff done before having to take their produce to market.”

“Stuff, pfft. What stuff? What does it matter when you do ‘stuff’ on a farm?”

“One Boston Lager, one dreary red and you might want to check with Bossie about what does and doesn’t matter.”

“And, after you’re done learning about when cows need to be milked, you can drag you butt out of bed and drive around at 6:00 am on Monday, and count how many school buses are on the road.”

“Well, if it isn’t good for school children or farmers, who is it good for?”


“No one.”

“Aw, come on you two. It wouldn’t still be a thing if it wasn’t good for someone.”



“Department stores loved Daylight Savings Time. It encouraged people to stop on the way home and shop.”


“Really. Of course, that was before people could go home and shop online after they put their kids to bed.”

“So, no benefit? You’re trying to tell me that it’s just me?”

I'll try one
I’ll try one

“If I’m working days, I do like to get home before sunset, but I can adapt with the seasons. This place doesn’t get crowded until it starts to get dark. You boys want any food? Wings, Mussels? Pickled Eggs?”

“Pickled Eggs? When did you guys start selling pickled eggs?”

“We’re just trying a batch of Jalapeno Eggs. You’d be surprised how many people seem to like them.”

“OK, back to me and my problem. I’m the only person who enjoys having more sunlight in my day? That’s what you’re trying to tell me.”

“First off, there is no ‘extra’ sunlight. There’s only ever so much sunlight and it’s determined by…”

“Yeah, yeah, our orbit around the Sun.”

“Cheryl, can we have another round while I learn this guy somethin’ about life in our solar system?”


“It’s not the Earth’s orbit that affects the seasons, it’s the fact that the Earth is tilted on its axis almost 25° – that’s what puts different parts of the Earth in line with the Sun’s rays.”

“I did not know that. But still, Earth…”

“But, to your earlier question. No, you are not alone. The golf industry and the barbeque industry both make a lot more money because of Daylight Savings Time.”

“But I don’t golf.”

“And nobody makes better barbecued wings than we do. I say we call the whole thing off and let nature bring us the light of day whenever she likes.”

“Hold on there, it does still save money on energy…doesn’t it?”

“No. In fact, the general opinion among scientists is that it might actually cause us to use a little more energy.”

“I can see that, all the driving back and forth to the golf course and propane for the grills. Still, I don’t like driving home in the dark.”

“Then get up earlier.”

Today’s gallery photos are from Great River Park, on the last Friday of DST and the first Monday of Standard time.


  1. I’m with Teagan – pick one. I want it to leave my sleep habits alone which are already negatively impacted by my age. It takes me a couple of months to adjust, and then it starts all over again. I would gladly agree to go with either one whichever works best for the general public. Maybe we need a petition? Nah, not this week anyway. :-)

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  2. I like DLS. I welcome it every spring and mourn its loss every fall.
    … and since I’m ok with the changing seasons (in spite of my desire for a radically reduced winter), I’m also ok with the changing clocks semi-annually. But that might be only because I know how to change the time on all the clocks and watches I own ;)

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  3. Beautiful pictures, Dan, and I am so relieved you did not fall. I saw the skid. You’ve encouraged me today to find more color even though it is getting harder to do. Really LOVED your gallery! As for DLS I’m not a fan, could never figure out why time has to be manipulated, and I have only come to one conclusion that somehow money is being made. It’s dark enough in the winter months without the added hour of darkness. Besides for days my poor cats have to adjust …. no no it’s not 3 o’clock yet because it is really only 2. Their clocks say otherwise. Have a Peaceful weekend, dear friend. Get outside in the fresh air to bring back the essence of what is important. (((HUGS))) <3

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    • AS I went to go on with what I do in the mornings, I realized I wrote the times backwards. This whole concept gets me confused. 😜 When it is 3, it is 4 cat time. SOOOOOO, I have to feed them at 2 to make it 3. Whew! No wonder I am confused!

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    • Thanks Amy. We had to easy Maddie into her new medicine time, bumping it up by 15 minutes a day until we were ready for the new times on Sunday. She doesn’t adapt well either. This is a good weekend :)

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      • Yep. Here too, Dan. My cats are getting used to the new schedule. I even went past feeding time yesterday with no complaints. So glad to hear Maddie is adjusting. YAY! I just got back from my Saturday walk/hike and yes magic happened again for next week’s posts. The differerence one week makes is shocking. Wow!! Really bare now!! And um rather chilly. Darn it! <3


  4. I’ve never been a been fan of feeling out of sync for a week or two twice a year as I readjust to the time change. This week has been murder on my sleep cycle.
    It’s odd though that I can go through a bunch of time zones when I travel and not be bothered by it nearly as much as our twice yearly 1-hour time change.

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    • I don’t do well with it either, Norm. I find it harder in the spring, but it’s not easy to adjust either way. I think the fact that I know timezones are temporary different things, helps me to adjust.

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  5. If the sun would rise at 5:30 a.m every morning and set at 8:00 p.m. every night, year around, I would be super happy. I know, that will never happen, but a girl can dream. It’s much more enjoyable driving into work in the morning with the sun rising. It gives me a little extra energy to start the day.

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    • I’d love to put you in charge of time, Mary! I am so happy when I can drive into work with a little bit of sunshine. I’m not asking for much. The hard part is when it starts to rise in the spring and then they set it back

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  6. I’m with BikerChick: more light in total would be great. What’s always amused and frustrated me is the idea people have that there’s more or less light because of DST! There’s a finite amount; we’re simply manipulating the time at which it occurs. Another fun thing is that Arizona, where my parents and brother and family live, doesn’t change. So I have to try to remember which part of the year they’re two hours different and which only one. Sigh. Lovely shot, though, Dan. I’ll pass on those eggs, though.


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  7. Great shots over the river, with all the reflections. Love those. :)

    Not a fan of time change. Makes me feel bad physically, and much, much more so in the spring. In the spring, it makes me want to hide from the world for at least 3 days. This week was essentially a train wreck for me. I have not, as of yet, heard a single intellectually sound reason for why we have DST, but then, I can say that about a lot of things.


  8. I guess the Team of two members, Joanne and I will be happy with DST! The rest will need to petition the government or some agency that controls the time changes. I like knowing the children in the cold mornings of fall are able to get up and see a line across the horizon of golden rays. I like seeing them clearly, too. :)

    The photographs are beautiful, especially the one you, or the editor, labeled: “mist rising up over the river.” :)

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    • Thanks Robin. A long time ago, I would have agreed with you, but the kid in our neighborhood are out in the dark in the morning, when people are in a hurry to get to work, and it’s dangerous. I wish they would pick one and leave it be. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos :)


  9. Haha! I love it. Thanks for trying the jalapeño eggs. 😉Just one thing. Did the early sunset drive your editor to bed before you published? Normally I wouldn’t say anything. But it IS my name. But hey , if I had a buck for every time someone called me Chery even with the L plainly visible I’d be the bar owner. Gotta get to bed. I hear there’s an early sunrise….

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    • Thanks C H E R Y L – Yikes, I’m sorry about that. Not my editor’s fault. I was on the road, trying to schedule these ahead of time and working at very odd hours for me. I’d try an egg.


  10. For me, this whole concept of DST is so confusing. I started learning about this when I joined MS in 2002 and they introduced us to American lifestyle and culture in the training. I’m glad this is not implemented in India, it would be a one giant f**king mess. Imagine 1.25 billion people scrambling up the time, plus we have a gigantic train, bus and flight network which would only lead to complex schedule issues. Those who are happy with the DST, I think might enjoy following the Zoroastrian calendar because our calendar is based on sun movements, so a day begins with the first beam of sunlight and ends as the last ray of the sun disappears. Earlier Zoroastrians (like my grandmother) used to follow this schedule, wake up at 4 am and sleep by 7 pm, but it would be really hard, or should I say impossible for us. I mean who goes to bed at 7 in the evening. For us, it’s the dawn of nightlife. On the other hand, time in India, on a broader level has very less importance. Most people are always late. If your meeting is at 3 pm, no one would mind if people come in at 3:15 and if the meeting starts by 3:20 or 3:30. You can lie on the phone and tell someone that you will be there in 5 minutes, even when you are 15 miles away because you know that the other guy will wait. Government officers usually take their half an hour after their scheduled time and walk out 15 minutes before the closing time. Even top professional companies work that way, except that they don’t delay so much. Basically, what I’m saying is that in a country where people have no regard for time DST anyways doesn’t really matter in the first place. :) Oh gosh, I almost wrote a rant instead of a comment.

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  11. HATE. DST. And the cats — you forgot pets who run on the natural clock and now get scolded for jumping on us at 5am when it really is 6am and then I scold then I realize she doesn;t get the stupid humanoid time clock thing and then I feel like crap! I get up, I apologize, but it is already a done deal and then they are confused!

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  12. “Wings, Muscles? Pickled Eggs?” Is that wing muscles or pickled egg muscles? ;)

    And my husband has always complained that the only reason for DST is to give “bankers time to play golf after work.” But the barbecue industry, Gracie?

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  13. Daylight is a finite commodity but the night has disappeared or is disappearing. Too much city lights. I came across some concern among certain scientists about light pollution. I don’t see as many stars in the city as I do when I go home to the rural.

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  14. I don’t like DST either, Diva Dog likes even less. She’s asking to eat an hour earlier than the clock. I’m convinced she’s following the light not our invented time.

    The images of the Dome, river, and city are lovely. I love that morning light.

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    • Thanks Deborah. My wife gradually adjusted Maddie’s medication to keep it at the time we get up, rather than throwing everything off. I think she’s finally getting used to the change w.r.t. feeding time. They don’t care about our clocks.

      You’ll be seeing more shots of the city in the dark, and reflections in the river. Maybe some ice and white stuff. Even in the winter, I like to start my day at the side of the river at least once a week.

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