One-Liner Wednesday – Old vs. New

“I’m sorry this train smells like your aunt’s closet”

Said the conductor on the Metro North Local I was taking from New Haven, CT into New York’s Grand Central Terminal last Wednesday.

The conductor also pointed out that the train didn’t have padded seats or electrical outlets, but that it was reliable.

I carry a battery backup that can recharge my phone and iPad, multiple times, if necessary. The seat wasn’t that bad. I could have waited for an express train, that might have saved me 10 minutes, but I was fine with the less-crowded local.

Ironically, when I returned on Thursday, one of Metro North’s newest trains, with the comfy seats and the electrical outlets, stopped dead on the tracks. After about 15 minutes, we were being dragged into Stamford, CT station, where we had to change to a new train.

One Liner WednesdayThis post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series: One-Liner Wednesday.


  1. Ah, the “joys” of new technology. I remember how uneasy I felt when I got my first car with power windows–I was sure they were going to malfunction and leave me with an eternally open window. Sometimes I also miss the rotary dial on my telephone, which identifies the fact that I lived in prehistoric days.

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    1. That one was auto-corrected by something. I looked it up and pasted it in :) I do remember the car on your railroad. I have some pictures for you of the models in Union Station.


  2. How does HE know what your aunt’s closet smells like? Maybe your aunt’s closet smells like cedar and lavender potpourri and cookies hidden for beloved nephews to find and eat.

    I don’t like trains, me. I like LOOKING at them a lot, but I don’t like BEING on them. Like being on a boat, which I also don’t like, except you can’t jump off a train and swim away if you absolutely got totally FED UP with being there.

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    1. Ha! Actually, he was pretty accurate with his assessment of the train’s aroma. Then again, my aunt wasn’t a fan of lavender potpourri. As for jumping off a train, you can… I suggest re watching the Twilight Zone episode “A Stop at Willoughby”

      I love trains. And, being stuck on a train beats being stuck on the tarmac in a plane, any day. Also, having your train lose power is way better than having your plane lose power.

      I’m not sensing that I’ve convinced you :)


      1. Yep, yep, yep, I’m convinced! Nothing worse than being up in the air and the plane loses power and you just sit there with nothing to look at but clouds, birds flying past and giving you … well … the bird.

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  3. Hah!
    My broom closet smells like my grandmother’s kitchen. I make people who knew my grandmother smell it. It’s a woodsy, cleaning product kinda smell, but definitely old.
    No idea what my aunts’ closets smelled like…

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  4. What an interesting response to new vs old this is, Da. As one who lives where the most popular means of transit are horses and pickups and mass transit means the Greyhound bus that comes through town twice a week on its run between Salt Lake City and Denver, the train thing fascinates me. I spent an inordinate amount of time studying the photographs.

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  5. Made me think of commuter trains in Philadelphia when I first starting working in 1980 and these trains were on the verge of retirement – the kind with sash windows that opened and, by the time I came along, had lost their counterweights, so – you used a couple of pencils to hold it open…I remember zipping home in the summertime in one of those trains, the breeze coming through the window…

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      1. Ours do( and did) too, even now I draw back from the (sealed) window. Back then I didn’t notice a thing. You could have fallen or jumped out with no trouble ( never heard anyone do it) or thrown things from the train, etc (ditto). All I remember is that great feeling when we picked up speed and got a good air flow going. !!!

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  6. I took the Zephyr up to Reno last week – that’s a luxurious trip! Though the train stations – Martinez and Reno are nothing special. Nothing like a ride on a train though.

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    1. Thanks, Christine. I’ve always preferred AMTRAK because I can get it close to my house. Once they get the light-rail connection to New Haven running, our options really open up. Of course. I’ll be retired, but…

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  7. Well, some aunts’ closets are good, and some aunts’ closets are bad! But this definitely sounds like the latter. Always up for some train pics, Dan, and the shots of Grand Central are a welcome site. Very cool.

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  8. Funny, how that works with old, reliable things, too. The “fancy,” newer (nicer seats, electrical outlets) train needed pulled back while the simpler, older one would have been just fine!
    The one liner was hilarious! If he had said my old maiden aunt’s attic, this would be a true statement!

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