Backyard Cathedrals

Re-blogging a recent post from my favorite blogger/photographer/hiker. I’m going to disable comments here, but feel free to encourage her over at her place.

Sound of Swarming

I wandered away from blogging, for a variety of reasons, but I enjoy following other people’s stories, and I’d like to try again, from time to time, to share mine. While I’m hesitant to introduce the world to yet-another-hiking-blog, most of my wandering of late has been in boots outdoors, so many of my stories will be inspired by those travels.

Today’s story is about a spot of ground on a short stretch in a tiny slice of a 2,190 mile long trail (which, to date, I have now traveled just shy of 1% of.) The view that opens up from this tiny place is so spectacular that it has a name, Rand’s View, and it shows up as a point on Appalachian Trail maps. Rand’s View, named after the family that once owned a farm on this land, can be found on the Appalachian Trail in Falls Village, Connecticut. I don’t need…

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