One-Liner Wednesday – Weather

“Gray skies are gonna clear up – put on a happy face!”

11-22-16fcastOK, so it doesn’t look like they are going to clear up, there’s still reason for a happy face. This may be my closest to one-line one-liner Wednesday ever! I’ll just be paying my respects, offering you some photos and giving you two songs to think about, if you’re also living under gray skies today.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.


  1. I can’t believe it, but we’ve been having the perfect autumn here in south FL!! That doesn’t happen very often, we’re usually swimming still! But these cool fronts coming through are actually putting me in the Christmas spirit early, which hasn’t happened in a very long time!! Hope your weather clears up soon!

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    1. I’m glad you’re having good weather. Actually, ours has been pretty good so far. It got colder this week, staying in the 30s, but I like the crisp air, so I’m OK. A “wintry mix” for Thanksgiving isn’t great for driving or grilling, but we’ll be fine. Have a good holiday.

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  2. November grey skies don’t bother me. My oldest son was born in October and during that first magical month with a newborn, I came to appreciate the beauty in dark skies. Your photos remind me of that wonderful time.

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    1. They don’t bother me much either Joanne. It’s why I got up early to catch some photos of the sunrise behind the clouds. A lot of folks around me have been complaining, but I really enjoy looking at clouds.

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  3. I really liked your 10,000 maniacs song, Dan. You definitely displayed a beautiful array of gray skies which will luckily clear up eventually! They are a perpetual art display in their many colors!
    Have a marvelous and warm Thanksgiving to you, Faith and wife! <3

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    1. Thanks Robin. I’m glad you like that song. That’s how I feel on days where I have to go to work. Otherwise, the clouds don’t bother me much. They are beautiful, and, although I did a poor job capturing it, the bright sun behind dark clouds was mesmerizing yesterday morning.


  4. Nice photos, Dan. More clouds will be heading your way. It’s supposed to be rainy here today, snow in northern WI.

    You are going to give Linda heart palpitations with your short post. She will be wondering if an alien took over your computer.

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    1. I know, I almost sent her an email warning. Thanks for the weather warning. I think we will be OK here. My daughter might have to drive through a “wintry mix” but she said “I have 4WD” (and I’m pretty sure she likes using it) so I guess it’s not a problem.

      I might also shock Norm tomorrow with a remarkably short Doors post. I’m trying to be kind to my readers. – Have a great holiday!

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  5. Who are you really and what did you do with Dan? :-) Cloudy and rainy, at least of and on, here in northern Illinois, but we’ll be leaving later for Ohio…and it likely will be the same there. Ahh, well, it’s almost Thanksgiving and there’s so much for which to be thankful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day tomorrow, Dan, (and today, too, of course.) Clouds can make for some great photos, too.


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  6. Wow, Dan, great shots!! Those gray skies add drama and dimension. LOVE the lights from the buildings against the skies. Even though some of us would prefer sunshine, grey skies do have a purpose too!!! It’s sunny here today (YAY) and the small amount of snow left on the ground bye bye! (YAY!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I have a post for Thanksgiving coming but it will have comments closed. I intend and I urge others as well, to spend Thanksgiving with Loved Ones and not WP. My stomach is already complaining on the amount of food that is coming. I am on the side of a light eaters but hey sometimes I really indulge. Thanksgiving is one of those times. *burp* Excuse me! Told you my stomach is complaining! LOL <3

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  7. I love that Van Dyke and Janet Leigh clip. I love old musicals like that one. I also loved your image of Hartford from the bridge. A beautiful golden cityscape!

    The gray skies with sun peeking out are lovely. It’s time for some good books, movies, and FOOD!
    I hope you don’t have a gloomy week-end in spirit just the skies!

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    1. Never in spirit, Deborah. I got up early to take these photos. I love when the sun breaks trough the clouds. I do enjoy old musicals. There were tons of versions of this song but I liked that the best. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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  8. Dan, “sunny” happy face here most days! We’ll get our winter rain & cold beginning 2017. Weird that many of us in SoCal like the clouds & rainy season. Always check CT & MA weather! Family lives there. Happy Thanksgiving to you & family. 💛Christine

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  9. Those are the grayest skies I’ve seen in some time. Where I lived this time of year is either brilliant sunshine or heavy snow, not much in between. So far we’re still enjoying sunshine, which is making folks nervous — especially those who own skis or ski resorts.

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  10. Lovely photos Dan. While I love all kinds of weather, Hurricane Otto has given me some gray moments. ☹️️And we couldn’t get a last minute reservation to our favorite Thanksgiving dinner at our favorite restaurant. Sigh. Looking forward to Christmas now and a visit from two of my sons. Hope your gray skies clear up! Stay warm.

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      1. Thanks Dan. We were just discussing that many of the worst storms come unseasonably in late November. I think hubby mentioned Sandy. It is just really rare for one to hit Costa Rica. Not since the 1800’s I thin. I feel for them. They are not accustomed to high winds. Rain, they understand.

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          1. Sometimes when I am talking to my friends on deep philosophical things I can see a “blank” on their face and then they say “Yeah, I completely understand.” So, I usually ask if I’m making sense because I’m not really good at communicating my thoughts.

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            1. Bridges are very special to me, Sharukh, for so many reasons. Pittsburgh, where I grew up, has more bridges than any city on Earth. The town where I first lived is called “Bridgeville” and I’m not sure if you can get into it without crossing a bridge. Connections, real and metaphorical, are very important.

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