Thursday Doors – Happy Thanksgiving

This is my door.
This is my door.

Yesterday, I posted a One-Liner Wednesday post that was little more than one line. People were struck dumb at the sight. Today, I am offering a simple post for Norm’s Thursday Doors. I’m skipping the doors explanation (just go here, read, like, comment and then click the blue froggy thing), I’m skipping the history lesson, and I’m skipping most of the descriptions.

It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and many of my readers have lots of stuff (not to mention stuffing) to keep them busy this morning. I am thankful for them, and you, if you aren’t in the US, so I don’t want to add to their load. Neither did I want to add to my lovely editor’s workload on Wednesday evening. I’m thankful for her to, as you should be. She worries about my ability to make her look bad, but I know how to console her.

grammar-alertIn the gallery, you will find Thanksgiving doors from the Big Green Egg, which, weather permitting, will be used to cook a turkey breast, and from our wood stove, which weather requiring, will be in use during the day. Also included are some “folks” enjoying the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by No Facilities!


  1. Like your doors and your house guests. Hope your turkey is delicious, and you enjoy the day with your two cooks and your special four legged family members. :-) I have had the opportunity to open the door to my Harmon stove this morning, clean it and get it up and going for the day. Now on to food prep. :-)

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    1. Thanks Joanne. Do I have to save the pie for you, or just think about you when I eat it? MuMu is a cutie. I hope you have a good weekend. That means no trips to the ER…just sayin


      1. It might be kind of nasty by the time I get around to eating it, so please eat the extra piece and think of me while you’re doing it. Extra whipped cream would be nice too ;)

        This year I think I’ve used my quota of hospital visits to last me for at least a decade – and preferably much more :/

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  2. Very nice to think of your editor. I am exhausted of cooking and baking and peopling, and will soon be drinking and lyin about :P Fabulous photos! I hope you enjoyed your day :)

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I got the turkey in about 20 minutes before it started raining today. It’s not quite cold enough for a fire (unless you ask MiMi). We had a great day. I hope you guys are having one too.

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      1. Good timing on the Turkey! I bet it was delicious and will make yummy sandwiches and soup with what’s left over.

        We had a lovely day, but we missed our family game time due to the Steelers game. While that was on myself, Baby Girl, Dark Haired Beauty (Big Baby Boy’s fiancé ) and Diva Dog, all fell into a Food Coma and are just waking up now.

        I expect Big Baby Boy to win. He usually does, but last year there was an upset. He hopes to put his winning streak back on track. :)

        I heard from He-Man that the Steeler’s won so missing family game was not for naught. :)

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        1. Ha ha – We called an arbitrary end to Monopoly so Faith could get home to watch the game. We wanted her off the road before the rain started freezing. I though I had her, but she had over $9,000 in assets to my $5,000 and change :( – It’s the first time owning three railroads didn’t cinch the deal for me. I think I paid more to her one lonely Incline than she paid me for the other three.

          I am about to test your sandwich theory. Have a good weekend!

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  3. Is that turkey you’re cooking? I only get to eat turkey at Subway when I order Turkey Sub. Did you feel that the autumn this year was much colder than usual? Over here in Mumbai, fall is like a mini-summer. You sweat and dehydrate from mid-Oct to mid-Dec, but this time soon after the rain the mercury has stayed in the pleasant range. It’s sunny and hot, but not sweaty and scorching. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to you and family from Sarah and me.

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      1. Meat in India generally is very expensive, so I’m more of a chicken person. I eat mutton burgers at many places though and surprisingly I believe that Dunkin Donuts serve the best ones. I accidentally tried one a few months ago and BOOM. It was the best burger I ever had, far better than McDonalds, KFC and all other burger brands put together. I’m not much of a fan of their donuts for which they are well known.

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