The Return of Lager

Looking for something?
Looking for something?

“You’re late again. I ordered my wine and I told Cheryl to put it on your tab.”

“Well, how nice of me to buy.”

“I’m sorry. I spent Thursday with a tough crowd. I needed something to be thankful for.”

“I see. Nothing like being home for the holidays. Enjoy the wine. I suggest we watch some football and not speak of your dreadful day.”

“Hey there, Dan I’ve got something for you to be thankful for today.”

“Well, it certainly isn’t the companionship of Mr. Sunshine, here.”

“No, he’s too far gone. But check this out – Lager – on-tap!”

Jack’s Abby House Lager? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Here, have a taste.”

“It looks pretty light…mmm, that’s not bad, not bad at all. I understand I have a tab open, put one of these on it.”

“That looks like Bud Light.”

“Maybe you should hold it for a while. I’m guessing that would darken it up.”

“Good one Cheryl. So what’s the story here?”

“The manager took your comments about having too many IPAs on tap to heart. She wanted to stay with craft beers, but thought you guys deserved a lager.”

“Jack’s Abby? Is that a local brew?”

“Framingham, MA. Pretty small brewery, but they’re catching on down here.”

“Enough with the beer talk. Doesn’t anyone want to hear about my Thanksgiving disaster?”


“Um, not really…”

“Seriously, if it put you in that bad a mood, it might be contagious. Drink your wine. Watch some football. Maybe UConn will win today.”

“Pffft, UConn. That sports program is going to Hell in a handbasket.”

“I told you, this isn’t college football country.”

“Then why should we watch?”

“Because there are some UConn fans in the bar, and you guys might win this one. I mean, you’re playing Tulane…”

“Said the guy whose precious Steelers took advantage of Andrew Luck’s concussion.”

“Whatever it takes. Besides, I’ve been in Pittsburgh when they beat Luck and company.”

“What about WVU, who are they playing on ‘Rivalry Weekend’ ?”

“Iowa State.”

“Oh, right, your brother’s alma mater. Do I remember correctly that you guys have some bet around that game?”

“Let’s just say, if WVU loses, I’ll be wearing red and yellow here next week.”

“Oh, those are awful colors. I hope I get to see that.”


“Is that game in Iowa or will Morgantown be enjoying the sweet smell of burning couches wafting in the night air?”

“Iowa. No couches will be harmed in the outcome of this game.”

“So, how come, on the day of the big game, you’re wearing a Pitt jersey?”

“Pitt plays first. They should be done whumping Syracuse before WVU-ISU kicks off.”

“And what? You’ll go home and change jerseys?”


“A little superstitious?”

“It’s not superstition if it works.”

“Remember when WVU and Pitt both played UConn?”

“I do, hang on. Cheryl, this House Lager goes down pretty easy.”

“One more coming up. Does grumpy want more wine?”

“I do. And I want the Big East back.”

“Well, that ain’t gonna happen. The good teams escaped. UConn could always go back for basketball.”

“What about football? It’s a basketball-only conference.”

“So, it’s the only sport UConn is any good at. Well, that remains to be seen this year, but…”

“I seem to remember UConn beating your guys.”

“Yes, I was at the game where UConn beat Pitt in triple overtime, but those days are gone. In case you haven’t checked, Tulane is a 1-point favorite in your race from the bottom.”

“Losing to Tulane… That would be the perfect end to a rotten weekend for me.”

“Oh for the love. I thought maybe sports would take you mind off of this.”

“This? You don’t even know what ‘this’ is. Unless you asked when I wasn’t listening.”

“I haven’t asked, because I don’t care.”

“Some friend.”

“Here’s your wine, and your Jack’s Abby. If you boys are going to fight, keep it civil.”

“That’s what I tried to say on Thursday. Fat lot of good that did. You have no idea.”

“It was the election…right?”


“Then I don’t want to hear about it.”

“It wasn’t only the election…”

“Let me guess, some of your guests wanted to go shopping at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and, or 6:00.”

“Yes, and some had to leave before desert so they could get up early for Friday shopping.”

“You should have given them a drumstick-to-go and your blessing. If people are thankful for the chance to fight for a cheap TV, who are we to complain?”

“What about you, what did you do?”

“We ate, we drank, we played Monopoly, we had pie and we watched the Steelers – perfect holiday.”

“Pumpkin pie?”

“And apple.”

“Whipped cream or ice cream?”


“That is perfect.”


  1. Perfect Saturday post with my coffee. No math but lots of beer talk, sport scores, pie and turkey photos, spirited Monopoly game, and nice shot of Maddie. That looked like a mighty tasty dinner. :-) We had a good sports night last night because KU and KState both won their basketball games and MU lost. :-) I haven’t shopped on Black Friday in years, but my granddaughter wanted some art supplies from Michaels that I had a coupon for so off we went around 2:30 to get them. If only churches or food pantries had a crowd like Best Buy did when we drove by. The amount of people inside, lined up outside, and doubled parked for pickup just blew me away.

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    1. I keep forgetting that you’re a Kansas fan. It’s ok, as long as you beat UConn. Your a good person to brace the crowds for art supplies. I saw pictures on TV and I can’t imagine why people would do that. Oh well, to each his/her own. Maddie is still tired :) Thanks for spending some of your coffee time here. I’ll try to avoid math until 2017.

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  2. Maddie looks like she had the best time of all. I perused the tap beer, but didn’t spot any dark. What’s up with that?? No Black Friday shopping for me, but we’re going to the farmers market this morning for Small Business Saturday. Then more football before the trip home.


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    1. They actually removed Guinness from the tap line! The manager said it wasn’t moving fast enough. I’m surprised she brought this lager in. I hope it sells, but she could have made a better choice. Brooklyn Lager would be good. If it dries out, I still have some leaves to deal with. I might visit the local hardware store. Safe travels, Janet.


  3. I can almost understand people wanting to shop on Black Friday, but on Thanksgiving Day? Our local news interviewed one lady who stood outside a Best Buy store since 1:00 pm on Thanksgiving, waiting for the store to open at 5:00 pm. Maybe someone should park food trucks outside all those stores and serve the traditional Thanksgiving meal – I bet they’d make a bundle.

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    1. The sad thing is that they will drop down to those prices, several times between now and Christmas. I used to take my mom shopping on Black Friday. She didn’t even want to buy stuff, she just wanted to visit different stores and malls. The food truck is a killer idea, CM – sounds like a retirement plan :)

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  4. I’ll remind you of this if you end up wearing the shirt, but the colors are Cardinal and Gold.


    Sent from my iPad

    “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.


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  5. Glad to see you have a lager to suit your taste buds, although I bet you would still prefer Yuengling. I was going to ask if you won Monopoly, but after seeing the photo and the comment that you paid luxury tax a million times, well…

    I am hungry for pie. I had caramel apple pie on Thursday, but no pumpkin pie. I need pumpkin pie. I may go in search of it later…after the tree goes up.

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    1. I did not win :( I thought I might, because I owned three ot the “railroads” (a subway, a bus line and one of the inclines) but I landed on Faith’s one incline way more than she landed on any of mine.

      Pumpkin pie should still be easy to find. I would still prefer Yuengling, or Brooklyn Lager, or even if they would put Boston Lager on tap instead of the seasonal sludge. Not that I have a strong opinion.

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      1. So do you play by the rules or do you have the pot in the middle where all taxes go and if you land on free parking you get the taxes? I always figure there are those that like Neil Diamond and those that don’t, and those that play with the free parking win and those that don’t. It’s a game changer….

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Free Parking! Faith loves Free Parking and she manages to take several hundred dollars at a clip out of that community pot. Monopoly rules are malleable in the history of our family. My brother used to change them during the game (it seemed). As long as the rules apply equally to all, I’m OK. And, I do like Neil Diamond, in case that makes a difference.

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  6. Absolutely 110% yes to too many IPAs at the craft brewers of the world these days. And even if Luck had a concussion, a win is a win and the Steelers are going to need a few more.

    Did you ever read the book about the 1970s Steelers?

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    1. I did read that book. My daughter gave it to me last year for Christmas. The Steelers will need several more wins if they are going to take the AFC North, and I think that’s the only way they will make the playoffs. Luck’s concussion shouldn’t have affected their defense. Thanks!


  7. Agggghhh. Sports talk. But that lager sounds promising. Will it make the trip down South or do I have to bootleg from the bar? And all the best to your team. Ummmmm go Tulane! Sorry grumpy pants. It’s a hime team thing. LSU may make a comeback. God love Les, I guess he just wore out. We had a stellar Thanksgiving, sans turkey, but wonderful food (that I didn’t have to cook) I’ll do the digs for Christmas. Oh yeahhhh….I have a tree to put up. 🙄

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think you might have to stick a thermos in your pocketbook on the way out tonight. This might be as far south as Jack’s Abby gets. Pitt looks like a winning team today. Hopefully I can run the table.

      A great Thanksgiving meal, without cooking? Sounds like the best. We don’t put the tree up for a while, the big dog isn’t good with the way we have to rearrange the room, and the cats eat the branches and steal the ornaments. Gotta love this crowd.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Ha! Has either cat ever run straight up the middle? That is my hubby’s favorite childhood Christmas story. Kitty Puss shooting up the tree like it was in the backyard, my guess is it was fooled by the chirper ornament. We still have that, although it sounds a bit sick…..😏

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    1. Pitt was a screamer today, John. They won 76-61 – I don’t think their basketball team had that many points the last time out. Hopefully WVU pads this slim lead a little so I can relax and have some more pie.

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  9. Awesome. We too had pumpkin and apple pie with both whip and ice cream available. There was some sorta incident with the whip, (I suspect Moo) so The Mister picked up s’more today.
    It’s always college everything here, you know. Gag. I’m glad we had so much company, no one even thought to turn on a game. Right now I’m glad The Mister’s watchin Batman vs Superman thing, just because it’s not football. :)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve always like Moo :) I do not subject others to football, unless they want to watch. I spent the WVU-ISU game texting back and forth with my brother. The guy who has to wear a WVU tee shirt to Beer Club next week. Keep the pie coming.

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  10. I liked the fun of knowing you had two kinds of our with two types of toppings! Yummy!
    Maddie looks so young and playful with her mouth full of a colorful ball! :)
    We had dogs, Monopoly, piano playing and crazy household but sounds like we both had the true meaning of Thanksgiving, family, food and fun!
    A belated comment, Dan but sincerely glad for your friendship.

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