Update From the Bar

I don’t normally post on Sunday but I thought a quick update to yesterday’s post was in order.

Pitt beat Syracuse in the highest scoring game in FBS history. Final score, Pitt 76 – Syracuse 61. I guess neither team brought their defense.


WVU won in Ames, IA, beating ISU 49-19 and cementing their best year since joining the Big-12 in 2012. Next week, they go after John W. Howell’s Baylor Bears with a chance to rack up their 10th win.


And, UConn won the race to the bottom of the AAC, as Tulane pounded them 38-13. My buddy would be ordering more wine if Cheryl worked the breakfast shift.



  1. Just a bit disappointed…. I thought you were going to tell us about how you spent the whole night in the tavern, maybe accidentally locked in the wine cellar, or maybe caught in a time loop, or something cool like that! ;)

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    1. I still worry, John. ISU looked like they were about to get seriously in our face yesterday. Baylor can be tough. I’d love to see WVU walk away 10-2 on this season and play in a decent bowl game. I’m also excited about Pitt, although they are losing a lot of talent. Still, if they start a season with the same coach as the previous year, that will be a big step for them.

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  2. Lots of football for us as well, only not watching the same teams and most of ours didn’t do so well. After an overdose of the pigskin, it was great to come home and catch the first period of the hockey game, even though the Blackhawks ended up losing in overtime. Lots of overtimes and shootouts last night. Now on to getting ready for church which, this morning, includes doing several loads of laundry before leaving. :-)


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    1. Good luck with the laundry, Janet. Since the Steelers played Thursday, this can be a football-free day for me. Of course, that means I can rake leaves. I guess they aren’t going to rake themselves. And, being a Pens fan, the less said about overtimes and shootouts, the better. Have a great day.


  3. I thought it was an announcement to let everyone know Yuengling was back at the Bar.

    I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled programming now since sports isn’t my thang…that is unless my children are on the team. That’s a different story. :)

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    1. Not Yuengling, but this “House Lager” is a nice gesture. At least they are listening. All my teams are at rest today.

      We are closing in on the end of football, Deborah. It gets worse before it gets better (for you non-fans) but in 10 weeks, it’s all over. (until next year)

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  4. This coming Saturday, a guy who sometimes dates me, is planning a whole day of college football. I have watched high school, jr high school and college football for about 15 years, paying attention, too. Before this change/transformation, I was a people watcher and matching band listener. :)
    I like my OSU football, BGSU (Ohio) and sometimes, the Browns. :)

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    1. Enjoy the day, Robin. The Browns are tough to watch this year, but you can’t count them out over the long haul, they will be back. OSU always seems to be in the mix. Unfortunately, I have one last day of leaf-clearing to take care of this weekend, but I’ll find time for a game at some point.

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      1. Your teams you listed may be ones which will have an impact on our OSU team but sadly, I don’t really know the order of games (rankings) and just understand what is going on at the time I watch! :) My son, his dad, (my ex) and my grandson play(ed) football. When my granddaughter cheers, I watch the cheer team but otherwise, I watch the games themselves.
        I was sorry to read about UConn, though and do like WVU. Enjoy the rest of football season, Dan!

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        1. Thanks Robin. My teams aren’t at OSU’s level, but there’s always hope. Except for UConn, which is fine by me. I live here, but I’m not a fan. I graduated from WVU and Pitt, so my loyalties stay with them.


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