Nothing For Me

I know it’s not “one line.” I could emphasize one line out of the dialog, but I think it works better with the whole conversation being treated equally. I’m not sure whether the final decision is the result of good bartending or good bourbon, but it caught the attention of a few people at the bar.

“Something to drink?”

“I’ll just have coffee.”

“We don’t have fresh coffee. I can make you some hot tea.”

“That would be great. I’m just not in the mood for alcohol.”

“You want a splash of Tennessee Honey in that?”

“Ooooh, yes!”

And there ya go.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly One-Liner Wednesday challenge. Hopefully, Linda will let this one slide, especially since it’s under 200 words (which is remarkable for me).

Note: The gallery is kinda-sorta unrelated. It would have been related, if the photos had been better (I would have used a different one-line). We had one really hard frost. I tried, and largely failed, to get some close-up shots.

One Liner Wednesday


  1. This is great, Dan. I love the ‘nothing for me, please’ usually followed by, ‘Well, OK, but just a little.’ The frost photos are great. As I sit at my computer right now, it is hot, humid and raining. Welcome, last day of November. Ugh. Bring on the cold weather!!

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  2. LOL… I’m just not a whiskey person — except for whatever it is they do to it to make Lynchburg lemonade. Now that’s lovely. Long ago and far away I visited the Jack Daniels distillery. When they took the lid off the ginormous vat of sour mash the whole tour group swayed backward. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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    1. Thanks Teagan. My daughter has toured the distillery and is a fan of Jack’s products. I don’t drink much hard stuff, but if I’m at an event where after dinner drinking is involved, I’ll take some bourbon.

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  3. Frost does make for great photo ops, Dan, but we’ve had only a few this year so far. I’m ready for that winter weather and not the grey, lowering skies of in-between-fall-and-winter! I’m not much of an after-dinner drinks person, either, but if I do have one, I want something that’s not thick and sweet and doesn’t cling to the side of the glass when the glass is tipped. :-)


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    1. Thanks for the comment Janet. I am ready for winter, but we just moved back into the 40s & 50s – with rain. I guess that’s the pattern for a while. I’ll take whatever comes. I don’t care much for after-dinner drinks, but Bourbon is one that works on those rare occasions when I have one.


    1. Thanks Audrey. I think, in this case, it was the way the bartender asked. It just flowed perfectly. As for the frost, I had so many “oh this would have been awesome if it had been in focus” photos – I was so disappointed.

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  4. That’s a good bartender, indeed! :)
    Nice frost. I haven’t been goin out in the mornings lately, not too sure about our frost situation beyond the fact that my allergies haven’t died in it yet.

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      1. Ha! Oh, man, I’m that person who reads every single word of the manual when I buy something. But the camera I currently use (just a small one I can toss in my purse) was a special sale — it’s the display model, so… no manual! :PP For me, this was pretty much akin to me buying a hamburger and then discovering it was just meat and bun, but no toppings or condiments. Come on, guys, I need the manual!

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        1. Check online. I’m sure it’s out there.

          My wife has a very similar camera to mine. I’m hoping she will figure all this stuff out and then show me. Hopefully that doesn’t make me a bad person.


  5. I would have said “Yes, please to have Kahlua or Bailey’s added to my coffee.” I rarely drink tea, so may have just stuck with sugar and cream added to it, Dan.
    The frosted photos of leaves and grass were very good close ups! Maybe you could have said, “I’ll take a frosted mug of beer(?)” Or root beer. :D

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  6. I so hate when that happens. I see something magnificent like dewdrops or (God forbid) frost, with the sun glinting tanatlizingly across the surface and want to capture the beauty. But noooooo…..
    I really feel it has to do with the sun and the time of day. Of course if I were a “real” photographer I would know how ro use the manual settings on my camera and make it happen. I like the same shots in this group as you did, but I can imagine what they looked like with your eyes. 👏🏻

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. I should have switched to manual settings. I know enough about how to use them to have gotten a few more good photos. Maybe next time (except I raked up all the leaves)


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