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Last Post or First Post

First things first. You see, I don’t post on Sundays. Second, because what’s the point of saying ‘first’ first if there isn’t a second? Second, I don’t post twice in the same day. When Linda released the Stream of Consciousness … Continue reading

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Resolutions & Reflections from the Bar

If we were having a beer, you’d want to know about my resolutions…again. “So, any New Year’s resolutions, or are you still thinking about them.” “You know I don’t like making resolutions.” “Bad track record?” “No, it’s arbitrary. I’m just … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral and I have not had a great history when it comes to photos. The one time I was actually inside, I didn’t have a camera. That was back when Faith was a low-number teenager and it was … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Perfection

I guess I should put the explanation up front, lest I get in trouble with the folks who don’t like it when I make them look stuff up. So, in case you aren’t aware. R.O.I. stands for return on investment … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Monkeys Need to Get Smarter

Sometimes, in spite of all the smart things they do, Amazon seems as dumb as a bag of hammers. Oh sure, they have warehouses that are so automated that they don’t even have to have lights on. They have One-click … Continue reading

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A Christmas Wish for Everyone

One of three things usually happens here on a Saturday. My buddy and I visit Cheryl at the bar, or I participate in Linda G. Hill’s intriguing Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge. On rare occasions, I skip both for what … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors – Gingerbread Village

Up until last Friday, I had a different post planned for today’s Thursday Doors. I won’t tell you much about it, since I might use it next week. I only mention those plans to highlight the fact that sometimes, plans … Continue reading

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