Last Post or First Post

First things first. You see, I don’t post on Sundays. Second, because what’s the point of saying ‘first’ first if there isn’t a second? Second, I don’t post twice in the same day. When Linda released the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, on Friday, I already had Saturday’s post written, edited – which Linda doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Resolutions & Reflections from the Bar

If we were having a beer, you’d want to know about my resolutions…again. “So, any New Year’s resolutions, or are you still thinking about them.” “You know I don’t like making resolutions.” “Bad track record?” “No, it’s arbitrary. I’m just as likely to think of an important goal on a random Saturday in April than... Continue Reading →

One-Liner Wednesday – Mt Maddie

No one in New England likes seeing it snow more than Maddie. There might be a few didn’t-study-for-the-algebra-test high school students who look forward to being able to procrastinate for an extra day, but their excitement at seeing snow doesn’t match this pup. And, their anticipation of that announcement being made pales in comparison to... Continue Reading →

On Bowling, Jesus and Rod Serling…

This turned out to be a very nice way to personalize an otherwise generic gift. I was very happy with the results.

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Tropical Affair

Hello friends and followers,

It has been a bit of off and on for me and writing as my work seems to be sucking most of my brain these days.  And then there are the holidays. I swear I don’t know how I did much of what I managed when my four children were younger. I guess I have to plead temporary insanity or something like it.  Today’s post was inspired my good blogging friend Dan Antion of No Facilities

Dan blogs about so many interesting things and you should check out his latest post, Christmas Traditions. He does a series called If We Were Having a Beer which is great. And, hey, I know the bartender so can get you a good drink. ;)

When I decided to jump back into some painting, I thought I would go easy and slip in with some little watercolor items.  I was…

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