It’s a Guy Thing

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

“Hi Cheryl, did he leave already?”

“Nope, he hasn’t been in all week.”

“That’s weird. Oh well, I guess I’ll start without him.”

“House Lager?”


“Here ya go. I’ll be sure to tell your buddy how concerned you were.”

“It’s a guy thing, Cheryl. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s more like I just assume he’s busy.”

“You sure it isn’t that you don’t care? You could call him.”

“We call each other sometimes. Just the other night I was busting him about that UConn game.”

“Whoa, I’m five minutes late and you’re halfway through a beer. I hope that’s on your tab.”

“Nope, that’s the price of being late. I was worried.”

“Some wine? And he wasn’t worried.”

“I know what he means Cheryl. It’s a guy thing.”

“A guy thing? It sounds like, if you got hit by a bus, he’d turn the other way and yack it up with the next guy.”

“He would…”

“I would…”

“Anyway, why are you late?

“I had to stop at Home Depot.”

“Home Depot? You? What on earth for?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s not like you’re Bob Vila. You’re the kind of person that has people do the things that require stopping at Home Depot.”

“I needed light bulbs. I don’t have ‘people’ that change light bulbs.”

“Light bulbs? You can get light bulbs from the guy up the street. Why would you go to Home Depot for that?”

“I needed a replacement bulb for a lamp I bought there. I figured they could look it up for me.”

“Why not take the old bulb?”

“It’s Halogen. I heard you aren’t supposed to touch them.”

“It’s burnt out! You aren’t supposed to get the oil from your fingers on the bulbs when you put the new one in.”

“Look, you said it, I’m not Bob Vila. I don’t know this crap. That’s why I go to Home Depot.”

“Did they know?”


“Do they still carry that lamp?”


“So, what did you do?”

“I called my wife. She took the bulb out and read me the number. Then the guy helped me download the Home Depot App and I looked up where that bulb is in the store.”

“Cheryl, put another House Lager on Mr. Edison’s tab.”

“He hasn’t even ordered his wine yet and you’re smacking him for a second beer? You really don’t care about him, do you?”

“No, not really.”

“I haven’t ordered because I’m trying to think of the wine I was drinking last summer. The lighter red stuff.”

“Why don’t you download their app?”

“You don’t need an app, just a good bartender. Although maybe you want to download one of those Tip Calculators…just sayin.”

“I’ve learned my lesson, Cheryl. Next time, I’ll take the old bulb to the hardware store, and I will surprise you today with a decent tip for your more than adequate service.”

“More than adequate? Way to compliment her.”

“Hey, I don’t care what he wants to call it. As long as he backs it up. Actually, I’m just picking on you guys. I like having you at the bar and you always treat me pretty well.”

“Speaking of compliments, what happened to your blog on Thursday?”

“How is that related to compliments?”

“Well, it’s not. That’s the point. Your photos normally look better, and you usually have nice descriptions. When I looked, the photos were crooked and all I got was DCS-something-something -something.”

“It’s a long story. Our Internet died on Thursday.”

“You have COX, right? Did you fix it with their new app?”

“Their new app is as useless as their old customer service.”

“I haven’t actually downloaded the app; I just keep seeing it mentioned on their bill.”

“Well, when you download the app, it will tell you about your bill.”


“When you open the app, the top half of the home screen tells you, in big bold numbers, how much money you owe them.”

“How nice. Do they actually have the reset feature?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried it twice, and both times, I still had to unplug the modem, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.”

“Geeze, you could have called their Tech-Support line and gotten that advice.”

“Actually, I tried the Live Chat feature.”

“How was that?”

“Awful. First, after entering all my personal information to register the app, and entering my name to start the chat, the guy told me I had to enter my name, phone number and complete address before he could chat with me.”

“Couldn’t he look that up?”

“He said they don’t have access.”

“I hate that. What’s the point of keeping that information in 10 different places, that will all eventually be hacked, but not having it where you need it?”

“I know. I gave it all to him. He tried resetting my modem and when it didn’t work, he offered to send a technician to my house between 1:00 and 5:00 on Saturday.”

“That’s now! Did you tell him you had beer to drink and wings to order?”

“I did. Then I unplugged the modem.”

“When we were kids? My dad used to hit stuff that didn’t work. I miss those days.”

“You miss hitting things?”

“I do Cheryl. It was cathartic. The TV would be all cattywampus. You’d give it a smack and the picture would settle down.”

“That must have been the ultimate guy thing. Here’s your wine.”

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  1. In my family, the perfectly acceptable practice of hitting things to try to fix them is called “percussive maintenance” – and it can be quite persuasive at times! :-)

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      1. My Galaxy phone camera has suddenly developed an issue that it won’t focus when you first access it. So, I googled the problem and several people said they tapped it on something to get it to focus. Seems kind of funny that we’re still doing the same thing all these years later. Hope your coworker forgives you. :-)

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  2. Lovely Maddie and other photos too, and the memory of hitting stuff… Ahhhh. Not only television – and it really worked! – another memory is of hitting a place in my Peugeot 504 engine with the wide beer bottle when it didn’t start. You’ll tell me why that was, I just know that it worked and everybody was impressed. :D

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  3. First, you can try to say that Maddie is bringing you her toy but we all know tht this is one of your tools. Just saying. Hitting electronics doesn’t work as well, but I had a lot of fun cracking a WP into bits once. And I threaten Mac a lot. I guess I am an electronic abuse-threatener. Sometimes it works. The bar makes my day.

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    1. Thanks Kate – I once told my wife that I was going to dismantle the washing machine to see what was making the squeaking noise, and the noise stopped. I think threats do work sometimes. I’ve turned a few woodworking projects or components into kindling. Sometimes it works, sometimes you have to take the story to the bar. I might be smacking this COX Cable Modem around later today :)

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  4. I threw a lump of pie dough that wouldn’t work up against the wall once. It didn’t do any of us any good, but it gave the kids a story they’ll never stop telling on me. Your nature photos (and, of COURSE, Maddie!) are breathtaking, especially the “leftover from autumn” one.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Marian. I didn’t have any specific photos, so I gathered some leftovers. And Maddie.

      My mom once tossed a bowl of cake batter against the wall. It was awkward, cuz it was my birthday cake.


  5. I loved it! All this computer sh…. is just the same old runaround of uninformed, uninterested, money glutting mega corporations with a one way arrangement-our money into their accounts. Geeze. PS i knew about handling light bulbs.
    Let me tell you how a girl thing works. My hubby is the fixer, rescuer, problem solver in this unit; but yesterday his car battery fried, breathed its last breath while he was at work, down near the beach-where all the hotels, crazies and wild things come out at night. So, at the end of my week, my escape from work was finished up by his desperate text for me to pick up a new battery and bring it there to him or be up at 11pm and get down there to pick him up, forcing us to make a return trip today to change it out. So, while he got on his phone to pre order and pay for the battery at Advance Auto (yeah, you can and you get a good discount too!) I made my way through Friday traffic, passing another Advance which is in an unsavory hood to crawl right past the entrance to my own neighborhood and continue to the destination. It was awesome on the business end. Took me all of five min to get in, show the guy my confirmation number and make the (now after dark) journey to the touristy side of town. Oh? The girl thing?
    I had to pull over in my work parking lot to call him after his text interrupted my post week jubilation freedom dance. My friend from the office passed me parked there and instantly texted me asking, “What’s wrong? You ok?” Because I never do things like that. Then she offered to go with me if I wanted. I declined. One of us needed to have our immediate escape. But….it’s a girl thing….😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That is a girl thing, Cheryl, offering to go along to some sketchy neighborhood. Good friends are very nice to have around. I didn’t know you could buy a battery in an app. That’s a pretty cool bit of technology. Good job rescuing the hubs from a crummy end-of-the-week. Was this all before the wings and “tea?” If so, I now better understand your choice.

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      1. This all transpired yesterday as soon as I got off after the longest week. Suffice it to say I had a nice drink once I got home (and finished taking moon photos-did I mention I’m nuts?) We had our wings and drinks this evening, a sort of “no problems came up today” celebration. PS I love the sky shot above, the blue is so deep.

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        1. OK, I have the timeline down. I’ve been catching up on so many blogs that I’ve gotten confused. I’ve replied to the wrong people and I’ve gotten dates and posts all messed up.

          For the record, I don’t think you’re nuts for taking those photos. That’s how people get good photos. I like that blue sky too. It rushed in after a storm.

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  6. I don’t recall my parents whacking the TV, but I do remember them fiddling around with the Rabbit Ears and cussing under their breath about the signal. :) Sitting here thinking back on those early years it’s incredible to think the television isn’t much older than I am! Now look at where we are with the Internet and computers, we’ve come so far…and yet, nothing works as well or for as long a the simple light switch. Sigh.

    I didn’t know that about Halogen Lightbulbs!

    Loved your Leftovers from Autumn image, and Maddie is adorable! Her chew toy perfect! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Give us time, Deborah, we’ll mess up that light switch, too :)

      I remember the dance with the rabbit ears, not to mention the antennae up on the roof.

      We just had to buy a new refrigerator at the office. The old one is barely 7 years old, and the salesman says that’s not abnormal. I guess we use it more than the average family, but it gets weekends off. My mother had the same refrigerator from the time I was about 5 until I graduated from college.

      Maddie loves her “tools” – she has a hammer and a flashlight along with those pliers. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked those trees :)

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    1. I kinda like “Home Despot”, Janet – I remember breaking knobs and rabbit ears (well the single pole antenna build into the back of the “portable” tv). I also remember the repairman coming to the house and the Tube Testers in the local drug store. It wasn’t that bad, you actually could get a TV fixed on a weekend before the game.


  7. Ha, ha. When my modem died last year, I did, in fact, whack it a few times. Each time it would start up again – for a few seconds. Finally, I had to call tech support, who couldn’t connect with the modem remotely, so I wound up having a tech come to the house. Turns out the modem was completely fried (nothing was said about it being damaged by whacking, thank God), and had to be replaced. I did a humorous post about my experiences with Time Warner (but I left out the whacking part because people think I’m nice):

    Once again, thanks allowing the link, Dan. Enjoy the post!

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  8. One day, Imma have a big strong man take my furnace out to the back 40 and then Imma beat ever lovin safety switches out of it with a baseball bat before they cart it off.
    I never did have a halogen lamp because I was scared of those light bulbs and now we have those new light bulbs that can poison you if they break, but they’re better for the environment? I am environment, too, yeah?
    The Mister always does the customer chat online so he can pace and swear and carry on like a madman and they’ll never know.
    Great photos, I especially love the orange trees :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I’m not that furnace, it doesn’t have a good future. I came pretty close to pacing and swearing on that chat the other night. When the guy told me I had to re-enter all the info. I mean, if he can send a signal to my modem, would that mean he’s talking to me? Maybe burglars broke in and decided to fix my modem before leaving with all my stuff.

      I’ve got some light bulbs that are too high and too much fuss to change. I might have to get people.

      I’m glad you liked the photos. I’m also glad I had a chance to share those trees in their full glory.

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      1. We had one of those funky, oddly placed lights in our base house. It was in the stairwell, so when it needed changed, a guy would come out with scaffolding. Took him longer to set up the scaffold than to change the bulb, course.
        And I KNOW! It’s like when you call to pay a bill — are strangers payin my bill? Cause I am totally okay with that!

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  9. I’ve noticed that crows like to get on the very top branch of trees and perch there. Even if the top branch is a twig. I’ve seen it where several crows get on top of a tree and do that. I have no idea how they manage it, but I guess that’s why they’re my favorites.

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    1. Tanks John. Maddie got a tool set for Christmas one year. She digs out the funniest things to bring me in the morning. It’s rarely the same toy two days in a row. She carries it back to the couch, stopping multiple times to see if I’m still following.

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  10. Are those Maddie’s little pliers? So cute! Your ‘leftover’ trees are beautiful, Dan. Hitting things to work…my dad used to give our old TV a little knock on the side to stop those incessant lines that would pop up from time to time. Worked like a charm! Oh, for the simpler days.

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    1. Thanks Lois, those are Maddie’s pliers. She got a tool set for Christmas one year. She also has a hammer and a flashlight. I was very happy to see those trees in that light, and have a chance to put them out here.

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  11. Dan, love the clouds, blue sky & sunset photos! Of Of course Maddie is adorable with her toy pliars. Know well the COX tech line! Have to unplug the modem too many times! Jiggling, shaking & hitting things does work on so many devices! Even talking to them, nicely though! Encouragement & compliments! Yep, crazy as it is! Have a peaceful Sunday! 💛 Christine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christine. I used to talk nicely to my pickup truck. “Come on, you can do this, you got this…” It did seem to help. The COX modem gets no such nice words, but at least I’m not hitting it. Maddie had so many toys. It’s always fun to see what she brings me in the morning. Enjoy the day.

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  12. I’m assuming COX is your cable company for the area. Mine isn’t any better than yours, although internet seems to be okay here. My problem is the reception of the TV. Calling to have them do whatever remotely doesn’t stay fixed for long at all. I’m lucky if I get two days of perfect picture.

    [I still don’t understand “the guy thing”.]

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  13. It’s the way the world is going, we can’t take the extra effort to shop local but we can struggle with a downloaded app….and all the extraneous bs that they demand to register it….. (sorry for the rant – geez, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Maybe it’s just old age)

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    1. That’s kinda what I’m saying, and it’s clearly the way I feel. People drive by the store in town and go 5 miles away, park way the heck away from the entrance, deal with the crowds and wander all over the store, all to save $0.05 on the price of a light bulb. Plus, we’re happy to get an app that tells us where to go in the store, but no one complains that the actual store employee (who is being app’d out of a job) is clueless. It may be old age, but I think you’ll live to see the day of a people-less Home Depot – once they figure out the paint mixing robot.

      Thanks for the rant-comment – always welcome here.


  14. Dan, I liked your sense of fun conversation “today.” I liked the wide variety of photographs, too. I do believe in “It’s a guy thing.” I also remember, “It’s a girl/woman/chick perspective,” too. Every person knows the “teacher” look or “Mom” look, as well as the “Dad’s handyman” whack on the pipe with a hammer or wrench. . . or hand upon the side of a television! :D

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      1. I was at Verizon and attached to Wi-Fi and noticed I wasn’t following you? I get confused like did my finger Unfollow you? (this isn’t the first time!)
        Anyway, it wandered through my mind tonight to come and Follow you again. Hope you know at some past time I DID follow you! Lol :D

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I saw that you were a “new follower” and I thought: “that problem must have hit Robin.” I’ve had a bunch of people disappear from the list of folks I follow and I’ve had to track them down and reconnect. Actually, this happened to us before! Maybe we weren’t meant to be connected (I’m just joking).

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          1. It happened a couple of years ago, Dan. I was so happy we were reconnected! I won’t lose you now, but the Verizon store was helping me reconnect with my email account, so maybe they disabled it for a short while (?) It was “out of synch.”

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  15. Hi dan – for some reason when I logged on jus my now the like was already clicked. I have only see that happen when someone reposts an older post of theirs – anyhow – I thought it might be s repost , but sure was anything but!
    The fresh photos were tasty like s good beer – ha!
    The leftover trees are a blaze of glory –
    And maddie + toy = ❤️ (and the pliers – bah! Kind of fit right in with the Home Depot talk….)
    And did not know we should not touch halogen lights – also new word –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! This is 100% new material. Actually, a different version of the photo of Maddie might have been used once before. Whenever she brings me one of her tools, I try to get a picture. She always drops them right before I snap.It’s like she knows.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and the ‘like’ – I always appreciate it :)

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      1. oh maddie is so sweet – and it is actually time for me to walk our dog, steve, who is sweet also – but also “whiney baby” and annoying at times – oh my gosh is he is annoying sometimes – lol
        and I still sometimes think of your dog that seems to say “thanks for the walk” as you stroll…
        anyhow, have a good day and see you for Thursday doors –
        peace out

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      1. I think you have a great eye for beauty, details and curious things. You must also be very patient. Sometimes I take photos with my iPhone but they never please me. Even those of sunsets and birds. Just outside our office, along the road, there is a curious phenomenon. Two trees growing side by side have become linked by one branch. The branch from one tree grew into the other tree or the other tree grew over the branch. I don’t which one happened first but I find it awesome. I took photos of them but my photos are diminishing compared to how they would have appeared if you had taken them.


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