California Dreaming

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

“What’s with the palm tree photos?”

“I was in southern California early this week.”

“And you just had to put those out there so us schlubs back here in the cold would know.”

“I don’t really put a lot of thought into it. I take a lot of pictures. I post pictures all the time.”

“I know, I know. And, in case you aren’t aware, neither Great River Park nor Hartford have moved recently.”

“What are you saying?”

“Just that if you’ve seen one photo of Hartford from the park, maybe you’ve seen enough.”

“Hey guys. House Lager? Meiomi? By the way, you can take photographs at the same place every day and still keep it interesting.”

“Maybe you can, Cheryl. I’m not sure Captain Kodak has mastered that, yet.”

That's the Colt Dome taken from Great River Park on the east side of the Connecticut River.
That’s the Colt Dome taken from Great River Park on the east side of the Connecticut River.

“I mix it up. Sometimes, it’s the city skyline, sometimes it’s looking south along the river or across the river at the Colt building.”

“Colt, ugh, feel free to leave those out.”

“Not a fan of the Colt Dome.”

“No, not a fan.”

“It’s a National Park now.”


“The Colt complex – Coltsville – the old armory. All part of a National Park now. Big feather in Hartford’s cap.”

“Yeah, like the baseball stadium. Where are they getting the money to open it?”

“Ouch. Why so harsh.”

“It’s a moot point, really. The city is broke. They can’t pay their sewer bill, but they want to open a National Park.”

“But the city needs attractions to entice people to visit and spend money.”

“Exactly, look up the meaning of ‘moot’ and you’ll see that I was right.”

“I’ll take your word for it. In any case, I’m looking forward to taking the walking tour next year.”

“Good for you. I’m busy that day. Did you do anything interesting in SoCal?”

“Not really. No time for that. In and out for a series of meetings.”

“Eat anywhere good?”

“I did.”

“Some fancy-schmancy-celebrity-laden-hot-new bistro?”

“Not exactly.”

“What, exactly?”

“I met a friend for breakfast at Bake-n-Broil.”

“Here’s your beer, your wine, and lemmie guess, pancakes and bacon were involved with that breakfast.”

“Good guess Cheryl. Along with eggs, endless coffee and great conversation.”

“Bake-n-Broil, that sounds like you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just that there had to be lots of trendy places for breakfast, but you found one that sounds like the west coast equivalent of a diner.”

“Well, my buddy found it, but yeah, diner. I love diners”

“Again, my point. What about lunch and dinner?”

“Other than that breakfast, meals were planned by someone else. Dinner the first night was pretty good. Local restaurant, steak and sides. After that, hotel food.”

“Continental breakfast where everything looks good but nothing really tastes good?”


“Dry chicken breast or 8oz hunk of overcooked beef for dinner?”


“Sitting on smashed potatoes with two asparagus spears – Am I right?”

“Close, four spears.”

“Ooh, splurge. They must like you. What about desert?”

“Some chocolate, mousse thingie with raspberry glaze.”

“Listen to you, raspberry glaze…”

“I remember it because I wore it home. The waiter dropped some and in a weird instinctive reaction, I trapped it between my sleeve and the front of my shirt.”

“They can dress you up, but they can’t take you out.”

“If my wife can’t get those stains out, they may not be able to dress me up either.”

“You guys need a refill? Your wife should send you off with a Stain Stick in your luggage when you travel.”

“When I travel, Cheryl? She thinks I should have one with me at all times. Like an Epi-Pen for klutzes. I think we’re ready for another round.”

“You’re paying today, right?”

“I am.”

“Then I’ll switch to Bourbon, Cheryl.”

“Woodford Reserve?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I always forget, order first, then volunteer to pay.”

“Here you go boys, enjoy.”

So, three days out there with the pretty people, one good breakfast and one decent dinner, that’s not a bad average.”

“I left out the best part.”


“Lunch on the way to the airport. A buddy of mine from the meeting and I stopped…”

“No, Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me you stopped there.”

“We did – In-N-Out Burger – Cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake.”

“I hate you!”

In addition to the usual bar banter, this post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun series: “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “moot.” Use it as the theme of your post or just use the word in a stream of consciousness post about something else. Enjoy!

socs badge 2016-17In case the title got that song stuck in your head, here’s a version you can listen to. It’s 22 in Connecticut, with snow and freezing fog.


    • I do get a trip south each year for a company meeting, Judy. Lately, I’ve been getting two, but honestly, I’d prefer to hang here in CT. They were complaining that it was only in the 60s in Costa Mesa and I came home to single-digits. Yes, cold enough :)

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  1. Sensational Saturday post, Dan! You were killing me with the breakfast photos. I thought I wanted a second cup of coffee, but now a second breakfast sounds good. So I’ll look again at that beautiful photo of the dome at night. You even got the SoCs prompt seamlessly worked in, and my favorite, California Dreaming (video too!). I was California Dreaming for 20 years before the cost of housing finally made me give up. Happy Saturday hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Teagan. I don’t know how people afford to live there. I think my hotel room was probably cheaper on a daily basis. Glad you like the song. It’s totally appropriate here. We’ve got about 4-6″ of snow on the ground, with freezing rain following. Tomorrow, 50 and rain, then back into the teens.

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  2. Thanks for kick-starting my morning, Dan. Time for some breakfast, I think! I forgive you posting palm tree photos because in January I’ll be posting photos from Arizona. :-) Happy Saturday (and btw, I love the word “moot.”)


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  3. Somehow I knew it was a mistake to read this post while I’m starving and was dreaming of pancakes and other delicious food. You’re killing me here, Dan. O_o

    And yes, thanks — that song was stuck in my head as soon as I saw your post notification in my email! I’m just gonna be all kinds ‘a negative today after seeing sunny, warm California pics as my fingers currently feel as if they might fall off. ;P

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    • You’ve been all over, John. I followed John Force (NHRA) Racing for years. In-N-Out was one of his sponsors. When I was in CA in 2002, I saw one and thought, I should give it a try. Oh my goodness. I haven’t missed an opportunity since. When I told my friend “if we leave a little early, we can stop at In-N-Out, I only got as far as the ‘N’ sound before he said “yes, let’s do that” – another fan.

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  4. I have two questions? 1) How come you didn’t drag the California weather back with you and drop some if it over WI? 2) Do you know how much eggs, bacon and pancakes sound awesome to me right now and how much I’d like to have all of that sitting in front of me? Yum.

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    • I tried, Mary – I really tried. It was in the upper 60s when we pushed back from the gate at SNA. As soon as I saw logged onto their WiFi, I saw the flight tracker showing that it was in the low 20s in Chicago. By the time we landed, it was 12. I guess the warm air couldn’t make it over the mountains. It was 7 when we landed in CT :(

      I’d gladly trade you bacon and eggs for a dozen cookies. Where do we have to meet, Ohio? Toronto? It’s snowing hard here, you’ll have to give me some time.

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  5. You are a master of the mundane – bake n broil ! Actually mundane is good, very good. I do love the epi-stain pen for klutzes ! And I take no responsibility for the spellings of this reply. The nook is trying to teach English and punctuation to latter today beer drinkers. Right after the shopping if memory serves correct. I’d rather it was Cheryl serving though. Memory is a lousy server. It keeps saying hey that’s self go get it !

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  6. Have you seen the movie SMOKE? One of my all-time favorites. One of the characters takes a picture of exactly the same city corner at exactly the same time every day for years. The collection is beautiful.

    We’re having breakfast for lunch. ha!

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  7. Great moot post :) I wanted to cook breakfast Thursday night, but the sausages were expired. I did not openly weep as I made turkey noodles instead. Next weekend is Christmas so there’ll be pancakes. Now I want a juicy burger, and a shake STILL because no one’s shake machine should ever be broken, ever.
    I do not like southern California and I don’t think it likes me, either, but there’s good food there. I carry a Tide pen, Dan. Much more affordable than the epi-pen and thank tacos, more often needed. :)

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  8. Dan, fun SOC read this morning! Sent you an e-mail with a pic…how SoCal decorates for Christmas! The Palm tree way. Must master the add photo feature to comment. Yep, it’s a brisk 60 degrees today & bright sunshine. Probably sweater weather! Sorry! Another yep on housing costs! Only good news when I decide to sell in a few years. Have a wonderful weekend! Keep warm! 🎄 Christine

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  9. I’m so glad I’m having a late lunch while reading this! IN & OUT Burger!!! I haven’t been there in a couple of months. I love their fries. I always, always get a single burger protein style with onions, pickles, and their sauce.

    I like Five Guys burgers better so usually will go there when in the mood for a burger and it’s closer to home. The IN & OUT stores are quite a bit further out from home.

    It’s been really nice having rain in addition to filling up the reservoirs which we need, but all the lawns that we stopped watering b/c of the drought are coming to life again and are green! I am loving that. I can imagine how you felt seeing green grass after having snow already at your home.

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    • I’m glad I’m not making you hungry. We have Five Guys here, but the closest In-N-out might be Vegas. Can’t pass it up. We actually prefer Jake’s Wayback to Five Guys, but I think I’d rank them 2nd and 3rd. I’d need a lot more research.

      Yeah, seeing them mowing grass was a shock.

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  10. For the title of course. And for the song. You know that I’m as much a New England fan as a California fan. Both regions have plusses and minuses, right? For the holiday mood, nothing beats New England in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed yourself taking all these California photos. There is green again because of the rain. For a while it was quite brown down south.
    Happy holidays to you and your readers!

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  11. *sigh* Make room in your suitcase for me. Sorry, Mrs., no intention of “fooling around” just wanna see California, a state I have never been. Anyways I was like oh my gosh furniture outside? Never have I seen that here! And palm trees. *another sigh* Haven’t seen those since a teenager when I was in Florida. Hey I say good for YOU for taking pictures of the same place but taking them differently. I KNOW how challenging that is, believe you me, so you can go right back to your bar buddies and tell them that from me! Ha! Now that requires creativity and in my book you’ve got that, Dan. I’d like to see them trying to take as many pictures tied to a dog and doing so of the same scenery and making each photo look different. Remind them that truly is genius! GRIN! <3

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    • Thanks Amy. I’ll pick out a few key words – creativity – genius – challenging – and say “I heard this from an expert!” I take a lot of pictures from the park, but I stop there 2-3 times a week. There’s something about spending a few minutes next to a river before going into work that really helps me clear my head.

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      • I hear you about the clearing the head. I wrote my brilliant poem thst is on Petals today after trudging through snow for 2 hours yesterday. I huffed and puffed and worked! And when all was said and done I could play with words something I love doing cause my head was so clear AND no one was clammmering for my attention. Yeah tell those guys and rub it in. Ha! They know natta!

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  12. Funny, this is the second post I’ve read today about a visit to California generating a trip to In-N-Out Burger on the way to the airport. I didn’t realize that it was a tourist destination! I’ve lived here in SoCal all my life so I guess I’m immune to the high costs everyone says we have. I’ve heard it called the “sunshine tax.” Although I love to see the pictures of snow, I’m grateful we don’t have to deal with it daily.

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  13. Ooooh…..a real diner burger. Color me jealous. I actually have a vintage In And Out Burger tee that was given to me. Never been there though. 😒 I need one more trip to CA before I crash and burn. I could hardly read the words beer, whiskey or 🤕Meiomi without a tick. Had our office party last night. The complimentery bar was just beer and wine, so I had one beer and wine and wine…I love all your photos, keep snapping and leave no angle undiscovered. I always say, every sunset is a new one. Every image is unique.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. Thanks for working so close to the holidays. The burger was great, Breakfast was very nice. The bar was pretty empty today. I got there after 2 1/2 hours of snow-blowing. Lot’s of people were still digging out. I’ll keep taking those photos, I’ll get the right one someday.


    • There are a bunch of good burger places. Across the street from In-N-Out was a Five Guys. We have Five Guys here, so no point in stopping there while in CA. Fresh grass and sprinklers running at night. I won’t see that here until April or maybe May.

      We have a cool rain today, washing away yesterday’s snow.


  14. I don’t understand why civic authorities and politicians spend money on something that doesn’t even make sense. In Mumbai, things are getting worse as more and more people flock in. I mean there is a limit to how much a city can accommodate. The civic authorities should think out of the box to ensure at least people get basic amenities and facilities, but instead, they are more interested in putting up grand statues of freedom fighters and Gods all over the city that would cost 20 to 50 million to the city, and this is our taxpayers’ money. Why don’t you build public toilets and improve transportation or something like that. How are these statues going to help?

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  15. I liked the way the sky just looks so Californian with lavender and fuschia tints! The palm trees are always fun to see but for some reason, food was my focus in this post. Breakfast and the diner burger meal just had me salivating, Dan. Now, I need to get off the sofa and search for a snack! :)

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