One-Liner Wednesday – Mt Maddie

Watching the sunset.
Watching the sunset.

No one in New England likes seeing it snow more than Maddie. There might be a few didn’t-study-for-the-algebra-test high school students who look forward to being able to procrastinate for an extra day, but their excitement at seeing snow doesn’t match this pup. And, their anticipation of that announcement being made pales in comparison to Maddie’s expectation of that imminent mound of snow known affectionately as Mt. Maddie.

I posted once about how I maneuver the snow blower around the back yard in order to build Mt. Maddie. That process is always important, but never as important as it is after the first snowfall. By some measure, there really isn’t enough snow to produce Mt. Maddie. On the other hand, if you spend 30 seconds outside with her during the storm, you would understand that her look is saying: “you’re gonna build Mt Maddie…right?

And, if you stepped inside with me after putting the snow blower away, you would understand that she’s saying:

Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Mt. Maddie, did you build Mt. Maddie? Did you? Did you? Is it ready? Can we go play now?

We had our first significant snowfall on Saturday. It rained on Sunday, but enough of Mt. Maddie remains.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.

One Liner Wednesday


  1. Aww, sweet story. I love a happy ending to a snowstorm. It sounds like Maddie certainly enjoys it, and it gives you a goal instead of just clearing snow. When our grandkids were little my husband did the same thing with our John Deere, and they enjoyed the sledding hill. Now, the only goal is clear the drive – not near as much fun. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. I used to shovel a sledding hill for our daughter. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have a blower back then, or that would have been huge. It does make the job more fun, adds a challenge, and she’s so happy when she comes out and sees it.


  2. I love Maddie’s enthusiasm for the snow and her mountain. She is like a child who doesn’t care it’s winter or snowing or cold outside. I hope you get a little more snow so Queen Maddie can rule her kingdom from on high.

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  3. Ha! Maddie has you so well trained!! The things we willingly do for our fur-family <3

    After each snowfall, I always shovel the back deck and sidewalk from the back yard to the front for Theo. He HATES the snow and is in a dizzy until the snow has been cleared for him. Since I'm restricted on lifting any weight for another 6 weeks, all the shovelling has now fallen to Gilles. He begrudgingly shovelled the back and side for Theo on the weekend.

    Yesterday he bought a snowblower. Bwahahahaha!!!

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    • Ha ha – Did he give the snow blower to you for Christmas? I might have done that :)

      Our pets do have us well trained, Joanne. This notion of a dog serving its family that has been handed down over time, is a complete fantasy.


  4. Dan… you’ve just accomplished the impossible — a snow post that made me smile. (I really hate the stuff.) Thank you for sharing Maddie’s bliss with us. By the way that is one serious snow blower — but clearly you need it there. Nice of you to help out the neighbors. Merry Christmas. Hugs.

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  5. lovely! Dogs do get very excited in the snow, don’t they. I wonder if their feet every get cold, though? Maybe the pads are too thick for them to notice it.

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    • We had one who would play and play then come in and sit and chew the snow out of her pads. As soon as she was done, she’d go to the door to go play some more. This one just can’t get enough. Thanks!

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  6. LOL! That’s an uplifting post Dan. She’s adorable! I really like the Fence Toppers, and Lantern Hats. They’re pretty. It looks like the work of snow blowing is hard enough to keep your body warm at least.

    Looking forward to more Mt. Maddie tales. Happy Winter Solstice!

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    • Ha – thanks Marian. My wife likes the hats on the lamps. I felt bad for the squirrel. He kept burying his head in the snow. I told him we’d put some food out later. All is well with the world when she’s on her mountain.

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  7. Mt. Maddie is the top of the world for your adorable dog. I love how dogs (certain dogs) can be so into something. Maddie is definitely a born-climber.
    Love also how the snow covers so perfectly any surface (posts and toppers look lovely).
    Enjoy the season!

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    • Thanks Evelyne. My wife like the little hats on the posts and the lamps. Once, when I was walking Maddie, I let her get too close a pile left by a snow plow. She started to climb, and I had to work pretty hard to get her down.

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  8. I finally made it back to read this, Dan, and what fun I had imagining you building your mound of snow for Maddie. :-) When we had our first foster dog, she loved the snow and was very athletic. She would leap of the snow pushed up on the sides of the backyard by the guy who plowed our driveway. She also loved to walk during the winter and we would walk when virtually no one else was out, too. Good memories.


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    • The storm cab prevents the wind from blowing the snow back in my face. Prior to installing that, I would look like a snowman when I was done clearing the driveway on a windy day. Also, it’s a place to mount my cup holder :)

      Maddie just loves the snow.

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  9. Aww, Dan! You are such a great Maddie’s Dad. She is quite a lucky dog for you to create Mt Maddie for her. My ex once created a maze out of snow for our dog to enjoy going around and around in. I liked your illustrations of how much snow collected on the outside lanterns, fence and the spray of snow sent spurting out. :)

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    • Thanks Robin. One year, when we had over 100 inches of snow in the winter, my wife got down and took photos from the dog’s eye level. It was kind of scary and we could understand why she liked being up on the mounds instead of in the paths I had cleared.

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  10. If I was in New England this time of the year, it would be me and Maddie outside enjoying the snow and playing around. Well, I’m not sure if it would affect my health, but I would still go out. I live in an oven all here around, so for me this is a welcome weather.

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