Thursday Doors – Gingerbread Village

Significant steeple on this church and sugary roof.
Significant steeple on this church and sugary roof.

Up until last Friday, I had a different post planned for today’s Thursday Doors. I won’t tell you much about it, since I might use it next week. I only mention those plans to highlight the fact that sometimes, plans have to change. Even for a blogger like me, who takes notes in Evernote, stores drafts in the cloud and maintains an editorial schedule in Trello. After all, this isn’t a mission to resupply the International Space Station. A week here, a door there, it doesn’t really matter.

And, you win!

How’s that, you ask…

Well, today’s “doors” are ones where the photos speak for themselves. OK, they don’t speak for themselves in total, I mean, they don’t tell the whole story, but the rest of the story is short, so you don’t have to read much.

When Faith and I visited Old Sturbridge Village last week, they were having a Gingerbread House contest. Today’s doors are courtesy of the imagination and handiwork of children, adults and teams of children and adults, and they are made of cookies and candies and other edible things.

Thursday Doors is the brainchild of Norm Frosty-the-Doorman Frampton, who lives way up near the North Pole. If you visit his page, you can see the “Doors of the North Woods” as well as the Magical Blue Frog thingie that will take you to all the other doors. If you want to join us today, click the frog. And, because Frosty lives so far north that space-time is warped by the cold, “today” lasts until 12:00 pm on Saturday.

Note: To those of you who might want to tell me that the pictures would have been better if I had kneeled, squatted or bent over, I can explain. There were lots of people, including many children, trying to see the gingerbread houses, so kneeling (and then having to rise) was ruled out in order to keep the line moving. Squatting – let’s just say that that hasn’t happened for a long long time. Bending, while possible, tends to make part of me go forward and part of me go back. Given the crowds… So, aerial views of Gingerbreadland.


  1. Perfect post for this week’s Thursday Doors, leading to Christmas. You are probably the first to ever post gingerbread doors, so Norm should put something in your stocking. A few gumdrops perhaps? I can’t decide which of the gingerbread houses I like, but I think it’s a toss up between the house with the cute snowmen, the covered bridge and the ponderosa. The kids did a great job with the houses, I hope they all got something for their effort.

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    1. Thanks Mary. I had just told Faith that “we don’t need to stop to take door photos” and then we walked into the contest. I couldn’t resist. The Ponderosa house is amazing because it’s mostly chocolate. I’m trying to think about living in a chocolate house. I’m not sure if I’m the first to feature gingerbread doors, but I’ll take the gumdrops.

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  2. Norm Frosty-the-Doorman Frampton? Because Frosty lives so far north that space-time is warped by the cold, “today” lasts until 12:00 pm on Saturday?
    Oh, you’ve outdone yourself this time, Dan!!! :D

    … and the gingerbread houses are an inspired addition to Thursday Doors!!

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    1. Thanks Joanne. It might be time to get back to the generic “Thursday Doors is a …” but where’s the fun in that? Besides, you saw all the snow in Norm’s post. I think Frosty is a good name :)

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  3. As usual, your post brought a smile to my face, which is always a good thing. I’m happy you decided to go with this seasonally beautiful choice. But you should know by now that you should never, ever say you won’t be stopping to take pictures!!


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  4. What a delightful post! I love Gingerbread houses and these are all wonderful.
    The pretzel windows win my vote, and the last house with its garden and little farm yard win my vote.

    #1 Grandson and I made mini Gingerbread Houses early in the month. While they won’t win any ribbons they were great fun to make and they sit proudly on the entertainment cabinet. :)

    LOVED you description of Norm this week. It’s brilliant! :)

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  5. Very creative and clever — both the gingerbread houses and your use of them for a Doors post, Dan. I really like the landscape of the “Ponderosa” one. The trees and gardens look fantastic. Also the candy walkway in the first pic is spot on. Curious if the winning house is in your pics?

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    1. Thanks Wendy. The winner is not in my photos :( I can’t imagine how the Three Little Pigs or that chocolate ranch house didn’t win. I think the winner probably had a big family gathering at OSV. But, they all look like a lot of work and some real talent, so I’ll accept the count as it steads.

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  6. Terrific idea for a doors post Dan – this is one of the most original ones yet. Some of these look both adorable AND delicious.
    For the record time zones go east/west not north/south so Thursday here is still Thursday, except for those in Australia where it’s almost Friday already ;-)
    Merry Christmas to you my friend and all the best for the holiday season!

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    1. Thanks Norm! This was one of those unplanned but “Oh, I gotta do this” doors posts. I’ll have to work on my east/west/north/south stuff. Canada remains a little mysterious. I think I need to revisit, one of these days. Merry Christmas

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  7. This is a perfect twist to the Door Challenge, Dan. The Old Sturbridge Village is a perfect spot for making gingerbread houses. I love them, especially when made by children. They tend to go heavy on decorations, so the houses look always more festive and very yummy too. I used to have my kids making some, here at home. Each could invite one friend. t became such a hit that many other friends would want to come over. But it was already a full house with eight kids, so my friends had to open their own houses too.
    Love your selection, especially the ones with the gumdrops (among my favorite candies!). And I love the addition of a pool, a funny touch to the traditional winterland scenery.

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    1. I could see how that could grow out of control, but it must have been fun. I love gumdrops! We only ever seem to get them near Easter. I was wondering if the pool contestant was visiting from CA or FL.

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  8. Perfectly timed :)
    I looove the 3 Little Pigs set, too, and the lighthouse and the covered bridge, but they are all fantastic — that lil fire pit, the icicles! For goodness sake! Adorable and also, I now want a finger-lick of icing…

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    1. Thanks. I want to lick the smoke off those two chimneys. I was so happy to find this display. This may become part of our tradition. I wanted the 3pigs to win, but they didn’t. None of these did :(


  9. I love the “Ponderosa” and the oddly shaped one with smoke coming out of the chimney (next to the church, you think). A couple of my girls wanted to make gingerbread castles. SO MUCH FUN, but inedible by the time they were ready to give them up. :)

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  10. ‘Tis the Season, and you came through with a winning post. I love gingerbread houses, and these are great. I have to admit I’m partial to the covered bridge but I like them all. Then I have to say I laughed out loud at “Norm Frosty-the-Doorman Frampton.” Thank you, Dan, for the laugh, and I can hear Norm chuckling all the way down here. :-) I thought I was the only one who didn’t squat any more to grab a better photo. Thanks for the company.

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  11. Dan, this was a fun and pretty collection of doors and buildings which was perfectly enchanting! My favorites were the covered bridge, the church with ice cream cone steeple with frosted cross crosses and the cabin with Santa’s sleigh with real looking icicles hanging from the roof! :)

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  12. I agree with Janis…this is definitely a “why didn’t I think of that’ post!
    PS – Anyone who takes notes in Evernote, stores drafts in the cloud and maintains an editorial schedule in Trello is my kind of blogger!!

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  13. Great post, Dan! I think you found the secret of the Blue Frog thingy and managed to transport all of the door bloggers back to a time where our visions of doors started when we were children dreaming of doors made of candy and other sweet stuff; a time when Christmas was magical as it always should be for kids. I also have a hint for your low vantage photos; look for cameras with flip-out LCDs (my camera has it) so you can shoot looking down at the LCD while the camera remains at waist level or lower (its also good for candid photos where people may not know that you are taking their photos. Merry Christmas! P.S., I waiting for your post that elevates Norm to Godly status like the Greek gods ;)

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    1. Thanks. The ironic thing…my camera has one of those flip out/up LCDs – I forgot :(

      Christmas should be magical for children, which is one reason I wanted to not hold up the line. I’m not sure where Norm goes from here, but I have many more Thursdays to try to get it right. Merry Christmas!

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