A Christmas Wish for Everyone

socs badge 2016-17One of three things usually happens here on a Saturday. My buddy and I visit Cheryl at the bar, or I participate in Linda G. Hill’s intriguing Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge. On rare occasions, I skip both for what I once would have called a “normal” post. Not today.

Cheryl has the day off so she can cook, roast, bake, fry, barbeque and otherwise prepare her Christmas feast. Oh, look, I managed to sneak the SoCS challenge in. Hey, Linda always says to “have fun.”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “cook.” Find a word that means “cook,” (or use “cook” itself) and use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Less fun, perhaps a bit more serious, I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas commercial. This is from Eat’n Park restaurants, which are in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This 30-second commercial is so simple and so nice, that it has been aired annually for over 30 years! It’s so special that some people in my old home town believe that the Christmas season doesn’t start until this commercial is shown on the air. Toward that end, Eat’n Park publishes a schedule of when the commercial will air. This is the 2016 schedule, which won’t be useful much longer.

I love this commercial. Even though it has a distinctive Christmas theme, I think the message is one that anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or even those with no religious affiliation, can appreciate. Please, watch the commercial, check out Linda’s prompt if you want to participate or if you want to see the work of those who did.

Merry Christmas and / or Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. If a religious celebration isn’t in your plans, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday

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  1. That’s a wonderful little holiday commercial. Thank you for sharing. Life would certainly be better if we all exerted just a little more kindness. :-) Merry Christmas, Dan, and hope you and yours have an exciting Monopoly game this weekend. When I play, it is always exciting just to see how few minutes it takes for me to be bankrupt. :-)

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  2. Dan, that commercial is absolutely marvelous in its simplicity. The point is made in a heartwarming way. Thanks for sharing it, particularly as it’s regional (and most of us wouldn’t know). Merry Christmas to you and yours. Holiday hugs.

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    1. Thanks Teagan. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I decided to share it because most people wouldn’t have seen it (and the ones who have probably enjoy seeing it again). Have a wonderful Christmas. Holiday hugs are the best.

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    1. People say that, but it doesn’t flow as well ;) There are several theories about the name, including one that says “Park and Eat” was already taken when they first opened (as part of the Big Boy chain). My theory, for what it’s worth: It used to be the kind of place where they brought the tray to the window. the kind of place frequented by teenagers. So maybe it was Eat ‘n Park was a shortened version of “Park and eat and park some more.”

      In any case, I’m glad you enjoyed the commercial, and I hope you enjoy the holiday season.

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  3. Eat n’ Park ? Shouldn’t it be Park n’ Eat ? or just Eat ? Reminds me of the old Gas Food signs on the highway . Here in Szczecin there is a fast food place called ” Bar F “. They didn’t ask me first , so it is what it is .

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  4. It more than gets the message across. Simple and sweet. It’s not Christmas in my town until the two attorney’s that have huge billboards all around start wearing Santa caps. It’s the craziest thing, but we all breathe a sigh of relief once those caps appear on the billboards. Merry Christmas from the South!

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    1. Thanks Lois. The little signs of Christmas are important.

      I have to say that once, while driving through Texas, I passed a billboard for D.U.I. representation, followed by one for Divorce attorneys, followed by one for Vasectomy Reversals. I just had to wonder about the story line that might have them be related.

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  5. I love the little commercial, Dan. Thanks for sharing it. I always look forward to your postings, because they make me stop and think and usually laugh. You have an amazing way of presenting the irony and humor of this world without a touch of bitterness or malice. We need more of that! Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

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  6. Thanks, Dan! Love that commercial! Yep, it gave me a “lift.” Good that cook Cheryl is home baking, etc! Enjoy your Christmas weekend (monopoly and fun) with your family. A special pat for Maddie! 🎄💛 Christine

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  7. I like that commercial. There are some commercials that are classics, like the Hershey’s Kisses commercial with the Kisses doing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” a la a handbell group. I had never seen this before, although I haven’t spent much time in Pittsburgh, but I can see why it’s so popular.

    Merry Christmas, Dan!

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  8. I liked the commercial. I will also put up one commercial on Facebook which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I would want to fly down to Pittsburgh someday and eat at this place because the food looks delicious. Plus, I will have you and Faith in company, so probably hours of non-stop conversation. Do they also serve tea/coffee, or just snacks and beer?

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  9. Enjoyed this post, D.
    And so last night – we were watching the steelers game (nice win – BTW) well
    My hubs was watching as folks were coming and going and as he switched to “a Christmas story” which looped all day on some channel
    The hubs paused the tv and made everyone come and see the waterfront shots of Pittsburg (he knows so many sky lines ) and have to admit the Pittsburg aerial views were really nice.
    And so coming to this post today of Pittsburg stuff – compliments that….
    And like the family shots too.
    Wish wee played a board game but everyone voted no – and we are doing the little ornament craft today when young cousins come – but how cool to have that custom monopoly game – we have the Richmond one – and oldest son used to collect monopoly games a while back – he still has about 35 different ones….

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    1. Thanks! And thanks to hubs. Pittsburgh does have a beautiful skyline, and the view looking across the rivers is sweet. I have a post coming (very) early in 2017 of some cityscape photos we took in November. We were mostly glued to the screen yesterday. I’d like a win that didn’t involve the last 10 seconds of the game.

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      1. I hear ya on the last ten seconds – argh!
        But at least they won (and hubs predicted it)
        And at least they did not have the other team set a record and play with things – like the chiefs did too Broncos last night……

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  10. Hope that you and your family spent a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the season. We played Monopoly on Christmas Eve! Our neighbors gave us the WinePoly! For my husband initially but nobody plays Monopoly alone, right? It was fun. We always play boardgames late that night. See you!

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  11. Dan, such a warm and fuzzy commercial! They have lots (300+) of other commercial choices with pretty cards displayed, some beautiful and some funny choices.
    The Christmas tree with the fluttering star falling to the snow and it’s simplicity was precious and my favorite.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s celebration to you, Faith, wife (“the Editor”) and Maddie. Hugs to all!

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  12. Thanks for your inclusive wishes for a happy weekend whatever our celebratory traditions are. I liked it; and the commercial delighted me. It looks like if a meal at Eat n Park was included, your weekend was the best.

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  13. The Eat N’ Park Christmas Star commercial is wonderful. Glad you shared it and glad I found it after the Holidays. Helps kick-start that feeling of wonder all over again!

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