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socs badge 2016-17First things first. You see, I don’t post on Sundays. Second, because what’s the point of saying ‘first’ first if there isn’t a second? Second, I don’t post twice in the same day. When Linda released the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, on Friday, I already had Saturday’s post written, edited – which Linda doesn’t allow – adorned with more than the usual number of photos and scheduled for its appearance at 6:04 am. Third, well, anyone who has ever visited No Facilities on an #SoCS Saturday, knows that I’m a sucker for bonus points…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first/last.” Use one or both words, or find words that mean the same. Bonus points if you start your post with “first/beginning/start” etc. and end with “last/end” etc. Enjoy!

What’s a boy to do?

In this case, the boy decided to follow an established precedent. Yes, this happened once before, way back in 2016. Joey took over one week when Linda was visiting the Pope, or attending the coronation of the Queen of Canada or something. Anyway, like today, I mean yesterday, I had already written a post for Saturday. As with that prompt, those pesky voices in my head started running away with today’s prompt. Faced with the same, no second post/no Sunday post dynamic duo , remember them? Batman and Robin? Biff, Pow, Whammo. Remember Whammo? Actually, that was Wham-O. I remember Wham-O from when they invented the Super Ball.

The Super Ball was an amazing toy that ushered in a dynamic duopoly of fun and trouble. That ball bounced higher than anything else on the planet. After my father gave it to me, I unwrapped it and bounced it once before he issued a very stern and specific warning – “do NOT hit that thing with a bat!” – How well that man knew me. Still, he didn’t tell me and my friend Mark not to throw the ball from the 50’ (15 ¼ m) terrace behind our mutual neighbor’s house. Paul, the mutual neighbor, had a paved driveway. We figured we could bounce the Super Ball over Paul’s house if we threw it hard enough, from high enough.

We were wrong.

We did manage to bounce it through Paul’s bedroom window.

After paying for the replacement window out of my next many allowances and making me clean up all the glass, my dad took the super Ball away. He returned it a few days later, with a much longer list of more general stern warnings. Basically, “don’t do anything (else) stupid with this thing.”

I took the Super Ball to school with me the following Monday. Lots of kids had them. I attended a large school that was actually two attached buildings. Jefferson Elementary and Jefferson Junior High. The schools shared a cafeteria but we had to eat lunch in shifts. After lunch, the teachers escaped to the Teacher’s Lounge and we kids waited outside our locked classrooms. Several of us decided to see how many times our Super Balls would bounce between the walls of the hallway. We didn’t consider that the walls contained lockers. The resulting clatter from half-a-dozen Super Balls smacking the lockers might be why they called the company Wham-O.

Anyway, back to Linda and Joey, and my #SoCS problem, I solved it by exploiting a space-time trick. #SoCS hails from a different time zone, although Joey doesn’t. That means that I can publish a post very early on Sunday and still have it be Saturday without posting twice. I figured I could use this trick again today, I mean yesterday, because I was going to be watching the Twilight Zone Marathon. What a better time to play with time.

Earlier today, I mean yesterday I kinda-sorta promised I wouldn’t post more than four times a week in 2017. The first four posts of 2017 are already well on their way to being written. If I schedule this for 11:59, it won’t be 2017’s first post, it will be 2016’s last.


      1. Hahaha! I couldn’t agree more. I am a nonentity at work, so now I can type my name into spell-check rather than pinching myself to make sure I’m real. LOL. Tee-hee! I have finally achieved spell-check recognition.

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  1. Well, all kids are curious and eager to experiment, but you were a special kind. So, if I ask you what type of kid you were: naughty, obedient, creative (any other adjective that comes to your mind). Also, have you broken window glass of your neighbors accidentally or purposely? As far as I am concern, I would put myself into the creative category. I wasn’t much into groups. I had friends, but I wouldn’t hang around for long hours. I spent more time with my mother than my friends. I was busier creating my own stories with my G.I. Joe figurines than playing out. However, I did hit the ball into someone’s property and broke window glasses and tube lights. I also have managed to broke the hinge of the kitchen cabinet that brought down the entire crockery set crashing.

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    1. I would say I was more creative but I wasn’t too concerned with rules. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents but I also didn’t think I’d get caught. I never broke window on purpose but I broke a few by accident.

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  2. Wow…this was a pure SOC post, Dan! From Time adjustments for posts to Super Balls! Super balls sound as if they were fun for you guys! They were powerful fun! Enjoy the new year beginning, full of promise! 🎆 Christine

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  3. This post brought back memories as a kid in primary school. We often played various games with rubber balls against the school wall … or at home against one of the outdoor walls of someone’s house. That included routinely trying to toss the ball over the house. I never succeeded.
    Come to think of it, that may explain son #2’s attachment to playing with balls when he was young. Our house always seemed to have ball marks in unusual places and more than a few times he nearly drove us insane whacking a ball against the basement door.

    Funny how this stream of consciousness works. It’s rather contagious :)

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    1. Thanks Joanne – It is contagious. I started thinking about this and I couldn’t stop. At first, I thougthat I would write it but not post it, but I liked it, so I decided to slip it under the door.

      I used to get yell at all the time for bouncing a ball on the door. The racket that must have made inside. But, if you look closely at our house, you’ll notice that a lot of bricks are placed at odd angles. when the ball would hit them, you had no idea where it was heading.

      Happy New Year

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  4. I remember the kids and super balls. We lived in the country, so there wasn’t a good spot to bounce them and school use was outlawed due to some black eyes and broken windows. I thought they were terrific. The kids not so much. Speaking of Wham-O. I was there when they introduced the slingshot. Take one cherry bomb, light it and use your slingshot to loft it into the next block. Man! What fun. Thanks for the memories, Dan.

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    1. I thought I was being bad, stealing dry chic peas from my grandmother’s pantry for my sling shot. Cherry Bombs into the next neighborhood? My hat’s off to you John – that’s the work of a master!

      That must have been a great time to work at Wham-O. Sling shots, Super Balls and Frisbees. I think they also had the Hula hoop.

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      1. Yes they did. You should have been there for the cherry bomb deal. We wet out pants laughing as the big boys hit the dirt. We did them at a lake once. (The bomb actually sank and then threw a geyser up in the air) Another pant load. :-D

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  5. Dan, oh my gosh!! I must get that super ball for my cats. Where please tell me … where did you get it? Yes I remember the super ball and it rocked!! Now I must get one for my cats that change colors.

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  6. LOL! reading your memories of your Super Ball days was fun! I remember having one, but suspect my brother lifted it from me. Man they would bounce!

    In my children’s time there were Hackie sacks. They would play that game in our driveway hitting the garage door when the sack didn’t hit a kid. I really detested that game! My two loved it.

    I watched a few hours of the TZ marathon yesterday and thought your space time trick was a brilliant solution to getting the post in and not be outside your set of posting parameters.

    Plus you get the Bonus points! Well done!! Happy New Year!

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    1. I remember Hackie sacks, but they never caught on with my daughter, I think she was a little too young. This prompt was funny, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Maybe it was the lure of those bonus points. Usually, when that happens, I just postpone the bar conversation for a week, but this week, it had to be posted yesterday.

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  7. It was a good prompt this week, but I missed out. Instead, I had to bake and eat and drink ALAWT with my girlfriends. I lose some, I win some :)
    Thanks for the mention. I thought I covered for Linda when she was accepting her Pulitzer, but it’s hard to say, she’s so well-connected.
    Who doesn’t enjoy bouncing a good bouncy ball? Right through a window, sure. :D

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  8. I love this story. You did very well to get the bonus points. I do think it is interesting that you desire to limit the number of posts you write in 2017 and I am hoping to increase mine. I remember those balls, but I was way too afraid of authority to ever try anything other than bounce them on the sidewalk.

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    1. Thanks. Whenever I’ve tried to post more often, I find it too hard to keep up with comments and the blogs I follow. I don’t like it when I have to skip others’ posts or when I publish something I’m not really happy with. We started off bouncing on the sidwalk, then the walls, but it always ended up with trying to bounce higher or farther or something dangerous,

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  9. I always knew you’d solve the time/space conundrum – I guess you just needed that old SOC vibe thing going on. I can’t let my consciousness lose! I can be very naughty!

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  10. Okay Dan, gotta make a deal with you… I bowed in your general direction a coupla times last year because your writing was soooo danged funny and, well great! And then you start out this year with such a great, fun post, and it took me 2 minutes to get these old knees up off the floor after bowing once again. So just take this first bowing of the new year as all inclusive for 2017…

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    1. Ha ha – ok, you’re covered. I’m not comfortable with praise anyway. I love it when the SoCS prompt gets those voices jabbering. It seems like I’m just pressing the keys at that point.


  11. I liked the idea of your boyhood, your 4 posts a week and MiMi with the glow in the dark ball! Life is always more than one thought or one path, it is wonderful when SoC posts seem to resonate like this one with several memories of my kids and a dog named Toby, my kids yellow lab/German Shepherd mix. :)

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  12. I love how spontaneous this post was, just like the bouncing of one of those super balls you remember here so fondly. You just never know, not with stream of consciousness writing either, what might happen, like life.

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