One-Liner Wednesday – Cleaning Crew

One Liner WednesdaySome of my longtime readers might remember the problem I had with the ice-accretion in the freezer in the kitchen at work. Several of you offered solutions that ranged from stern warnings to actions that might involve having to hide a body. I decided to replace the refrigerator. It’s a long and complicated story, but since I am not a skilled-enough writer to make buying appliances sound interesting, I won’t bore you.

Suffice it to say, late last Friday, two men from Home Depot delivered and installed a new refrigerator. On Monday morning, people started reloading water bottles, cans of soda, Half & Half, homemade soup and leftover pizza. They also began helping themselves to chilled water, ice cubes and crushed ice, delivered from the door – yes, the door – no more ice in the freezer!

About an hour and a half later, we were told that the installers had warned us not to drink the water or use the initial supply of ice. They said that the lines should be cleared by running water and making several batches of ice…oops.

Thanks for cleaning the water lines for us!


This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.


      1. Actually I’ve never heard that before about discarding the first batch of ice cubes and flushing the water line. It makes sense I guess … but we didn’t do it either and I’m still here to tell the tale :)

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    1. Thanks Mary. I only care about 2-3 years of icy delight, then this budget is someone else’s problem. Maybe I’ll even get to pass it on to someone before I retire. Succession planning for buying appliances. I am glad not to have to remve the ice sheet every two weeks,

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  1. Oops! I’ve never had an ice making fridge, but I remember when our girls were little and we visited my parents in Arizona. They had a fridge (and still do) that produces cold water and/or ice, the latter in various forms. The girls were impressed and in love. :-)


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    1. We don’t use a lot of ice at home. We have an in-the-freezer ice maker that has lasted a good long time. I worry that this one will break, be hard to keep clean or keep running out of ice. We already had to buy a mat, because people were using small cups or walking away and ice was on the floor. At home, I would worry about the dog figuring out the mechanism. It has a locking feature, but I’d hate to have to unlock the ice maker just to use it. It’s also noisy, compared to getting a few cubes out of the bin.

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  2. Yeah, for not having to clean out the ice sheet from the freezer again!

    My kids always wanted a refrigerator with an ice maker, but I didn’t think we’d use the ice. I finally bought one and we use the ice all the time.

    I hope the staff like the new fridge.

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  3. About an hour and a half later, we were told that the installers had warned us not to drink the water or use the initial supply of ice. They said that the lines should be cleared by running water and making several batches of ice…oops.


    I hope to heaven that they didn’t leave anti-freeze in the lines. Even a tiny bit of that will blow out your kidneys. Anti-freeze is the choice spouse-killer of detective novels.

    On the other hand, maybe they used ethanol. In which case…. enjoy.

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  4. My STUPID side-by-side fridge that came with this house no longer makes ice or delivers anything from its door. It’s STUPID. I don’t care about water or ice in the door, that doesn’t upset me, but it’s too narrow. Just lame and STUPID. But, I’m glad it works, because new fridge is pretty low on my list of things to spend money on again this year!
    Yay for your new work fridge! I sure hope no one gets sick.

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    1. I don’t like the idea of side-by-sides, and my wife simply forbids the thought from being considered. It does seem stupid, because the freezers are so narrow. I hope this one keeps serving up machine-oil-tainted water and ice from its door for a good long time. At least until I retire, at which point I won’t really give a rat’s patoot.

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  5. I love the Mongolian hordes who descend on anything in the break room. When I was working a guy had placed a big box of cookies that had been on his desk for the entire Christmas break on the counter next to the trash can. He rightfully decided that the can was too small to accommodate the box. He didn’t write “trash” on the box so by 5:00 PM the cookies were gone. He never told anyone but me. No I didn’t have any. BTW that 4 degrees on the freezer should be more like zero.


  6. Just went through this process ourselves after the death of our prior refrigerator. We were given the same instructions when it was installed….I might be a bit paranoid, but we generated and threw out enough ice cubes, we could have replaced an iceberg…….

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  7. I think you are a hero in this workplace! I am sure you are the hero at home, too. I like to use the water feature on my girlfriend’s fridge, but dont use ice much. Unless I am at a bar trying to sip on a beverage (alcoholic) for quite awhile, then I ask for glasses of ice for hours. ;)

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