ten slang slung plus one

You’ll have to visit Dan’s (the other Dan) page to understand this:

Taking him with you is to pull the devil by the tail. The last time I took him along, he was so scammered, he queered the pitch. Up on the slang-tree when sober, he’s good-as-good. But, after a few pops from the flicker, he’s prone to lash and you might end up in the company of a cossack threatening to smash him in the head-rails and tie him up with the devil’s guts, at which point, he’ll be as close to you as a clinger on the lily-slang-tree.

Fun, albeit unintentional writing prompt.


clinger : a female dancing very close to her partner (1890)

cossack : a policeman (1850s)

pull the devil by the tail : to take a risk of ruin (ca. 1750)

the devil’s guts : a surveyor’s chain  (1670s – 1700s)

flicker :  a drinking glass  (1700s)

good as good : extremely good ( 1850 )

head-rails  : the teeth (nautical ; 1785)

lash : violence ( Australian ; 1916 )

queer the pitch : to spoil a deal (1901)       tulip and palm 004

scammered : tipsy ( 1840 )

slang-tree : a stage (1850-1950)

Lilly-slang-tree : ( I made this one up ; no meaning ; 2013 )

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  1. Ha! I like the phrase, “Pull the devil by the tail.”
    Maybe it just seems like something Bugs Bunny would to to Taz… but Taz didn’t have a tail, did he? Maybe a little bobbed one? Okay… so it’s been a really long, extra stressful week.

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      1. Lol. And you did a mahhhhvelous job, Dan! Your week sounds like my last week and Thursday this week. Can you say crazy? Got the afternoon off today and spent some time with my feathered friends. I’ll share that tomorrow. I lived this bit of wordy wackiness. 👏🏻

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    1. Technically, it’s a reblog of the other Dan’s post with a special introduction from this Dan. I think I’m stretching the rules of my scheduling pledge a little, but… At least it’s short.

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  2. Friday’s a fantastic day to feature friends!! No “f- bombs” only feel good raising “flickers” to say a silent toast! Fabulous and fun post, Dan. Those slang words almost sound like a foreign language! :D

    Liked by 2 people

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