School Nights and Absent Friends

This one's for Barb!
This one’s for Barb!

If we were having a beer, you would start with a nice gesture.

“Hey, sorry about your Steelers. Everything’s on me today, beer, wine, wings. Order up.”

“Thanks. That’s nice of you. It’s also nice of you not to rub the Patriots win in.”

“I’m a Giants fan, we own those guys.”

“Did I hear that someone wants beer wine and food?”

“You did Cheryl. My buddy’s buying. I’ll have a Corona.”

“And for you?”

“I’ll have a glass of Meiomi.”

“No Woodford Reserve today?”

“I only order that when he’s buying. And, what’s with you and the Corona? Paying for your brick in the wall ahead of time?”

“Ha ha. No, I switch to Corona this time of year, in honor of my sister-in-law.”

“That’s an interesting tribute. I remember your brother’s guest post about her.”

“Yeah, I think she’d be ordering Corona today.”

“OK, Meiomi and a Corona. You want that in a frosted glass?”

“No, the bottle is fine. Can you shove a hunk of lime in there?”

“Absolutely. I love it when you guys use bartender technical terms.”

“Maybe when you retire, you can give Cheryl competition behind the bar. What’s the deal with the lime, anyway?”

“I don’t know. Some people said it helps keep flies away. Some say it was a bartender’s bet with a customer. In any case, I like the taste.”

“You’re in good company. Most of my customers who order Corona ask for it with lime.”

“I don’t like fruit in my beer.”

“You don’t drink beer.”

“I don’t drink beer very often, but when I do, I don’t like fruit in it.”

“I can see why the folks at Dos Equis didn’t name you the most interesting man in the world.”

“Beer is beer. It’s not like you use it to make a mixed drink.”

“Some people do.”


“When I was in Pittsburgh, a guy ordered a Corona. The bartender asked him if he wanted a slice of lime. He said no, but asked her to top the bottle off with Rum.”

“That sounds gross.”

“It seemed to go down pretty easily.”

“Speaking of travel, where were you this week? I was looking for you on Wednesday.”

“I was up in Boston for a few days.”

“Wait, did you go to the game?”

“No, no, I watched with my daughter, at her place.”

“Have you seen them in Foxboro?”

“I have. Never again, though.”

“Why not? I think there’s something special about being in the stadium.”

“There is, when the stadium is Heinz Field. I want to be able to scream when they score, but I also want to be able to yell at them when they mess up.”

“Well you certainly would have had opportunities for the latter.”

“I get it. I wouldn’t yell at them from enemy territory.”

“So, are you a Falcons fan now?”

“Yeah, for a couple of weeks.”

“I think the Super Bowl is better on TV anyway.”

“I think football in general is better on TV.”

“Same for baseball. I think hockey is the only sport that’s better in person.”

“Wow, we actually agree on something.”

“It occurred to me because I noticed that you’re wearing a Penguins tee-shirt.”

“Yep, I put all the football shirts away until September.”

“Do you have enough Penguins gear?”

“No, but there’s college basketball, WVU and Pitt, and pitchers and catchers report to Bradenton, February 13th.”

“I’ve seen your Pirates shirts. It seems like you have plenty, but I don’t think they’re going to help you on opening day.”

“Oh, that’s right, you’re a Red Sox fan.”

“Yep, and your guys are coming to Fenway for a 3-game series to kick off our World Series quest. You want to go? Maybe I can get tickets.”

“No, I’ll be here. It’s a school night.”

“You boys want another round?”

“Yes we do, and some Barbecue Wings. By the way, Cheryl, has anyone ever asked you to top off a Corona with rum?”

“Sure, that’s called a Limona. You want one?”

“No, I’ll stick with the lime.”

“Are you done? What do you mean ‘school night?’ You don’t have kids at home.”

“It’s a Monday, and the game starts at 2:05. That means taking a vacation day. Not worth it. Besides, the Pirates don’t start playing good ball until May.”

BBQ Wings
BBQ Wings

“Here’s your wine, your wings, and your Corona with a hunk of lime shoved in.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“So, when you were up in Boston, did you mention that you’re a Steelers fan?”

“I didn’t have to. I was meeting with people who know me.”

“That had to be tough.”

“They were gracious. A little ribbing, that’s all.”

“They sound like good friends.”

“The best.”


  1. There is something about a crowd and yelling with gusto that really gets the blood going and the stress down. I haven’t don’t that in a while. I do however let stress off by my evident “sounds” I make at the gym as I compete with myself. Does that count? Happy Saturday, Dan! Hope your weekend is a good one. And oh about the Corona and rum …. I’ve heard of boiler makers but never this. Nor have I heard about lime in a Corona. I’m with you. No fruit in my beer thank you! :) <3

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    1. The energy of the crowd is a wonderful thing, Amy, but only when it’s my crowd. The energy of the opposing team’s crowd can be sad at times. Corona and lime is pretty good. I don’t like Blue Moon, so I can’t speak to the orange slice. If I were 40 years younger, I’d try the rum in the Corona, but…

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  2. Terrific post, Dan. I used to drink Carona back in the late eighties. We had a meeting in Tuscon of 200 of us and warned the hotel that our group liked a lot of Corona. They said not to worry they would never run out. The meeting started Thursday and they were out by Friday night. They had to run a truck over from the distributor. The lime wholesaler was put on notice as well. Love the paint bucket. I too am a Falcons fan till Superbowl Sunday night.

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  3. HAHA on the Mexican beer tax. I would probably pay it for Corona, with lime, you can be sure :P but I calculated the cost on our cans of refried beans, and I have to say, I don’t wanna pay over $3, I’d switch to some American brand, even though it wouldn’t taste as good, and I’d be sad, because lard is where it’s at, and Mexico still uses lard, not to mention their cans aren’t loaded with blerblerbler chemicals like they are here…and then I’d probably suck it up and buy Mexican again.
    Anwyay, sorry about yer Steelers. Sorry because I friggin hate the Patriots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha. It’s good to know where people draw the line. I didn’t know about the lard thing. My wife might be looking into those beans. Those are good reasons. I think Atlanta has a lot of fans like us as of last Sunday night.

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  4. I remember the previous post about your sister-in-law. Again, I am sorry for your loss. I think I will have a Corona myself for her before the weekend is through. And some beers are only palatable with a citrus distraction. I know Shocktop is too bitter for me without the signature orange that goes with. I can take it or leave it with Blue Moon. I had not heard of topping Corona with rum. However the only way I can down a Hoegaarden is with a good shot of Chambord. Back home they serve it up at a great place called The Chimes and call it a Red Ho. Ahhhh…memories. Lol

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    1. Thanks for joining me in this little tribute. It feels good to think about her. I’m not a fan of Blue Moon, and I don’t think I;ll be trying the run-topped Corona any time soon.


  5. I think in this piece, the sporting bits were based on bits and pieces of real conversations because the angst rings true. I don’t know about the beer bits, because I don’t drink beer. Which is sad, really; I miss out on such fun.


    1. Thanks Janet. Sometimes it’s bits of real conversations. Sometimes, it’s similar to conversations I’ve had with one of my friends, and sometimes it’s just what’s necessary to keep things moving along. I’m trying to learn how to make it all sound real.


  6. Oh no, Dan! We like the Columbus Blue Jackets and dislike the Penguins. (No offense!) You and I have never had to worry about teams playing against each other in a real competition. Well, maybe briefly in baseball but not in football or basketball since I go with Ohio State and not really worried about the Browns making it far! Laughing hysterically now. . .
    I like a lime on my beer and will ask for a glass when I am drinking beer. I usually order Corona’s during Mardi Gras. Sometimes, I am more of a Sangria, Smirnoff cooler or wine cooler drinker.

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    1. No offense taken, Robin. You have to support your teams. My college teams are only ever likely to meet OSU in a national championship. I’d like very much to see that happen, but not holding my breath,

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  7. Sorry, I didn’t say that I remember your post about your sister in law. Hope your brother and his daughter know we all care.
    I am one who would do lifelong tributes to a good friend or one of my brothers, or anyone else in my family.

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  8. Though my eyes glaze over at the football talk, the post still read well for me and I went to read your brother’s post and am deeply moved by it… I grew up with a mom who loved football and just never caught the bug.

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  9. Dan, I am ready for the daylily shirts and that is another subject. Lets see Browns, Steelers, Ravens, Belichick. Yup I am ready for daylily shirts. As for the beer when it warms up enough a tall Vedett with both an orange and a lemon. Cheryl can moderate and pour.

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  10. Enjoyed the post. I am a once in a year beer drinker and I’m giving up on that too, but I don’t prefer fruit taste in my beer. It should be just beer. Talking of friends, how do you feel if you accidentally bump into old friends? Lately, I bumped into so many of my school and college friends and I don’t know how to put down in words the feeling I felt. They were I can tell you for sure ecstatic, but I wasn’t. I was like Oh Hi! Nice to meet you – Okay Take Care. I also felt a bit sad and shocked to learn that two of my best school buddies committed suicide and are no more. The weird part is one committed suicide because he couldn’t get married to the girl he loved, the other friend was a girl and she suicide because her marriage wasn’t going well. See the spectrum here.

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    1. That’s sad. To end your life over something that could change for the better, tomorrow, is just a waste. People move on, people grow, people change. I have never gone to a high school reunion. I doubt I ever will. I have good memories from the time I was in high school, but it only involved a few friends and I’m not sure I have much in common with most of them. I have met with one of my best friends from that time, he lives near Boston, but there aren’t many I’d want to see again.


      1. Yes, I was shocked to hear the news, but then everybody has to bear the burden of their cross. My friend’s sister went through a rough phase and she was a bit suicidal, but we talked her out of it, supported her. She got a job, she became independent and guess what last week she got remarried. I was the wedding photographer. I’ll share the images when I get them because the camera wasn’t mine. I was just taking pictures because everyone thinks I am just too good with photographs.

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