Angel Hair Among the Unanswered Questions

socs badge 2016-17This was a really busy week at work, and on a couple of days, work slopped into not-work the way sauce slops off noodles sorry, pasta, onto your my shirt. My wife corrects me when I use ‘noodles’ when referring to pasta. Frankly, I don’t see the difference. I know, noodles have eggs in them, but you can’t see the eggs. It’s not like how fried rice has eggs in it, you can see that. Anyway, when I have weeks that slop out of the bowl, I tell myself not to worry and I plan on using the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

And then this happens…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “hair.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Have fun” you say, Linda?” that might be easier said than done. There’s not much of a story with me and hair. I mean, I still have some, but it’s not remarkable in any way. It’s not hair that gets styled or curled, or any of the hair action words. It gets cut, washed, dried (with a towel) and smushed around with a brush, but not really brushed. Sometimes, when it’s cold outside, I’ll say to my wife: “I’m worried about going out while my hair is still wet.” She walks over and goes “Pfffffff” toward my head. Yeah, that’s how much hair is there.

On the other hand, my favorite pasta is Angel Hair.

Did you ever wonder why they named it “Angel Hair” instead of “really thin spaghetti?” I have. I mean the notion of a hair in my mouth along with food is one that creeps me out immediately. I can feel that, even as I write this paragraph. You know that feeling. And the next one, the one where you pull that hair out, and it’s 50 feet long and tangled around everything in your mouth. You want to just spit the whole shootin’ match into your napkin. Why name food after that?

If you haven’t ever thought of that, you may be wondering what’s wrong with me, that I would think of that. I think of all kinds of things like that, and it’s a perfect thing to “have fun” with on an SoCS. I almost added the ‘Saturday’ to the end of that, the way people add ‘machine’ to the end of ATM. Redundant. Still “on an SoCS” doesn’t really make me think of Saturday. I really want to add the Saturday. I don’t think SoC Saturday would be any better. I wonder what it is about acronyms. Maybe we’re only supposed to write them.

I had a boss once who would have crossed out the “we’re” in the above sentence, because he said you’re only supposed to use contractions when speaking. He also wouldn’t let me put “it” in a business report, lest someone not understand what it was referring to. You understand that the “it” I just used is referring to the “it” I mentioned 10 words earlier…right?

You know what else I wonder about? I wonder about Humpty Dumpty. Not the egg, not the ridiculous Turbo Tax commercial, but the nursery rhyme:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

What exactly did they expect the horses to do? Humpty was an egg. Horses are large animals not particularly well known for their dexterity. The horses in the Turbo Tax commercial don’t seem to do anything. Humpty doesn’t have any hair, but the commercial does feature a group of women in a hair salon.

I’ve got other things that make me wonder, but I’m going to stop here. Those things don’t keep me up at night, nothing really keeps me up at night. I think going to bed with a wet head might keep me up for a while, because…wet pillow, but, you know “Pfffffff” and that’s taken care of.

Today’s gallery features some perfect and some imperfect hair. No eggs, no horses.

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  1. I’m liking this stream of consciousness stuff. Never know where it’s gonna take us… But there are rice noodles and egg noodles, can’t we say pasta for all of it and noodles for any long one in general? I was having my own stream while reading.

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  2. Where’s the “love” button? “Like” doesn’t do “it” justice!!

    Really? No contractions in writing? Where does “it” say that??!!

    Maybe you’re right, about acronyms: I’m a big fan of saying them out loud, redundantly. (You’ll note the contraction rebellion going on here.)

    Finally, lasta but not leasta, I love angel hair pasta, too, because it cooks up quickly!

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    1. Aw, thanks so much Maggie. Thanks for joining me in the contraction and it battle. I think “it’s” one of those things one high school English teacher told him on a day he was paying attention. I doubt it’s written anywhere. And see, I knew you meant that the angle hair cooks quickly. I wasn’t all “what is she talking about?”

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  3. OMG LAUGHING SO HARD! The thing with the hair in the mouth…!!! Oh! ~gasp~ oh, man ~cleaning coffee off the keyboard~ oh, man.

    Not an acronym, but I confess I did one of those Frasier-worthy long stares when a waitress once asked me if I wanted my mashed potatoes “with the au jus du jour of the day.” Proud to report I merely responded, “Yes, please.”

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  4. Did you ever wonder why they named it “Angel Hair” instead of “really thin spaghetti?”

    So it is just spaghetti? And here I have been wondering what the rest of the angel tastes like. (Gosh, I am going to hell for that).

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  5. I always like the photos of your animals (Faith’s kitty too!) Your old boss sounds like one I had who would wordsmith content but add little substance. When all was said and done, he felt like his contribution was weighty. Sometimes I wish I had him with me when writing. Ah well. Super post, Dan. Thanks.

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  6. Ewwww, a hair in the mouth is yucky and terrible, Dan, but possible angel hair just gives you that angelic feeling. Can’t say for sure. What I do know about pasta is that most pre-made pasta is made without eggs, with the obvious exception of egg noodles. However, when I learned to make fresh pasta, we always used eggs. Again, there is fresh pasta that can be made without eggs, but not by the talented Italian cook who taught me. As for “noodles” vs. “pasta”, you don’t even want to know how many types of pasta there are!!

    Humpty Dumpty and logic? Just give it up. Love the hair pictures and the entire post started my Saturday off wonderfully. Your noodling along was egg-actly what I needed. :-)


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    1. Ha! Thanks Janet. I know there are many kinds of pasta, and when I go to a noodle shop, I’m overwhelmed by the choice. I do like the fact that there are “Dan Dan” noodles at my favorite noodle place. I’m glad you enjoyed following the meandering train of thought.


  7. YUCK! Your hair in the mouth thoughts were way too graphic while I was nibbling on my morning toast fingers and sipping my second cuppa!

    Pasta when it’s Italian food, noodles when it’s Asian food is what I say when speaking about it.
    I like Angel Hair pasta, but not as much as Spaghetti or Linguine. I like thicker pastas.

    Humpty Dumpty…isn’t that a nursery rhyme about a King that was killed in battle, and the horses represent his men/army? I read that or heard that so long ago I can’t remember which king.

    I sometimes change the “it” to the subject to avoid confusion if I think it might be a confusing sentence. I think our use of “it” to refer back to something stated before is way less confusing than the way the French say and write it though! Says someone who has yet to master that bit of their language.

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    1. I like angle hair but I also like linguine. I like almost any pasta. I love egg noodles as a side with almost anything. I don’t know the origin of Humpty, but it (the nursery rhyme) mentions both horses and men. Maybe that means Army, but I remember, even as a child, wondering what they expected the horses to do. Perhaps too literal. Or, as my teachers often said in the notes they sent home, perhaps my mind wanders. Sorry about the hair thing – thanks for continuing beyond that point :)

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  8. I’m gagging a little at the thought of a long hair in my food or mouth. Yuck. Noodles…pasta…either way, no matter what it’s called, I want to eat it. Good stuff, even when it’s gluten free.

    I was going to comment on something I was wondering about earlier this morning, but I am going to save IT for #1linerweds.

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  9. That is a lot of hair – although technically fur – but what’s pasta and noodles? I’ve read that nursery rhymes were camouflaged protests against a king or queen so maybe old HD was a particularly bald and clumsy king!

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    1. I don’t know much about the origin of Humpty, but it’s always been a source of wonder. This post got a little chaotic, but that’s the way the #SoCS prompts run for me. The little furballs contribute more than enough hair to my life.

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  10. MiMi and MuMu are so darn cute! And Maddie is a beautiful girl. All of a sudden at work, our contractions are underlined in Word and they don’t (that would be underlined) want us to use the actual words. I noticed it first and thought WTH…..then a co-worker said out loud, WTH?! Really, what’s up with that?! Ha! Got that one past the grammar genius on Word! But seriously, who talks in not contractions??

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    1. MiMi and MuMu agree (cats) Maddie appreciates your complement. I haven’t noticed the contractions being flagged in word, but Evernote doesn’t want me to use contractions. If word starts giving me grief, I’ll be adding a bunch of words to my dictionary. Sometimes the whole word versions sound so pretentious.

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      1. That just stated his week. but our IT Dept added Google Chrome to our computers so that might be the culprit. Not to worry, though. I will not be using whole word versions any time soon. I do not like the way they sound at all. :)

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  11. I dislike Singapore noodles for that very reason. :/
    Noodles are not pasta. Pasta is not noodles. Tsk.
    AND, we always make The Mister take the dog out in the cold, because his usually bald head, sometimes tiny-haired head, is better off out there whereas we often have wet hair at night.
    Great point on Humpty Dumpty :)

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    1. If you remember the name, Peter, let me know. I would not want to see that. If I hadn’t wanted to stay close to Linda’s “no editing” rule, I would have deleted that right after I wrote it.


  12. This was definitely a fun and interesting post which had a lot of meandering and my mind went on the paths you would start and come back again. The hair in food does nearly gag me, except if it were from a family member. Then I would think of Dad and how food falling onto ground on a camping trip “wouldn’t pick up germs just dirt.”
    My son was only one of 3 kids who would ask me “why?” The King’s horses was only one of at least a thousand why’s!
    I think a little “hair of the dog” is fun as a morning after treatment, Dan. I especially like the furry hair of cats and your Maddie girl. <3

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    1. Thanks Robin. I was always asking why and I was always thinking about the things we weren’t supposed to think about. Many notes sent home from school. Many conferences. With regards to food falling, I’m a firm believer of the 5-second rule.

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  13. So late on this one but I finally found the time. This was good one. Hair can be my favorite topic. I love experimenting with my hair. I have colored it brown, red, burgundy and even a bit blonde. I have kept it long, I have got is shaved off completely and what not. However I don’t like spiky hair style and Mohawks. Anyway I cannot have it because I have curly hair.

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      1. Yeah no one would guess. Only my inner circle know it. My nephew too thinks I am old school because he is now 21, you know hormones raging and style oozing out, but I tell him that I have already been there done that and then my sister is like yes Sharukh has done it all. Hair cuts, tattoos (with my own writing pen), gone to the strip club, worked in a strip club, worked in a bar, been at a brothel (had no sex just wanted to talk), smoked, drunk beyond limits, puked after drinking, all this before I turned 21.


          1. Yeah. Guess what, my family still has no clue about me working at a ladies erotic dance club. My friends knew and of course Sarah knows it, but my brother and sister don’t know yet. They won’t be able to digest it, so I thought let it be that way.

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