At the Bar with The Google

Cheryl's Little Buddy
Cheryl’s Little Buddy

If we were having a beer, you’d be showing signs of an attitude.

“So, where were you this week?”

“Who are you, my wife?”

“Sorry, it’s just that, for a while there, you were getting to be a regular at least one night during the week. I was here Tuesday and Wednesday and you were nowhere to be found.”

“I was drinking at 33,000 feet. Besides, I don’t normally come on Tuesdays.”

“Why not?”

“Because Tuesday…”

“…Because Tuesday is my day off. He only comes on the days I’m working. He’s loyal like that.”

“I forgot you were off on Tuesday, Cheryl. I ended up just ordering some food to go; no fun without you guys.”

“Aw, thanks. What are you boys drinking today?”



“Coming right up.”

“Where were you flying on Tuesday?”

“I was coming home.”

“Please, don’t tell me; you were in Florida, weren’t you?”

“Yes, but don’t get all knotted. It’s not like I was at Disney World.”

“No, you were at a resort in…?”

“Let’s just say it was warm.”

“You have all the fun.”

“I’ve told you before. 48 hours on the ground for a series of business meetings. It’s fun, but it’s not a vacation.”

“I’m guessing it also wasn’t 17 degrees, was it?”   – 17°f (-8.3°c)

“No, it was closer to 80, but I was inside a lot.”

“Here you go boys. One glass of Meiomi and one Corona, brewed by bad hombres but served with love.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Did you know he was in Florida…again?”

“Yeah, he sent me a picture of a bird to identify.”

“He could google that?”

“Excuse me, I’m right here. Google’s pretty good, when you know what you’re looking for. It’s less good when you don’t have a clue.”

“Still, there are ways.”

“Isn’t one of the ways to ask other people. It’s not like we have consult The Google.”

“The Google?”

“Yeah, The Google. As if it’s the all-knowing Oracle.”

“This is pretty strange, coming from a geek like you. I would think you’d be happy to peck that bird’s attributes into a search page, instead of interacting with a human.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“So, let me get this straight, you prefer people to computers?”

“Some people.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Let’s see, he sent the picture to me. Did he send you a copy?”

“I don’t know anything about birds, Cheryl.”

“I’m sure that’s the only reason. You boys want any food.”

“All this talk about birds has me thinking about wings.”

“Barbeque with Parm-Pep?”


“And how about you?”

“I’m going to have the Calamari.”

“That comes with Cherry Peppers, you OK with that?”

“The hotter the better.

“So, this bird, you have pictures?”

“I do, and a video.”

“Oh boy – it’s my lucky day.”

“Hey, I have 15 videos…I’m only offering to show you one…just sayin.”

“Why don’t you just describe it? Why does everybody have to video everything? I think we’re losing out ability to communicate without devices.”

“You’re all over the map today. First you want me to google something instead of asking Cheryl, and now you want me to describe something rather than show it to you.”

“Some technology is useful. Some is overused.”

“OK, I can describe the bird, it looks like a Tern, but it’s black. The video shows a flock in flight. I can describe that to, but it might take a few minutes.”

“How long is the video?”

“22 seconds.”

“22 seconds? You can’t describe anything in 22 seconds. What kind of bird are we talking about? Is it some kind of Tern, like you said?”

“I think they’re Black Skimmers. Here are your wings, and your calamari. You want another round?”

“Yes, but perhaps my young friend will join me in a glass of Meiomi.”

“They were serving Meiomi at the hotel. I like it, but I don’t like the idea of wings and wine. I’ll stick with Corona.”


“What’s that, you want me to describe the birds?”

“Bring him a Corona, Cheryl, and shove a hunk of lime in it. Now, let’s see that video.”

First, a few photos:



  1. Funny. This week I was thinking along similar lines, vis-a-vis “The Google” [apply deep voice and echo effect here]. Several times, bloggers wrote about something that I hadn’t hear of before and I could have googled it but I didn’t. I asked the blogger instead. It’s much more fun engaging with people than with technology.

    Well, most times.;)

    As for the birding thing, I recall reading in the back of a bird guide about identifying a species by “Gestalt” – that is, the instant recognition of the bird’s identity based on habitat, flight pattern, a flash of colour, etc. As so often is the case, you catch only a fleeting glimpse or hear only a fragment of song. Almost certainly you are unable to describe it to anyone with plain old language. With or without Corona. With or without lime.

    Enjoy your weekend, Dan!

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    • I’m glad this resonated with you, Maggie. Sometimes I worry that we are forgetting how to describe things. I love taking and sharing pictures but I also love reading and listening to people tell me about things. You’re right about the birds though. The things you need to know when you look them up are never the things I noticed. Tail shape, beak length, eyes, etc.

      My descriptions do “improve” with Corona ;)

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  2. The Google? Is that similar to The Facebook? Or the Twitter?

    Thanks for sharing the photos and video, Dan. It’s a little bit of summer…the thing that those in the northern U.S. and Canada long for this time of year.

    You can find anything on Google. I just searched for an image of a spotted purple cat and…

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  3. Oh what I would do just to have 5 minutes on that beach! Glad you had a safe trip, Dan, and are back home. This post has me panting at the “leash” waiting on Spring. So far we didn’t get slammed with snow but hey that kind of would have been nice to give me an opportunity to shoot some real winter photographs. Perhaps Mother has been kind to us since that horrible Storm Knife we had back in 2014. Very cool shots of those Black Skimmers. We don’t have those birds here so it was nice to watch them swoop on that beach. They remind me of seagulls. Hope you are having a good weekend!!! :) <3

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    • I walked for about an hour, Amy, but I get bored quickly on a beach. Fortunately the skimmers were entertaining. They were such fun to watch. I have sone sunset photos that I’ll share next week. Not from the beach, but I like them.

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  4. Those birds aren’t too afraid of people, are they? Glad you had a bit of warmth to take back with you and that you made it back safely. I was thinking of you and Judy when I heard about the snow. Philly was supposed to get a bunch, but our daughter said there wasn’t much. I’m sure Judy’s enjoying it from her far away vantage point!


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  5. I don’t know anything about birds – just about as little as I know about plants – but I could sit and watch them indefinitely. I would have called them the long wings vs the orange beaks. I’m precise that way :)

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  6. I certainly enjoy your bar conversations, but then you know that. The laugh aloud line for me: “one Corona, brewed by bad hombres but served with love.” and my new insight: black skimmers. I’m certain I would have looked at them, thought “terns” and continued my beach walk. Thank God I read your blog.

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    • Thanks Janet. I was going to go with “some kind of Tern” but I thought I’d reach out to (the real) Cheryl. She’s usually helpful with Florida wildlife. I tend to avoid political stuff, but it’s hard to avoid making some comments. I’m glad you liked that line.

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    • It was fun to wear shorts and watch the birds. Of course, by Monday afternoon, we were searching for shade. I like watching the seabirds, and I’ll never see them up here. Thanks for dropping by, Audrey. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

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    • I don’t know much about birds. My wife knows the ones around here, but down there, everything is some kind of seagull to me. In an earlier post, Cheryl pointed out that the little white one were Terns.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this. Enjoy that beer, I mean what’s the weekend for?

      Sometimes I do wonder about the way technology changes us. I remember in-bar discussions before they could be adjudicated by google. I think they were better :)

      Thanks for the comment.

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  7. I think the Terns with the orange bills and tufted heads are Royal Terns. You followed their loop really well with the video cam. The color of the sea is gorgeous there.

    I’d rather ask Cheryl too. Interacting and having a conversation is so much nicer than asking a computer.

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    • Thanks Deborah. Yeah, asking a person is so much easier, and it often leads to different and sometimes better discussion. Google is somewhat a binary “what’s your question – here’s your answer” transaction. The video was with my phone. One of the reasons it’s one of 15, is that I kept stopping the video during the loop. The silly think is, I keep forgetting that I have a small video camera. It’s in my backpack, so I had it with me. I’m just a dope sometimes.

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