One-Liner Wednesday – Dessert

Several weeks ago, I was up near Boston for a couple of days. The second day ended with an event that included food, so the first night was the one where I get to do my travel-meal-thing. Which is, eat at the bar.

That’s always where I eat when I travel.

Table for one?” – no, not for me. And, no, that’s not the one-liner. I know, I see it too, that would make a good one. But that’s not it.

I’ve been to this hotel often enough to know some of the bartenders. We have a little back and forth about sports and traffic and weather. Weather was a big topic that night, because Boston was in experiencing some very nasty weather. Heavy rain, that was working hard on turning to snow, and high enough winds that later that night, I would be woken up by sleet smacking the windows.

I had some clam chowder, ‘cuz Boston and this hotel has really good clam chowder. The serve it with tiny little pieces of cornbread, excuse me, Mini Corn Muffins, that look like they were cooked in a Suzy-Bake Oven. Cornbread, in case you aren’t aware, should be served in a thick enough slice to stand up to somewhat firm – not fresh from the fridge – butter, without going to crumbs. These pieces muffins were too small to butter…which is sad.

After the chowder and a hunk of something with some grilled asparagus on the side, I was full.

Then this happened:

Do you want dessert?

No, I’m good.”

You sure? You want to look at the menu?

No, maybe if I hadn’t had the chowder, but I’m kinda full.”

OK, but we have cheesecake, carrot cake, Crème Brûlée, and ice cream…vanilla, chocolate and Baileys.”

Wait, did you say you have Baileys ice cream?

Yes, made fresh at a local dairy farm.”

How could I not try that?

The ice cream was the color of Baileys. It tasted like Baileys. It was sooooooo good. The consistency was somewhere between hard ice cream and soft-serve, and, despite being full, I ate – all – of – it.

Oh yeah, I'm eating this.
Oh yeah, I’m eating this.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.

One Liner Wednesday


      • I’m not big on tacos, but then again I never had one with grouper. When I eat lobster – I just want the lobster, no sauces or anything else to distract from the flavor!!
        You are so right about trying different cuisines though. Dad always said to try different food, but you have to take at least 3 bites before making an opinion. That advice has led me to many an unusual, but usually great meal.

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  1. I had myself a good chuckle with your description of the ‘corn muffin.’ We ate some chowder on the trip down and chose the size that had the corn muffin. When it came, it looked exactly like you describe – some kind of pill form. I’d never seen that before and hope to never again. Corn bread is big and warm with plenty of space to slather good, soft butter on – that’s the rule. :-) That ice cream looks delicious, and I would have eaten the whole thing too. Extra steps tomorrow. Does Maddie know she has a fan club? :-)

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    • Thanks for the cornbread confirmation, Judy. If it isn’t big enough to hold a bunch of butter, it isn’t cornbread.

      Maddie seems to know that she has fans out there. Don;t be surprised if she calls you some night and says: “Apparently, I’ve been a jerk here today. I may have to move…” She can be a frustrating dog. It’s a good thing she’s pretty.


  2. Hehe, love the way she (right? not he?) got to you. And it reminds me of that time when we all held our bellies after a heavy meal in a Slovenian inn and the proprietor was taking away the dishes and started to discuss dessert and we all shushed her moaning how full we were, and as she was leaving she turned half-way around and said barely audibly:

    “We have strawberries.”

    It was early June. Guess what happened.

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  3. Dan, I so admire you for going that extra dessert mile, even when you didn’t want to (at least initially.) Thanks for your determination! My husband always like a scoop of ice cream at the end of a restaurant meal, too, although I don’t know if he’d do Bailey’s. I’m with you all the way on the cornbread/muffins: big and butter-ready takes the day, if not the cake.


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  4. LOL…I’m laughing at the inclusion of Maddie. Who’s a good snow-covered girl?

    That ice cream sounds delicious and they served it with a cookie. What more could you ask for? I bet you were really full after that, but didn’t care. Am I right?

    It’s a shame about the mini cornbread chunks. I agree that cornbread requires butter (and honey), unless it’s in the corn fritter casserole that I make for special occasions. Well, I suppose you could still add butter, but…

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  5. “Chowder. Cuz Boston!” Oh yeah! That would be on my dining wish list while in Boston. Bailey’s ice cream does sound good. I love Baileys. 3 scoops! That was a serving for one person? You must have really been stuffed when you left the bar. :)

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  6. Dan, ice cream (usually vanilla) is a staple after dinner dessert in Greece. Something about helps the digestion. Even though I’m not a Bailey’s person, I’d have a spoonful. It looks so good! As for Maddie’s sweet face included. Love it! Yep, she has a dog lover 🐶 fan base! 🎶💛 Christine

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    • Thanks Christine. I will remember the good effects of ice cream the next time I’m up there. Maddie’s fans always seem happy to see her. She’s a mixed bag around the house, but she knows how to look cute for the base.

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