Thursday Doors – Barns in the Snow

Standing strong
Standing strong

I am still playing catch-up on blog reading and blog writing. In addition to the snow last Thursday and Friday, we had a heavy period of “wintry mix” on Sunday into Monday. Wintry mix is short for snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain, aka: heavy wet snow with a thick crust of ice. Kind of like crème brûlée.

While driving around in the wintry mix on Sunday, I spied a barn. I drive by this barn often, but something about the red barn against the fresh snow looked interesting to me. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about Thursday Doors, but more barns followed and, here we are.

Where, exactly is here? Each Thursday, Frosty Norm Frampton hosts a blog-a-poloosa of doors on a website up in the land of the midnight doors. OK, he’s only in Montreal, but that’s 327 miles (526 kilometers) north of me, and I was recently buried in snow.

If you want to join us, take a photo of a door, paint a picture of a door, write a story about a door or dream a little dream of doors. Then, hitch the huskies to your sled and mush your way north on the Internet to Frosty’s place. Check out his icy doors, click on the so-cold-he-turned-blue frog. Add your door and/or check out doors from all over the world. Some of this is a bit of an exaggeration, but there really are doors from all over the world.

You might recognize some of the barns in today’s gallery from earlier posts where I featured the tobacco barns that are common in this part of Connecticut. I won’t bore you with the details again today, but you can click here and / or here, if you want to know more about them.

Weather permitting, I’ll finish a post about some very special doors this weekend and this place will be back to normal next week. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the doors, and I added a little surprise for you under the gallery.

In case you got a song stuck in your head during my description of Thursday Doors, here’s Mama Cass’ beautiful rendition of Dream a Little Dream of Me. This was also performed by Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald, and probably a few others. If you want to hear Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong perform the song, click here. Otherwise, maybe John will do a Battle of the Bands on this in the future. For now, my blog, my favorite.


    1. Thanks. These were pretty easy to get. They are all on my way to or from work or places I go every week. All shot from inside the car (while stopped). I keep a set of “backup doors” but I used them last week. I have got to get back to normal. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Good to see Mama Cass featuring on another blog this week. She seems to be very popular.
    We call Wintery Mix ‘sleet’ over here in the UK. It’s a strange word, so no wonder you guys don’t use it the other side of the pond.
    Stay warm, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Cass Elliot had such a beautiful voice, I miss her. We do use ‘sleet’ but we almost never see it by itself. It’s usually close to the dreaded ‘freezing rain’ that turns our world into a skating rink.

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    1. Thanks Jean. I think you’re right about barns. I love them. The garage/silo sits behind a historic house that I should feature some day, but it has to be warm enough to walk, because it’s very close to the road.

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  2. I love the Mamas and the Papas, Dan, so my mind got a bit sidetracked with music. However, I also love a beautiful barn and you had some. A barn that’s neglected and falling down is, to me, one of the saddest sights. I like the effect of the falling snow, too, as I did in some of Norm’s shots.


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    1. Thanks Janet. The older, neglected barns are sad. Ironically, the weathered old barns on on the same farm as the brand new barns. Although, I do like building way more than painting, so I guess I can’t throw stones at those folks.


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    1. That’s pretty much my take on this, all the way around, Deborah. I was thinking: “it’s a garage, not a barn, but I really like it, soooo.” I do like the way red buildings pop out from the snow, though.

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  4. Mama Cass was a favorite! Thanks for the favorite song too! Love the old barns, especially the tobacco farm barn featured as a header in my post about you! In September I’ll be back in CT for a family visit. I’ll look for interesting barns in the area! Happy Thursday, Dan! 🎶 Christine

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  5. You could have stretched these photos out for weeks as far as I’m concerned – one barn a week and I would have been happy. :-) Love barns, and these are handsome ones. Now if they could only tell us their stories. :-) Hope Mother Nature doesn’t knock for a few days so you can rest up. :-)

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  6. We don’t see many of these very long barns here … yes, especially red barns look good in snow, eh. I have long given up on catching up, because I need two more days per week:)
    As to your comment about Bailey’s ice cream, I scratched my head. Never has occurred tome one needed ice cream in case something bad would happen to me. The worst case scenario is if they would not have the taste of ice cream I wanted! – all in jest:)

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  7. Oh Mama Cass with your glorious, sultry voice. How I miss you!! I’ve always loved this song <3

    The crisp winter light of the photo with the silo is my favourite. How could it not? A silo is just a turret by another name ;)

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  8. Your comment was appropriate and correct, Dan! Barns are the best when they are red or rust color. I like the shape and tan brick silo even though not red.
    I am a big fan of the Mamas and the Papas. This was a great song and Mama Cass could belt out a song or melt your heart with a tender tune. Lovely pairing, Dan.

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  9. I casually took my time in looking at these barns and I must say the one with the silo is my favorite. What an oddity! It just really spoke to me. Very cool pics of the snow coming down and I hope by now that the sun is out and the snow is becoming a thing of the past. Loved this collection! Thank you! <3

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  10. I’m running behind, too. Great collection of barns, Dan! I’m familiar with those tobacco barns, having grown up in Kentucky. I can remember the one on my Uncle Owen’s farm, with the big sheaves of tobacco leaves hanging down. And thanks for the dreamy song. Hard to do better than Mama Cass.

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    1. Thanks Marian. It’s hard to catch up once you fall behind. I think I managed to get there over the weekend, but it meant, sadly, pressing the Delete key a few times. The process of drying tobacco is pretty amazing. Low tech, but it works.


  11. I always associate barns with horror films and murder mysteries. I’ll blame it on Hollywood. In India, we don’t have a barn concept. Most of our cinematic murders and ghosts prefer dungeons and graveyards. In terms of weather the summer season has already begun. Sweaty days ahead.

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  12. Humming as I write plus swaying to and fro to those piano licks. My favourite funeral song Dream A Little Dream…to be played at mine because my daughter has promised…not to be confused with my fabourite funeral which is a story in itself but I do digress…la-de-dahing and whistling now….I’ll be in touch. Raye

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