One-Liner Wednesday – Who’s a Happy Girl?

One Liner WednesdayOn Sunday morning, Maddie wanted to go for a walk. I was reluctant, because some people haven’t cleared their sidewalks, and I wasn’t in the mood to trudge. I tired playing with her instead.

We played with her little soccer ball, which she stashed on top of Mt. Maddie. So, I told her:

Go get your ball and we’ll go for a walk.”


Up Mt. Maddie. Ball retrieved. She’s smart when she wants to be.

We walked. Later in the afternoon, the temperature hit 60°f (15.6°c) and I put her cot and my lawn chair outside – and – we – sat. Maddie loves to sit.

As has been the case recently, the title has planted a song in my head. This time, from Martina McBride:

Oh watch me go
I’m a happy girl
Everybody knows
That the sweetest thing that you’ll ever see
In the whole wide world
Is a happy girl

There are some photos of our happy girl in the gallery. There’s also a video of her taking her ball onto Mt. Maddie. For extra good measure, Martina’s video is also included. This post is part of Linda G Hill’s fun series – One Liner Wednesday.


    1. She is. She has some neurological issues that make her a handful at times, but the simplest things really make her happy. If I have to sit outside on a sunny day to make her happy, it’s really not such a bad deal. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dan, you started my day with a smile. Maddie is so adorable, so cute! I could sit with her all day on that cot when the weather is this beautiful. We have one more day with a high of 62, then back to reality. Snow by Friday…yuck.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this. It will be in the 50s today and low 60s tomorrow. I think that cot will be returning to the side of (the ever shrinking) Mt Maddie. I think the combination of warm temps and a big pile of snow is the best of all worlds for our little redhead.

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    1. There’s a fair amount of nuts in her, too. I keep threatening to share some of that. But, then she looks at me with those big soft eyes, or, she brings my one of her toys that she know I like to play with, and I melt. I’m glad you enjoy seeing her doing her favorite things.

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    1. Happy dogs are infectious. They smile and run and they just spread that happy feeling. Maddie also seems to thank us for doing these things with her. She randomly stops, stands and gives us a kiss. Sometimes, it’s unexpected and she almost knocks us over, but…

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    1. Thanks John. The harness is made by a company that makes harnesses for guide dogs. Maddie does better with the pressure from it, and she’s easier to control. She had some issues and is not the easiest dog to walk.

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  2. What a happy dog, dog owner and beautiful collection to smile at, Dan! Is there a song called, Oh, Happy Day? Not to be confused with the TV show, “Happy Days” theme song!. :D
    I like your Martina McBride video included. “Happy Girl” is a fun song to have reminded me of good times. :)

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    1. This fabric can be removed. We used to take it apart to store it in the winter. Not no more, nice days require sittin-time. She is fun to watch when she runs. It’s hard to juggle the camera and the ball. I was trying to get it to land on top of the snow, but she took care of that.

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