Walk Around the Water


I had a lazy weekend with an interesting choice. Walk around the reservoir with my daughter on a 68°f (20°c) Saturday under cloudy skies with a chance of rain, Or, take the walk on a sunny Sunday when the temps would be in the 40s and the wind would be gusting between 15 and 30 mph.

Did I mention that either choice included breakfast?

We opted for Sunday. I figured I could stay warm easier than I could stay dry. It didn’t rain until Saturday night, and Sunday was cold, but I got some nice photos. I think they tell the story as well as I can, so I think I’ll just leave it at that. Enjoy the photos, have a good week, and thanks for dropping by.


    • Thanks Joanne. I liked that sign. I’m used to seeing signs asking drivers to be nice to cyclist. It was funny to see signs aimed at cyclists, to be nice to peds. The wind was tough, but we were prepared. The hard part is taking off the gloves for pictures.


    • Thanks. The funny thing about that sign is that the bikes are supposed to be going uphill at that point. They direct the bikes so there’s only bike traffic in one direction. I don’t think the walkers care.

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  1. Pretty photos, Dan. Love that the ducks are out swimming. Glad you were both able to go for a walk, even though it was colder. Nice weather has to end some time, especially when it’s supposed to be winter.

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  2. Great photos, Dan–especially the biker signs. ‘Slow your wheels’ is a new one for me. The protective gear sign is especially good for the newbies who think they can handle it. You have been warned!

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  3. There is just something about pictures of Nature I just don’t tire of looking at. I can “feel” a hint of Spring in your images which brings such a huge smile to my face. Faith dangerous? I don’t think so yet I must agree her stance and outfit could say she is. Those pics of construction make whatever they are doing pretty major stuff. Great pics and thank you for lifting my spirits. Spring is in the air! YES!!! I agree! It’s gonna be beautiful! <3

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    • I am glad you enjoyed this post, Amy. I figured you would approve of a walk in the “woods” even though it’s a pretty tame environment. I’m not sure what the construction is all about the trails are disrupted but the worst part just meant walking on dirt, so not too bad. It did make me feel that spring is on its way. I was surprised at the pose I captured with Faith, but I think it’s funny.

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    • Several people I know are adamant that winter is over and that we are going to have a wonderful spring. I hope you’re all right. The sky was really stunning and in almost constant motion with the strong winds. If we had walked the day before, we would have been dry (didn’t rain until evening) but it was totally cloudy all day.

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      • Oh no, I know we’re not done with winter. Haha, no way! Most of our ice storms are in March and April usually sees snow on the tulips. But I know spring will be glorious! :D

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  4. I also went for a hike on Saturday, I also blogged about it, and WordPress, in its infinite wisdom, suggested your site on the bottom of my post. Looks like your day was more about beautiful pictures, whereas mine was about mud.

    Thanks for the lovely images.

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  5. More good pics, Dan. The weather has been yo-yo’ing like crazy around here lately (there was even some hail on Saturday), but it’s mostly been very pleasant. Which is certainly preferable to the frigid/snowy winters we’ve BEEN having in recent years. Watch out for Faith!

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  6. I was down in Southern Calif. visiting Big Baby Boy. Our hiking plans got canceled due to rain. We ended up watching game shows, and going out to eat. We’re hooked on the new game show Divided. Have you seen it?
    Your day was much better for your waistline than ours was. :)

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  7. Awesome images. I and Sarah would be spending an entire day in such places. We both love such quiet natural environment. A bicycle would be a plus. Do you guys get bicycles for rent over there in Hartford?

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  8. Wonderful pictures, as always. Congratulations on scoring one of a piece of heavy machinery! I don’t see the attraction, myself, but I know you love ’em. :D ANY day is a good day for a walk with your kid. Especially if it includes breakfast.:)

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