How Can I Say No?

"Why are you here?"
“Why are you here?”

MiMi wants a fire. It was 8°f (-13.3°c) overnight, heading to a high of 31 and a low tonight of 7. Maddie wants to go for a walk. The temperature has risen into the teens, but the wind is gusting around 30 mph (48 kph), which is fast enough to drive the cold right through my jeans. And, MuMu wants is screaming to be brushed.

I want to read the paper.

That ain’t gonna happen.

At least not until MuMu has been brushed and Maddie has been for that walk. My wife will light the fire after church – I’m not allowed to play with matches, but my wife is a sap for MiMi’s sad expression and the way she goes and sits on the firewood as if to say: “here it is. You just put this in the stove and…heat.”

It might be cheating to write a short post and load it with cat and dog photos, but these guys don’t seem interested in having me sit at my laptop much longer. Check out the video if you’re cold this morning…MiMi’s not.

Remember this post on Wednesday, when I go over the limit on that whole one-liner thing.


  1. I saw a Persian cat at work earlier Dan. Despite it being a rather beautiful creature, I would swear on a stack of bibles that it wanted to kill and eat me, such was the look it gave me.
    Still, you don’t like to grumble do you :)

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    1. Thanks Joanne. MuMu wasn’t going to let me sit at that laptop. Not only does she have to be brushed, she has to be brushed in the place she likes to sit while you brush her. Then the dog sits and stares at her harness.

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  2. What lucky animals, to have two such good peoples! That happy Maddie photo is a classic, for sure. I loved this post and NO, not just because it was short!! You have a beautiful feel for the personalities of the animals who live with you. I enjoyed visiting with the family. :)

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    1. Thanks Lois. Maddie and I didn’t walk for very long. The wind actually blew the zipper apart on my parka. I snapped the sides together, but I turned us back in the direction of home. Sometimes, she’s ok with a short walk. I think it’s the fact that we went for a walk that matters. Plus, as you can see by the ears, we played in the yard once we got back home.

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  3. Dan, guess we know who rules the roost! Love the furry friends photos! Animals even have guest posts in Blogosphere. We only have 2 dogs (fur babies) that take center stage in our house! Love it! Happy Monday! 🎶 Christine

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    1. Yes, but you can have one whenever you want one. MiMi gets upset when my wife gets a fire “ready to light” on a stormy night, but doesn’t light it. She wants it to be ready, in case we lose power. MiMi sees all the stuff going in and then the doors close without any flames :(

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    1. I’m not usually there when the fire is being lit, Janet. I was amazed by the sound. We’re going to have some ups and downs all week. I guess that means spring is on its way.


  4. I feel we should get a prize for writing about our pets and the weather today. I wonder how many other people will share similar posts? Jealous of MiMi’s fire. Although, in a moment, I’ll be in my office and people there build their own fires with space heaters ;)
    Great photos — so many cute faces :)

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  5. THAT is cuteness overload! How could you ever resist Mimi’s desire to be warm, Maddie’s desire for a walk and Mumu’s cry for a good brushing? Resistance is futile. For ever and ever.

    I’m sending some warm your way, I think. At least for one day. It’s in the 50’s here today, with rain. Then back to colder air and wind on Tuesday.

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    1. I don’t often get photos of MuMu. I had to use them. MiMi doesn’t hardly make any sounds at all, she’s pretty easy to ignore. MuMu, on the other hand, is loud and demanding. We joked that we should have named them the other way round so we could have a screaming MiMi. It looks like we’re going to be in between the 20s and 40s this week. I’ll take any leftover 50s you have.

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    1. Thanks, I don’t like the cold, either. Still, I took Maddie for her walk and I played with her in the yard. It makes her so happy. Later, I was happy to lay next to her near the fire. I understand the excitement at finding a shorter than normal post…I can’t promise too many of those :)

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  6. That fire looks wonderful blazing! I can almost feel it. :) Mi-Mi has the right idea. Stay were it’s warm!

    You’re a Saint. I wouldn’t be out in 30mph winds. I’d let Diva Dog out and stand by the door cause I know she’d be right back.

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    1. You can’t do that with Maddie. If we just let her out, she sits on the step. We have to go out with her. We bundle-up and go. The good thing is that I do get some nice pictures. I’m OK with the cold and even the wind. I try to avoid the rain.

      MiMi does know where the warm places are.

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  7. I must say you write some of the best captions. Were you in advertising industry earlier? You can easily win those fill-the-caption contests if they have any over there? I love the images you put up with the content.

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