Have a Maddie Paddy Day

Happy St Paddy’s Day from Maddie

Most of you know that I don’t normally post on Fridays. Today is different. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to cue up a few shots of Miss Maddie and one of her favorite toys.

She wasn’t cooperating, so some of the shots are blurry. The captions tell the story. If you want to know, click on any photo for a slide show.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


    1. Maddie has destroyed so many toys, Deborah. So many squeakers have been removed along with all the white fluff. We won’t let her rip this toy, because it’s a legacy toy from a previous setter. She loves it and she brings it too me in the morning very often to entice me to come sit with her on the couch. She’s so cute with it, I can’t resist, but I’ve never gotten a good picture. Happy st Pat’s!

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        1. Our first setter (Mitzi) had a little vinyl squeaky duck. She used to take it out and hold it, and “clean its bottom” like a puppy. We called it Baby Duck. She would get mad at you if you threw it. She’d go pick it up and lick it. After she died, my wife put it away so the next setter wouldn’t tear it up.

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    1. My mother is 1/2 Scotch-Irish. I’ve never understood what that means. I’ve heard that it’s Scottish folks who migrated to Ireland and I’ve heard that it’s the other way round. Maddie, though, she’s an Irish girl to be sure.


  1. I really like your blogs, especially the pictures of your sweet pets. I am also interested in doing a guest post for the Thursday Doors blog. I have two pictures, along with descriptions, I would like to share. Please let me know how and when you would like the information.


    1. You don’t need to guest post. Hop on over to Norm’s place. You can easily publish a Thursday Doors post. Norm even has an instruction page. I’ve got doors planned well into the future over here.

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  2. She’s a red haired beauty of a dog, Dan! Hope you enjoyed a fantastic St Paddy’s Day with Maddie, kitty (MuMu) and the Editor. My memory is fading on kitty’s name, not yet drinking on this fine Saturday either! :)

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