One-Liner Wednesday – Walk Pause Click

One Liner WednesdayMost people who know me know to expect me to periodically stop to take a picture. Quite often, the subject will be a door, but cranes, birds, trains, construction sites, old cars, historic buildings, reflections of anything in anything, rivers, bridges, fire trucks, fire stations, signs, and the list goes on. Sometimes, apparently, this behavior of mine can be annoying.

Will you hurry up; the bar is open!

While in Florida last week, a few friends and I were on our way to a reception and dinner in honor of a group of Association leaders. The conference staff had arranged shuttles to drive us to a clubhouse on the other side of a man-made lake, but I knew how to get there on foot, and we all wanted to walk. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday.

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  1. I know how it is. No matter how often I tell them to go ahead, I’ll catch up, they stop, look over their shoulder, look to where my camera is pointing, and sometimes I get asked directly: “What on earth did you just shoot and why?” I love your wrong settings the most, even though the critters are lovely as always.

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    1. Thanks. When I saw that in the camera, I almost deleted it, but I tend to always wait and see what it looks like on a larger screen. It’s good to know I’m not alone in holding people up. But you’re right, I can catch up.

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  2. A tale of two worlds: Florida and Connecticut. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos from Florida, but not so much the ones with snow. I’m done with that stuff, as I bet you are. We need green grass and tree buds!

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    1. Thanks Mary. I could be done with it too, but “Wintry Mix” is back in our forecast :(

      Maddie likes it when it gets warm, and she can sit in her cot, in the shadow of Mt. Maddie. I think we would rather see some green grass and birds and bunnies, but…maybe April.

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  3. I think it might be because I am definitely NOT a good photographer, but my better-half doesn’t complain so much about my picture-taking as the “giving me the look” speaks volumes!!

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  4. Ah, the “joys” of trying to take photos when you are with a non-photographer. A bit over five years ago I spent two weeks in Paris and spent a lot of time just wandering through the streets, stopping periodically to take photos of street lights, doorknobs, and such. It would have driven a companion crazy, so I was glad I was alone and could follow my own interests. (I made the mistake of telling people a couple of times that I spent two weeks walking the streets in Paris and they got the wrong idea of what I had been doing). I enjoyed going through the images that you captured, though I suspect that I would have wandered off and stopped at different moments. It’s fascinating to see what subjects have “stopping power” for an individual, as a fellow blogger used to describe the phenomenon.

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    1. I think if the bar wasn’t open and I wasn’t in a group, I would have waited for that bird to move or fly off. The lakes are periodically swept for alligators, so I guess it’s a nice place to hang out. “walking the streets in Paris” – yeah, that does conjure up some images, Mike.


  5. Maddie is a good walking buddy. Good walking buddies are patient about the numerous occasions that warrant the necessity for a photo – or several.
    Let’s face it … when you’ve come from snow and cold, there is no reason to hurry when it’s warm and inviting outside!

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    1. So true, Joanne. I do also allow Maddie the odd stop to sniff and, one time, roll in stuff. I wasn’t expecting that, but the parks crew had mowed the ball fields and left a huge pile of fresh cut grass behind the dugout. It was too much for her to resist.


  6. Ha! The squirrel: “You looking at me?” Were you at the World Marriott in Orlando? I have to go there every year for a conference and always get a room so I can look across and see the Disney World fireworks. They are the highlight before I go to bed!

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  7. I can relate so much to this. I stop to take photos so frequently that my friends just give up and leave me without waiting! I try to think that it’s a gift though–that it means we find inspiration and fascination in even the little things. :)

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    1. Thanks Teagan. I tried to keep it closer to the one-liner, but I need some story for context. Yeah, this is twice this year I went from 70°f to below freezing and from beach to snow. It’s getting old.

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  8. I take photos all the time when I walk, and generally, my family goes on without me, lol! I catch up, but that way I have plenty of photos for my challenges.
    Of course you should stop to take pictures! Of course you should! :)

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  9. Great pictures. I have a question for you. How do you feel when you are in a public space and you stop and take pictures of doors and buildings or trains or anything? I mean people stare at you with What-Is-He-Clicking expression? Does that bother you or you just don’t care? I am a bit conscious about taking pictures because people stare at me and I get this Am-I-Naked feeling.

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    1. I have only noticed the looks a few times. Mostly, I get in and out pretty quick. In cities like New York, Boston, Seattle, there are so many tourists, people are always taking pictures. Some of the places where I stop my car to get them, I just make sure I pull off so not blocking traffic.

      I’ve been asked once, by a building security guard, but he was ok after I explained.

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      1. Well, my drawback is that I cannot perform when people are watching me. For instance, if someone is standing over my shoulder watching me type I will end up typing wrong spellings. The same applies to taking pictures.

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        1. Oh. I’m pretty good unless they are very close. Although, I’ve had a window seat on a couple of recent flights and was able to take s couple of pictures even though the plane was full.


  10. Great pics, Dan, and well timed — the warming weather here has caused me to turn my air-conditioning on a couple of times recently. Though, being March, it’s still a bit too early to put the warm clothing away. And baseball in a week!

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