One-Liner Wednesday – Moon shadow

The view that greets me as I pull into our parking lot.

About a month ago, I was complaining about Daylight Saving Time, as I am wont to do every year. My upset was with the fact that I was losing the daylight that had just begun to accompany me on my morning commute. I am not one to hold a grudge, and I do have a strong tendency to look for the bright side to any situation. If there’s a bright side to DST, it’s that I get to experience the return of morning sunrise to my commute twice.

I started snapping pictures of the second set of sunrise scenes and I was planning to post them along with a one-liner lyric from “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens.


I remember being drawn to Cat Stevens from my happy place (hard rock) during the early 70s, and despite the often-criticized, and massively over-played “Morning Has Broken” and its companion on the Hit Parade, “Peace Train,” I liked his style and soothing voice. Both songs were on his album “Teaser and the Firecat” which is one of the first albums I bought from Brother George’s an album shop in Oakland, PA in the shadow of the Cathedral of Learning. Brother George’s sold all albums at the amazing price of 3 for $10.

My quest for sunrise photos was complicated by a big bright full moon that dominated the morning sky this week. It kept popping up between the trees, behind buildings and across the river. I stopped a few times to try and get a picture, but the (safe) parking was in places without good views. The good views were in places I didn’t dare stop.

So, I’ll take another song off “Teaser and the Firecat” for my one-liner:

Oh, I’m bein’ followed by a moonshadow, moon shadow, moonshadow

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series – One-Liner Wednesday. You can visit that page to see all the other contributions, and you can add your own.

The gallery includes the sunrise photos and the attempted moonshots.

If you care to listen to Cat Stevens, give a listen to Moonshadow.

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  1. You’ve captured the early morning sunrise beautifully – full moon and all. Teaser and the Firecat was one of my first albums. I didn’t have the problem of being over-exposed to any of the songs. We had only one radio station that played mostly country. Moon shadow was one of my favourites from that album. When I saw this post title, the Cat was the first thought that came to mind :)

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    1. Thanks Joanne. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I thought it was funny that he covered both the sun and the moon on that album. My father was still trying to drag me back into country music in the 70s. I do like a lot of country, so I guess he made an impact.


      1. Every once in a while I shock my husband because I seem to know all the words to a random Country song. It does stick and I admit my taste in music is pretty broad … think a music library with a bit of everything between Johnny Cash and AC/DC :)

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  2. So many beautiful shots, Dan. The moon was amazing on Monday. We were making the ling haul between Orlando and DB ans had the sunset on the left and that gorgeous moon on the right. I kept sighing and squealing so much that hubs finally pulled off to let me snap a few. Cat Stevens is awesome. Met him before a concert in BR when I was 15. He’s a sweetheart too. Your photos are awesome!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. It was so hard driving to work on Monday. The moon was low and colorful, but it kept ducking behind trees and buildings.Then, when I was on one of the bridges I cross, there was this beautiful shop, right up the river valley, but no way to pull over. I’m glad you like Cat Stevens. I’m impressed that you met him!

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      1. Those elusive shots are maddening. I have a photo from that meeting. But it is of Cat with the nice security guard who brought him to the door after much coaxing. We were too starstruck to ask to be IN the shot! That was long before selfies. Lol

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  3. I’m showing my age when I reveal that I immediately thought of the Cat Stevens when I saw the title of your posting. Has anyone else ever used that word combination? I too have noticed the bright moon as I walked the dog before 6:00 each morning this week. I have considered trying to get some shots of it, but holding the leash of an 80 pound German Shepherd probably would not make for sharp images. I love the feeling of the early morning and you have captured it well in your photos.

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    1. Thanks so much Mike. I know about trying to get photos while tethered to a pup. Maddie is quite a bit smaller, though. I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase outside of his music. I was going to go with Morning Has Broken, but that might have been too Cat.

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  4. Very lovely photos of the moon, Dan. Even though you may have been a tad frustrated about getting photos before the moon went away or in full view, I think you captured the sphere perfectly. The brightness of the moon sky before walking into work is amazing. I love “Moonshadow.” I shall be humming and singing to it this morning. It’s one of those ditties that loves to hang in your head.

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  5. I think these pictures are beautiful. While getting a picture of the moon is difficult, I think you captured it quite well. Including trees in the pictures is actually more mysterious than the moon alone, but I like that one too. Love the sunrises too! My favorite part of nature.

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    1. Thanks. sunrise and sunset are my favorite things to look at. I was frustrated because I saw so many better pictures of the moon (some still in the trees) from places where there was no way to get a picture without causing an accident. Some things, you just have to remember :)


  6. I knew what you were up to with Moon Shadow! I loved Cat Stevens. He changed his name to something else, though, didn’t he? Anyway–sunrises are glorious and you have captured some beauties, Dan.

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    1. Thansk Lois. He changed his name twice, if you count Cat Stevens as a name. He was born Steven Demetre Georgiou, and is now goes by Yusuf Islam. I really enjoyed his music and the beauty he found in simple things. I’m glad you liked the pictures.


    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed this Jennie. It won’t be long until the sun will be up before me. I do like this time of year, when it’s rising and setting through the trees instead of dropping behind them.

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  7. Ya took me down memory lane, Dan. I LOVE the 70’s music. And your photos…. wow, just wow! I saw that moon this past week and I really meant to capture her but life somehow intervened (again). Thank you for the lovely walk with you. I’m not sure which pics I like the better … sunrise or moon. Great gallery! :) <3

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  8. Nicely done :)
    There are SO many times the best views are from the most dangerous locations :/
    I’ve enjoyed the moon all week as well. She’s been lovely bright and big here.

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  9. Sorry you have to miss the sun light for a while on your way to work! Hubby used to hate it having to come home in the dark (the freeways can be dangerous when it’s dark during heavy traffic time). Hopefully the days will lengthen soon!

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  10. Some good shots here, Dan. You’re right — the difference between the perfect shot and a so-so one is often a matter of a minute or two, if not a few seconds. And I like it too when the moon casts a shadow. Very cool.

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  11. Love Cat Stevens. Big fan as a kid. I was looking forward to a bit of daylight for my early morning runs again when we went off Daylight Savings but then it timed with school holidays when I can run when I feel like it anyway. By the time I go back to work it will probably be dark again. Boo.

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      1. Yes, I think of the moon often in all its phases. We are the generation which was most impressed with space travel, especially that first walk on the moon. . . .
        I liked your downtown Hartford photographs, such stunning cityscapes and there the moon is perched atop one!
        Even if someone were too young to remember the moonwalk~ the teachers of science were fascinated, spreading their enthusiasm upon us.
        Of course, I had Dad. . . :)

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        1. We did grow up with fascination for all things space-like. Good times. I like spending time by the river in the morning before work. It gives me a nice balance to start the day.


    1. Thanks Deborah. I love catching the city when the sun is reflecting into the river. It’s amazing how short the time frame is. I’ve lost the sun just stopping for one picture from the top. When I drive down to the lot, it’s gone.

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  12. Great piccies! I was never into Cat Stevens, and now we sing Morning Has Broken in church! I’ve come to like that song, and to like Cat Stevens in my old age. In Cat’s day, I was all about Carole King.

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