Ham Sandwiches Peanut Butter Eggs & Maddie

“Are you coming?”

While you might be expecting an intricately woven story of a holiday weekend…I got nothing. That’s not entirely true, but it’s Sunday. It’s Easter. And, due to the distractions mentioned in the title, I don’t have time to write my way around the pictures I was planning to share.

Don’t all sigh in relief at the same time.

I hope the captions can tell the story of a spring season that was late to arrive, but seems to be firmly underway. Enjoy the second half of April.

By the way, something very special is coming on Wednesday, I can’t tell you yet, but you’re in for a treat.


  1. Oooohh….now I’m doing my happy dance Dan! 👏🏻Your photos are awesome and your captions are perfect. I love them! How funny that Mount Mddie is receding ever so slowly. That pup is a treasure. Hello Faith! I fuess with Ribin there, Spring truly has arrived in your territory. And in that one shot of Mattie walking it looks like she laid a pine cone! Ha. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your weather and all the liveliness it brings. I look forward to Wednesday.

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    1. Lots of happy feet up here, Cheryl. Yesterday was the first day this year I walked Maddie without a jacket on. Of course, whenever Faith comes over, Maddie is all happy feet. She was very happy to have her to walk with. The Robin showed up earlier, but this was the first time he looked like he was planning to stay. The first one we saw looked like he was booking a return trip south. Mt Maddie is gone, but her patio is open for business. Not that it’s all about her…

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  2. Maddie, ham and peanut butter eggs are an acceptable reason to not write what you intended to write. Family too. It’s funny to see Faith in shorts after you had so much snow this past winter. I was running around without a jacket too on Sunday, it was a beautiful (albeit windy) day. Love all of your photos of the critters, Dan. If Robin is here to stay, I think that means so is spring. Have a wonderful week and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Wednesday.

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    1. It was shorts and tee shirt weather on Sunday, Mary. It felt so good not to have to bundle up for that walk, and not to worry about the places where the cold wind smacks you in the face. Of course, we have to adjust our schedule to get out before it’s too hot. Maddie was panting by the time we got home. It was windy here, too, but it felt good to be cooling off in the wind. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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  3. Ah, Dan, I understand completely. Homemade ravioli, hockey, church, and friends and family are my excuse for going with photos through the weekend and very little writing today. I’m OK with that. I enjoy knowing you were having fun, enjoying beautiful weather as we were, and all that. I shall possess my soul in patience until Wednesday and wish you the very best start to the week.


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    1. Thanks Teagan. Maddie loves her mountain, but nothing makes her happier than being on her cot in the sun. It was completely unplanned, but she loves that little patio. We affectionately refer to is as the “Maddie Paddy”

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  4. It must be warm to y’all since Faith was wearing shorts!! It was cold, windy, and raining on Easter for us. I was bundled up.

    What a wonderful series of images to show Spring arriving. The Robin! Spring has arrived!!
    I loved the House Sparrows; especially the male making sure the Mrs. was settled in, and the Starlings. I think they’re Starlings. I don’t see them in my neighborhood. Their markings, and colors are so beautiful.

    Peanut Butter Eggs, and Peanut butter cups were a big distraction at our house too.
    PB is #1 Grandson’s staple food. Chocolate would be his second favorite food I think.
    We’re going back to our regularly scheduled diet today, but with so many PB eggs, and cups still in the house it’s going to take some will-power! :) The Easter Bunny was very generous this year!

    I’m very intrigued and interested to find out what you’ll be posting on Wednesday!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I have a hard time telling the Starlings from the Grackles, but they both are fun to watch. We gradually kept buying more of the Reese’s eggs. Once they’re gone, you have to wait until football season starts to get that ratio of PB to Chocolate. I’ll be getting back to my regular diet soon, but my regular diet includes Reese’s so…

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  5. Ah, there’s nothing like a good PB&J and some cold milk. And when Easter rolls around, I get more PB in the Reese’s eggs — good stuff!

    It was a pretty mild winter down here, Dan. Only a smattering of snow here and there. But we deserved a break, frankly. The last few winters brought quite a load of the white stuff.

    Looking forward to Wednesday’s post!

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    1. Thanks Paul. I know you guys had some rough winters in the past couple of years. We’ve been having harsh springs. Almost like winter just giving way to summer after the end of April.


    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the birds. She didn’t seem to be amused or interested in his advances. Mt Maddie was from a week ago. The very last of it melted last Monday, but she was playing on it last Sunday.

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  6. Loved the pictures and the captions. Well, we are all set for blistering summer, but I’m doing well. Of course, as Indians we know how to deal with it.

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  7. You can have your peanut butter eggs. My kryptonite is Cadbury Creme Eggs. I managed to restrain myself this year and not have even one …. until this afternoon. I’m so weak …

    Your photos of buds bursting out all over made me think of earlier today when I was looking at my hydrangea plants in the front yard. I actually squealed when I saw them FULL of buds. We have a long history of mutual dissatisfaction, but after seeing all those buds, I’m thinking this year we’re going to be best friends … assuming of course I don’t do something stupid that threatens their existence.

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    1. I guess you either like peanut butter or creme. I can’t eat the cream eggs. I do have one casualty to report. It seems that a bush that I transplanted last fall didn’t survive the winter. Good luck with your hydrangea.


            1. Well, it’s either that or cut it up so that it fits in a bag. The dump is only about a mile away and it’s one of the justifications for my owning a trailer, so…


  8. The dramatic change from winter to spring is kind of a let-down here in Tennessee. Sure, the trees bloom and, then, get leaves. There are more birds around chirping away. However, none of it has that theatrical feeling like it does up north. I hope you are rejoicing.

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  9. Seeing I’m the honest type of folk, I must tell you the truth. As I was on my here today I said to myself, groan …. “Come on I can do this. Dan, is just so long-winded.” Now before you get in a huff hear me out. I’m trying to get outside to continue in my gardens but cause I’ve hardly been here that much at WP I’m giving a mighty effort to be today. Am I forgiven? THANK YOU for NOT being long winded today. Whew! Ok …. I’m skeedatalling before you can catch me. Tee Hee ….. <3

    PS LOVED your gallery!! See ya! :)

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    1. Ha ha. You’re forgiven Amy. I know I tend to go on. I’m trying to shorten the posts that don’t need to be long and tell the story I want to tell, when I want to tell it. It’s a balance. I always appreciate honesty.

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