A Little Utility

I wasn’t going to mention this, but since I wanted to add it to my menu, to make life easier for me, I thought I’d explain.

Actually, the explanation is on the “Page” that I added. I guess I don’t really understand how pages work in WordPress, but I’m learning.

Anyway, click on the “Conversion Util” link on the menu (bottom of banner image), or click here.


  1. I applaud your IT skills. Now, I need a little clarification to use it. I’m familiar with pages so I had no problem accessing it. But, when I click on one of the four options at the bottom, it just moves from one photo to the next. I fully accept this is user error on my part, so you be kind when you instruct me how to use it. LOL

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  2. Nice!!! I appreciate this information. Now for me to figure it out. But first I must get my puter in to see the Genius Doctor today. My OS has to be reformatted. Don’t ask. BIG headache. But all info has been backed up and IF new OS does not work, because my puter is still under warranty, I get a new puter. Groan. LOVE technology but NOT when it bums outs. I’m so particular when it comes to colors and where I want things on my puter and to think I have to do all of that all over again …. Another groan … Hope you are having a good day, Dan! <3

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  3. Ok, I must be slow. So we can click on Conversion Util instead of reading your post right here…w/o clicking the Conversion Util button? You can see why my IT Dept dreads when I call them about a problem I am having at work……Thanks, Dan……for your patience.

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    1. I’m going to try to add the link to the utility to the menu, Lois. This is how successful IT departments work. We publish something, users are confused, we fix it, still confused, we fix it again, still confused and we finally get it right. I went to school for this. I know that’s the way to do it :-)

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  4. That’s a great idea, Dan. Nicely done.
    I’m always jumping to Google to convert or translate something. (And hoping they’re telling me the right thing! — Especially with translations…) Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

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