One-Liner Wednesday – The Big Game

I’m sure by now most of my regular readers know that my weekend routine includes a walk with Maddie. You’re also aware that I take as many photos as the dog will allow. What you may not know is that  I like to imagine the conversations the birds and squirrels might be having.

If that didn’t scare you away, I’d encourage you to take a quick run through the gallery for the conversation I think is happening on baseball fields in two parks that are across the street from each other.

I’ll bet those knuckleheads went to the wrong park…again!

Aerial coverage provided by this guy. I hope one of my bird buddies can help me identify him.

“These guys are supposed to find the strike zone? They can’t even find the right park.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Those birds are so chatty. What makes them think that THEY are in the right field? I mean center. At least Mr. Squirrel has enough sense to go to the Nut Barn before the game and fill his cheeks; waiting for those darn birds to gather and make a couple of teams might take awhile.

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    1. I have never seen geese on the ball field before. Those two looked totally lost. I wanted to point to Canada and tell them that their buddies came through last week. I wish I had a video, the crow kept going up to second base as if he was tagging up. Thanks for the pre-game comment.

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  2. A good post and park !!! and The click to tweet going to put on my sight . I hope it makes a difference and it will help to make it easier for others to share on that platform, too. –Thanks.

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  3. “Use of parks by groups with permission only,” brings up all kinds of questions for me. I wonder if the crows know about this. Maybe they are the ones who give the permission.

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  4. Ha! The ball field conversations are hilarious! So….they have someone patrolling this park for any rule-breakers? Geez! Birds similar to that crowd our skies and they are hawks. Others say vultures, so I am not sure. Only thing I know is that I am always so impressed with their awesome wingspan.

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    1. I was going to guess hawk but either way, I won’t be breaking the rules. The police do a drive-by every now and then but plenty of rule broken in those parks. Thanks for listening :)


  5. Actually, I was quite aware of the fact that you have the ability to know what the animals are thinking. These are some of my favorite things to read on your blog.
    “You sure this is the right field?” Right field? I’m playing short stop.” :) love this!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Deborah. That squirrel knows all about the price of peanuts inside the park :-)

      Thanks for the ID on Mr Vulture. I hope he does the play-by-play well.

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    1. They’re still arguing over the name, John. I think the goose playing shortstop is named Gladys. She was saying something about “pips” but it was drowned out in a chorus of cawing. I think knuckleheads might work.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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  6. I must say “No Golfing Allowed” isn’t something I see on park signs nearby. Perhaps Windsor Locks had a specific issue with wayward duffers in the past?!

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  7. The knuckleheads comment is how I feel when I enter a place where I’m meeting friends and think at least one of them should have “beat” me there!
    The right park and strike zone was a great second liner, Dan! :D

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    1. What’s really ironic is the fact that there are State laws in place that prohibit smoking under 18 and smoking in public parks. Sometimes, I think if they didn’t reprint all the redundant rules, people might actually read these signs and pick up after their dog.

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