Classic Rock vs. an MRI

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would seem concerned about my health.

“So, how did your MRI go?”

“How did you know I was having an MRI?”

“I saw your comment on Greg’s site, you know, Almost Iowa.”

“I didn’t know you followed Greg.”

“I have to read something good.”

“Thanks. And, the MRI was fine.”

“The best thing to help recover from an MRI is a cold Yuengling and some barbeque wings.”

“Thanks for sharing your medical opinion Dr. Cheryl.”

“Not just my opinion, research shows that two beers provides more relief for pain than taking painkillers. Not that MRIs are painful, but you want me to fill that prescription?”

“I’ll start with one, and set up some wine for the old man.”

“Old man, maybe, but I can still hear.”

“You wear a hearing aid.”

“I do, but I can hear fine with it.”

“Then why do you always ask me to sit on your right side?”

“One, I don’t want to be on the side where you spill your beer. And, two, I want to make it harder for you to reach the wings, so I get my half.”

“You guys do know that you can get a double order of wings…right?”

“You mean we could each get our own?”

“No, you can get one order with 20 wings instead of 10.”

“Same price as two orders?”

“Actually, it’s a little cheaper.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I’m guessing even without your hearing aid you can hear a bargain being offered to you.”

“Financial management starts with the small stuff.”

“I think my grandmother said that. Something about ‘watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves’ – she could put you out of business.”

“I have a few grandmothers as clients, they’ve done well for themselves.”

“Here’s your beer and your wine. Wings will be up soon.”

“Wait, did we order wings?”

“I thought you said you liked the sound of the double order.”

“Enough picking on me, how did you manage with the MRI?”

“It wasn’t so bad.”

“Loud, though, right?”

“Seriously loud, and constantly changing.”

“I know, like jack-hammers and then machinery noises and then horns.”

“The worst was a combination that sounded like loud cars, honking their horns while being pulled out of town by a steam engine.”

“Did you have headphones?”


“I did too, but they didn’t help much. I had them play classic music.”

“That was dumb. I went with classic-rock.”

“I’m guessing that could stand up to the machine.”

“Some bands were better than others. Some were useless.”

“Who was useless?”

“Elton John – ‘Your Song’ – I could follow along, but I couldn’t hear him.”

“That’s pretty soft for classic rock. What else was in the playlist?”

“It started with Free – ‘All Right Now’ – that was pretty good, at least the chorus.”

“Yeah, that has a long soft spot in it. Almost like Southern Rock bands.”

“Speaking of that, I was surprised that the machine stomped Lynyrd Skynyrd to pieces.”

“Which song?”

“One of my favs – ‘Gimme Three Steps’ – I could hear the back beat but not the words.”

“Did anyone beat the machine?”

“Joan Jett.”

I Love Rock and Roll?”

“Yep, she kicked that machine’s ass.”

“And, did I hear that you flew with that bad ear?”

“I did. I flew to Daytona Beach, FL. It wasn’t too bad. The pressure change was uncomfortable, but short-lived.”

“Daytona? NASCAR?”

“Ha ha, no. I drove up to St. Augustine for a meeting.”

“Wings are up. You boys need another dose of pain-reliever?”

“We do, Cheryl.”


  1. I’ll read more about that research later. I have seen people taking beer or whiskey when they are hurt but I didn’t know the drinks really kill the pain. I thought those people just want to get tipsy and distracted from the trauma.
    Thanks, Dan. Now I know.
    (Not that I’m thinking of taking some. Ha, ha!) Do have an awesome weekend!

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  2. You didn’t mention the fact that having an MRI, even a so called open one, is like being slid into a coffin. The noise I can deal with, it is the confined space that sends me looking for something to steady my nerves. A nice cold brew or a visit to Steak and Shake could certainly help with that. :-)

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    1. You’re right, Judy. I’m not usually bothered by tight spaces, but I was surprised by how close I was to the machine. The process of being slid in on a tray is also a little disturbing. I think that’s the physical part that bothered me the most.

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  3. I’m looking at the photo of your pancakes with envy as I sit here munching on my cold cereal. I would happily trade.
    I can only hope that my body holds up and the need for an MRI won’t be necessary in the future. With hardware in my shoulder, I don’t think I’m a candidate anymore. I’m not necessarily unhappy about that.

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    1. Those pancakes were very good, Joanne. But, they were yesterday. Cold cereal will be on the menu today :(

      I hope you don’t need an MRI either. I think you’ve had your share of health care for quite some time.


    1. That was my first time in a Steak N’ Shake, John. I had put the address of a Waffle House in my phone (I’ve never been there either) but this is what I found. Good food. After the first scan, I had them crank the volume a bit. Next time I’ll just have the loop Joan Jett.

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  4. Joan Jett is one of my favorite women of rock. Love her! But I also love Skynyrd. I was able to see the latter at Ft. McCoy before a couple of the long-time members passed away. I was also at Daytona speedway (the outside perimeter) while there one year for Daytona Bike Week. I seem to remember it was a stop to shop with various vendors. If I were a NASCAR fan, I probably would have taken better note of the facilities.

    I hope everything is okay after the MRI and that the two beers and double order of wings helped the after affects. I’ve never had one done, but I hear good and bad stories about the experience.

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    1. I’m a little jealous that you saw Skynyrd at that point (but happy for you). Joan Jett has been a fav since I first heard her. The MRI wasn’t too bad but was mostly to rule out a bad possibility. Continuing to try and figure this out. I’m not a NASCAR fan, but couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

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      1. The best advice for viewing the news is to wait 24 hours for the story to mature. They almost always get it wrong.

        In that vein… I have to qualify my statement that everything on my site is fiction. That is not true, we do have 50 lb snapping turtles that run down deer, ask anyone around here, they will tell you (that and more).

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  5. When I had my MRI, they asked what music I wanted to cover the sound of the machine.. I thought about it for a while then said, “Heavy metal”.
    “Anything in particular?” they asked.
    “Nah, just anything with a lot of death growling.”
    After the MRI, I thanked them for the music.
    “Uh…….,” the technician said, “We didn’t have what you wanted but figured you wouldn’t notice anyway.”

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  6. MRIs are horrible. Too small for my taste. The noise was the only thing I could focus on that kept me sane. Definitely would want a beer or 3 after one.

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  7. Well Dan… yours makes six blogs that WordPress has blocked me from getting emailed posts — and that’s just this week. Sigh. Makes that beer sound even better. Although I’d prefer an ale… :)
    Delightful SoC post. And a fantastic play list! Hugs!

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  8. YAY! You finally ate at Steak n Shake!!!
    Blaring classical music during loud medical procedures is my thing. But it has to be heavy stuff, you’re right. Bass most of all. In an MRI, I prefer to listen. I can barely breathe and the sounds are all I have.
    I remember the first time I flew into Daytona. I thought, wow this airport is tiny for such a popular city. Is it still tiny?

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    1. Yes, I got my Steak n Shake card punched. Now I have to find me a Waffle House. There were plenty around there, so if I go back, I’m good. The sound was oddly comforting. I almost thought I could sleep through it. And yes, DAB is still a tiny airport.

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          1. I truly can’t imagine.
            They’re good food, reliably good food, especially eggs. It’s like they actually expect their cooks to know how to cook eggs perfectly no matter how they’re ordered. I hope you get to one soon :)
            There are more in rural areas, which I can see may be difficult when you’re often airport-located.

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            1. Usually, when I’m in the south, it has to be within walking distance of a hotel. Most of the stuff I travel for serves meals. I should have found one instead of the hotel breakfast they served at this meeting. I will get to one. It will happen.

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  9. I’m guessing heavy metal was not an option. I’d pick Pantera, or Anthrax, and Primus with the wicked bass line, and if all that was unavailable they must have some System of a Down! But if all that fails, there is a band who already wins by name alone. Rage Against the Machine. :D

    I’m glad it went well.

    And another bit to be considered: in Italy they don’t want to eat wings. Too little meat for all the hassle, they say, and throw them to the dogs.

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    1. It was a Pandora feed. They told me I could have anything. I’m not fond of modern heavy metal. I wasn’t sure if I could specify 60s/early 70s heavy metal.

      Wings are a hassle, but I think they are worth it. But, they gave to be prepared correctly. Most places simply slather them in sauce and most places put more emphasis on the sauce than the wing. The place I go only has three sauce choices, but they are grilled with the sauce and the flavor is in, not just laying on top.

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  10. So glad your MRI came out okay, Dan. Hope all continues well with health issues. . .
    Felicia was 13 when we started going to semi-annual MRI’s due to her diagnosis of JRA. When she first went in, she tried it without music. It was like “carpenter elves” she made me laugh. Over her next 5 years of Children’s Hospital visits her music tastes went from Rock n’ Roll, Country, Popular rock music, Rap, then Jazz. She told me Jazz (to cover the elves tinkering away:) ) was the best!
    I pictured Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. But it was newer jazz. I would recommend Santana, since I was listening to him yesterday.
    Her health is a concern since she quit all Vioxx and Celebrex for over ten years, it has “changed” (blood sample analysis) to Hashimotos disease. She will figure out healthy ways to handle it, but it kinda freaked us out.
    I like Steak and Shake restaurant! :) My grandchildren love that I don’t say “no” to anything they order. The only thing I request of them is to order kids size shakes. In to go cups! :) The guacamole hamburger, the Swiss cheese and grilled onions with mushrooms (Wisconsin burger, I think) and the plain old chocolate malt arey all time favorite choices. My oldest daughter loves their breakfast choices. Yours looked delicious! :)
    Heading off to see, “Guardians of the Galaxy” with four grandies to 5:00 showing at the local renovated theatre. Take it easy and have a beautiful rest of the weekend. It’s sunny but cool today. No complaints!

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    1. Thanks Robin. They still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with my ear, other than fluid, and no idea yet as to how to deal with it. More exams this week. I think your approach to feeding the kids is a good one. I hope Felicia gets her health figured out. I also hope you guys enjoyed the movie (I’m late getting back).


  11. Now I see why you went. Waffle House is great after you have tied one on. I used to go there for a carrb crusher breakfast. Toast, grits, hash browns. Anything but eggs. Lol we love Chick Fil A everywhere we go. I am sure the folks of Daytona afre looking forward to seeing you again!

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            1. I hope you can avoid it. I really like that song. I kept singing along in my head (the told me not to sing out loud) and when the music broke through, I was right where I should have been.

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  12. Whenever I have an MRI, I keep my eyes closed and tell them no music. The noise of the machine is so darn loud, I figure it and the music would just cancel each other out. Hope they find out what’s going on with you, Dan.
    My son opened the one and only Steak n’ Shake here in town, when he was a teen. It was his very first job, close to home, and they were hiring! We ate there once–for their ‘friends and family’ soft opening. Not been back since.

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    1. I did keep my eyes closed most of the time, Lois. I think I liked the feel of the headphones, bug most of the music was outdone by the noise. We don’t do a lot of fast food. My wife and I would go to Five Guys, when they first opened here, but now we go go Jake’s, but about twice a year. I’d take her to Steak n’ Shake if we had one. Thanks for the good wishes.


  13. Baby Girl had to have an MRI when she was 14. We discovered that year she had a pretty serious kidney issue. She’s got one that’s infant size and atrophied, and one normal sized and slightly scarred, but working in the range of 70 – 72%. We count our blessings every year she’s maintained that percentage!
    I went with her for the MRI and remember it humming/buzzing pretty loudly, but she was a trooper and handled it very well. Thankfully she only needed that one so far.

    I’ve never eaten at a Steak and Shake but it looks charming with the old 50’s decor, and your breakfast looked yummy. I’d love to go to Daytona and watch the races. The louder, and faster the cars the better. :)

    I hope you get your health issue sorted soon! Sending positive vibes your way!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I hope your daughter keeps that percentage happening. If you want loud and fast, drive up to Sonoma for the NHRA circuit race in August. Drag racing is the loudest and fastest thing on wheels. I’ve been to several races and it’s a huge thrill. Every ticket includes a pit pass so take extra batteries for your camera. I always go Friday for the first Pro qualifying runs. You get to see way more racing that day than on Sunday. Thanks for the good wishes and vibes :)

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        1. I took my daughter at a very young age. She enjoyed it. That’s the closest track to you guys. Denver, Seattle & Sonoma make up what they call the Western Swing. Three races in three weeks. Sonoma also attracts a lot of CA teams that don’t compete across the country.

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            1. Lucas Oil Southern Nationals from GA are this weekend. Finals will be on TV (FS1) 6:00 pm ET today.

              Sonoma is Jul 28-30 with Nitro class qualifying Friday at 5:30 & 8:00pm. 8:00 pm means lots of flames :)


  14. Thanks for the MRI advice! Hopefully I won’t ever need it. BTW, I’m always so impressed with your dialog. I can always tell who is speaking and you don’t use dialog tags. That is quite a skill. :-)

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  15. Entertaining and skillfully done as always, Dan. I don’t think I’ll ell my husband about the two beer thing. I don’t want him using it as an excuse to stop in at more brew pubs that don’t serve drinkable wine

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    1. Thanks Janet. I think it’s easier to find a place with good wine and drinkable beer than the other way ’round. I can be selfish here and say, if he wanted this information, he could read it :)

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  16. I agree on the beer thing…that’s my story and I have always stuck to it! Glad the MRI turned out OK…not the most pleasant experience…sounds like you will be having more exams this week…best to you and yes that health insurance thing…oh yes that health care thing…..on that note….here’s to a good week!!

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  17. Your MRI experience had me cracking up and very happy the results are okay.
    You may know my youngest daughter, Felicia, was every six months in an MRI machine. She had a diagnosis of JRA at age 13.
    When she first went in the machine, she came out laughing and saying there were “carpenter elves” working inside there. Next times and after that, she started choosing music which ranged from Rap, Rock ‘n Roll, jazz to country music.
    She said the Jazz worked out best. I pictured Herb Alpirt and the Tijuana Brass. I really cannot tell you a current one but love Santana! Maybe he bridges over a few musical genres.
    By the way, her recent diagnosis after going ten years of avoiding Celebrex and Vioxx, her joints are aching like crazy. Her organs weren’t doing well even with a “chaser” of Prilosec. So she had quit meds. . . It has transformed into Hashimotos disease.

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    1. I am sorry to hear that your daughter has been battling this stuff for so many years. One of the reasons I am reluctant to share health-issues stories is that I know so many people have much larger issues. I hope she is able to figure this all out.


  18. You’re not kidding about a drink beating a pill, Dan. I also think a lot of things can be solved (or made much more bearable) with “a long sleep and a good laugh”, as the saying goes. And some classic rock often helps!

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  19. My MRI experiences usually fall along the lines of the techs kindly asking which type of music I’d like to hear followed by the complete and total inability to hear it. Maybe it’s a law or something they have to make some kind of effort to look like they care. It is indeed a coffin-like experience if a “non-open” MRI but that never seemed to bother me. In fact, even with the jackhammer sound pounding away my only concern has been falling asleep and then jerking or twitching, thereby reducing to at least some extent quality imaging. A toast to your MRI turning out fine.

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