Watch the Gap

I didn’t participate in SoCS and I miss the permission to ramble on. I was on the road last week, and, as often happens I’m caught with a hole in the schedule. I wrote the posts for last Wednesday and Thursday before I left. I wrote Saturday’s post in the airport and I gathered ideas and photos for this Wednesday and Thursday while I was gone. This Saturday is National Train Day and I have had that written for a while.

But what of today?

You could skip a day!” – I think that was my lovely editor.

I enjoy this writing thing. I don’t want to skip a day. But today, Sunday ‘cuz I scheduled this post for 6:04 am, is complicated and pulling me every which way:

I had air-travel issues on Friday, but we’ve been down that road, many times. And to be honest, since I didn’t get beat up or tossed off the plane, my story doesn’t stack up.

I have had issues with my health and issues2 with my health insurance, but I’ll write about those after they are resolved. I don’t like stories without an ending. Also, my health issues pale by comparison to those of others. And, I fear my health insurance issues will soon pale-by-comparison2 to those of others.

I had a special event last week, but it deserves better than to be a fill-in-the-gap story. I haven’t figured that out yet. That’s not true, I know what I want to say, but I haven’t figured out how to say it.

I attended a short hectic meeting/discussion/working-session/series-of-amazing-presentations on “Leadership in Revolutionary Times” but my brain is still digesting all that content. Suffice it to say that there are some very smart people in the world and they aren’t all robber-barons.

Maybe “skip a day” works. Walk Maddie, sit with Maddie, have a beers and get ready for the week.

Somewhat random photos today:


  1. Sitting in the sunlight. Good for the soul. There can be lots of gaps to watch for. I hope your work week goes well. I do understand the drive to write and not miss those days though. I am fortunate my husband understands this madness. 😏The lilcas lilacs are very lovely. Wet flowers means ciggers for me. 😱

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. This will be a hectic week, but writing helps me collect my thoughts. We’ll have to see where the gaps are. We needed rain, but we got over 4″ on Friday and Saturday. The flowers are drenched.

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    1. Thanks Judy. This is the other comment tagged as spam. When I look at this, and the stuff that sneaks through, I seriously have to wonder who builds the spam engines. I do appreciate that Maddie drags me past those lilacs. It’s a nice way to start the day.

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  2. Writing is very addictive. But it’s a good addiction since it keeps the brain active throughout. I read something to the effect that writing improves observation and analytical skills.
    Say hi to Maddie for me. She looks like a great company to have around.

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  3. I can’t blame Maddie for wanting to be close to those beautiful lilacs. The gap theme was fun Dan.
    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. One wouldn’t know it by your posts. I hope you’re feeling happy and sassy soon. Hugs.

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  4. Health insurance……. I heard this conversation at church.

    “You look terrible. Sorry, but you do.”
    “You better see a doctor.”
    “Are you crazy? With $750 a month insurance payments and a $6,000 deductible, who can afford to see a doctor?”

    Note: $750 a month for single coverage was LAST YEAR’S numbers. Insurance in our area has gone up another 50% since.

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    1. That’s truly scary. The hubbub with my health insurance is really ridiculous. I can’t really explain the problem(s) because I honestly don’t know how this is going to end. Oh wait, yeah I do, it’s all coming out of my deductible :(

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    1. Hi Lois. Your comment was caught in my spam folder for some stupid reason. Maddie is pretty, and she often seems to be thanking us for sitting with her or walking her. She will stand up during a walk, turn quickly and give us a kiss. It’s scary, cuz she does it wothout warning, but it really seems like she’s saying thank you.

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    1. Thanks John. Maddie truly is at peace on that cot. As for the gap? Station designed and built by American labor. Trains are built in Canada. The whole shooting match is paid for by Congress.

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    1. Yours seems to be a case of quality vs. quantity. I really enjoy your posts, Janet. I think as it gets warmer and I start working on things around the house. skip a day might be more frequent. Thanks.

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  5. I write about things as they happen and then go back and edit, and add the ending. I don’t like an unfinished story, either.
    Sorry to hear about your insurance woes. Story of modern living, hm?
    I love the “Thanks for sitting here with me” pic. That’s classic dog stuff. <3

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    1. Thanks. The messages dogs can send us, just with a look, are really amazing. I have so many unfinished stories in my drafts locker, it really is crazy that I ever sit here without an idea. As for complaining about health insurance, I’m not sure I can go there. There are a lot of people in worse situations.


  6. Even if I hadn’t enjoyed the Maddie and other photos, I would have been happy just reading this:

    “Suffice it to say that there are some very smart people in the world and they aren’t all robber-barons.”

    Thank you!!!


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    1. Thanks Janet. If I had tried to explain that, it would have gotten technical and computerized and boring. I was hoping to find a way to capture the essence. I’m glad it connected with you.


  7. I told my husband about your lilacs. His response: “I miss the lilacs.” I do too. Taking a day off is not a bad thing, Dan. It rejuvenates the creativity–especially if you can get outside, which Maddie makes sure you do.

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  8. Maddie looks like a sweetheart! I hope you feel better. You’ll be in my prayers. When you’re up for it, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award (the post will be up Wednesday morning). Just a way of saying thanks for all of your support!

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  9. I seem to have the same problem lately, Dan. There are a multitude of stories swirling around in my head but neither the time or the clarity of thought to commit them to writing. I guess it’s a case of all things in good time, right?

    Good luck with your health issues. Hope they are resolved without too much angst or conflict with your insurance. Whenever Americans talk about their health insurance issues, I cringe.

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    1. Thanks Joanne. The best thing about this community is how understanding people are about the way we interact. If you guys were the only people I ever had to deal with (immediate family excepted) my life would be a cakewalk! Health insurance, and having to deal with those people, oh my goodness that’s a challenge. I’m learning the degree to which you have to be your own advocate.

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  10. You’re so good a scheduling, writing, and setting up your WP blog with posts ahead of time.

    Maddie, Lilacs, and dandelion fuzz make me smile. Great random images.

    I sure your health issue gets resolved so you’re tip top, as well as your insurance so your peace of mind is healthy too.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I’ve been dropping back into the “if I need a post in a hurry” folder a lot lately, but I’m living in some crazy times. I’m not sure if I’m organized, or if I’m capable of presenting the illusion of organization. I’ll take it either way :)

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  11. The pictures of Maddie are always special, she has such a pleasant manner and almost like she is smiling at you, while we may feel she’s smiling at Us!
    I liked the dandelion photo and the wet lilacs. So cool, didn’t know there were Russian lilacs, Dan. The gap between the dock and commuter train doesn’t make me nervous. The plane coming into the loading area is a great capture. :)

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    1. Thanks Robin. The gap only seems to bother folks with rolling backpacks and luggage. My wife found the Russian Lilacs a few years ago. They have done well to get this high. We planted three more last fall. The really have the prettiest blossoms.

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  12. My wife actually scored a big win against our health insurance carrier recently, staying on top of some charges that should not have been charged. It is a rare win to be sure. Then again the fact we even have health insurance is the biggest win of all in the event of something catastrophic happening. That bottom photo seems to be saying, “I hope you don’t need me for anything right now because I’m good right here in the sun.”

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