One-Liner Wednesday – Nothing?

Last week, I had a follow-up visit with my primary care physician to discuss the results of my MRI. The MRI was ordered to (hopefully) rule out the possibility of a tumor on my ear nerve. I know, that’s not medically specific, but as you see below, who knows?

It’s one of those

Anyway, based on my answers to my wife’s questions after my first visit – which largely consisted of: “I didn’t ask that…” and “I’m not sure…” and “I forgot…” – she decided to go with me.

The doctor came in. He reviewed the situation to-date, and then he took out the report from the radiologist. His choice of phrasing, given that the MRI was of my brain, was probably a med school classic:

We didn’t find anything remarkable.”

Thanks Doc!

They didn’t let me bring my iPhone into the MRI, so a couple of random photos is the best I can do today. I know, I don’t need photos, but I like sharing them here because I get better feedback than I do on Flickr.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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  1. In this case, nothing remarkable is a really good diagnosis. :-) In the old days, you had an X-ray, these days it seems like an MRI is the first test ordered. Interesting. Love Maddie’s Thundershirt, and I haven’t seen an empty seat on a plant in so many years I can’t remember.


    1. Thanks Judy – I’m sorry, but this comment got tangled up in my spam folder along with another one from you. The Thundershirt works really well, not as good as ThunderDad, but close. I think that empty seat next to me was a first in over a year.


    1. Nothing, nothing at all. My wife suggested that she could have told them that. Yeah, Flickr is becoming the place I put my pictures so I can find them again for a blog post. I’m guessing Verizon will put it out of its misery.

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    1. Thanks Mary. We’re working on a wing and a prayer solution to the problem in my ear, but it was good to hear that nothing remarkable was found. Of course if he had added, “besides your massive brain…” I wouldn’t have complained :)

      MiMi gets the attention she needs, quietly. Her sister sits on the floor and screams “brush me!”

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  2. Sometimes not finding anything remarkable cannot be bested. Great news! I know what you mean about better feedback. When you find an online community that does that so well, plenty of all the rest fails by comparison. And I have never heard of a Thundershirt for dogs! :o Bestia needs one for New Year’s.

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    1. Yea, ask Joey about that phone. It has messed up so many comments on her blog, it isn’t funny. The Doc’s comment was funny, but I’m glad the news was such that he felt he could crack a joke.


      1. Me too, Dan. Waiting for news of test results is always a bit nerve-racking.
        On the other hand, since they seem to have ruled out a tumor on a ear, do they know what the problem is or do you still need more tests?

        btw – I had noticed the blog on your iphone photo – and recognized the message. Thanks for being one of the handful of people interested in following our folly :)

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        1. Sharp eyes, Joanne! I am enjoying the journey blog. They think it’s sudden hearing loss from nerve damage. Likely cause is construction activity in our building an my bring in the wrong place at the wrong time. Attempting to encourage repairs.


    1. Ha ha – I had a crane to share today. I had a different one-liner planned, but that got pushed to nest week. Dan is still trapped inside the unremarkable brain. I just hope the voices in my head survived to respond to #SoCS


    1. Thanks Maggie. I don’t mind being the butt of that joke, the news was very good to hear. On the other hand, finding nothing remarkable leaves me in a state of “we’re really not sure what’s going on…” I’ll take the water to wash down the Prednisone they’ve started me on.

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      1. We had a Silky Terrier who was the same. Fireworks are illegal here. I used to go out with Lucy on a leash and tell the people that I had a sick child at home (Didn’t mention she was a fur child) and would hope they would stop shooting fireworks. I also had a scanner program in my phone so when I turned it up it sounded like I was wired to the police department. It worked.

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  3. It’s always hard to deal with a non-diagnosis when you’re suffering with a problem, but it’s such good news when they rule out something dangerous and serious. Unfortunately so much of life is trial and error, including in the medical realm. But for every bad thing they rule out, just say “Thank you, Jesus!” and keep pressing on. Hope that whatever is wrong will be discovered soon, and that it’s a safe and easy fix, Dan!

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    1. Thanks Wendy – You’re absolutely right about the process. It’s complicated and frustrating, but we are moving along and making progress. Very slow progress, but progress.


  4. Besides hoping your ear story ends happily — and affirming that we all think you’re remarkable! — I have to point out that it’s likely the airplane seat WAS occupied before you boarded, but the occupant was forcibly removed from it.

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    1. Ha ha = Thanks Steve. You might be right. When we were getting ready to board, they kept saying “this is a completely full flight” in an effort to get us to check our bags. Once we got on the plane, Oh, it’s not really full. I didn’t check the tarmac for bodies.


    1. Thanks Deborah. I have a very strange hearing loss in my right ear. It seems to be related to nerve damage. At least that’s the working theory. If I can find a non-boring non-horrible way to share that in more detail, I will at some point.

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  5. so I am guessing you are experiencing a hearing loss… hopefully the loss is revered with the help of steroids..If not then you and I can sit side by side and try to put our good ears towards the crowd and fill in each other when things get tough… I still have some hearing loss due to that period of strep throat I had…. did you have a virus at any time lately?? Hope you are hearing better soon!

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    1. You are correct, JoLynn. This is sudden and likely due to nerve damage from exposure to construction noise in the building where I work. Hopefully it will clear up eventually. I am on prednisone now and crossing my fingers. I hope you eventually regain your hearing.


  6. I liked that you found the comment humorous. Now, we can feel free to chuckle a bit! ;)
    The last photo of takeoff with the sunrise is very pretty, Dan.
    Maddie being scared of the thunderstorm made me remember my Labrador retriever mix named Toby. He was a very good dog but wanted up in bed during storms. My SIL let’s my brother have big Golden retriever Hamlet on the bed, when she’s out of town, but he sent me a photo with my niece’s two beagles and my Mom’s younger dog (dachshund-beagle mix) All up on the bed! Mom’s older dog, Nicki lives there, too. She cannot jump up since she may be 14-15 years old now. I rambled, oh well! :) Hope you have a great rest of the week, Dan, Maddie, MiMi and the Editor.

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    1. Thanks Robin. Dogs are funny when they need that extra layer of comfort. They seem to have so many ways of saying “hold me” but they are hard to resist. They give us so much love, I guess we can protect them from the storm. I hope your week is going well.

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  7. Don’t ‘cha love the medical community using that word “remarkable” in conjunction with imaging?Always has sounded to me like a wishy-washy, leave-the-door open opinion. Best wishes for getting that hearing all the way back.

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