Vote for Me!

Or not. It’s not like I’m running to be the next guy to attempt to sink the ship of state. No, I’m just submitting an entry in Linda G. Hill’s kinda-sorta-annual One-Liner Wednesday Badge Contest.

I entered last year, too. I didn’t win. I didn’t win the popular vote or the Electoral College vote. I got a few votes, the winner didn’t win by a landslide wide margin bigly amount. But, he won, and I liked his badge.

I have a ton of pictures of birds on this particular intersection of wires. Maddie and I pass them almost every Saturday, and they’re up there yammering up a storm. I’m not sure what birds talk about. Maybe good places to eat, good trees to nest in, that crazy red dog approaching, that guy with the camera, who knows. Anyway, I gathered a few of my favorites and I asked my daughter, Faith to pick one.

In true Antion family fashion, she picked three and gave honorable mention to two more.

We both liked the photo of the two birds with the fuzzy moon, but it didn’t work with “one line, many voices” which I wanted to include. Two can’t be ‘many’ and “one line, a couple of voices” wouldn’t do justice to Linda’s weekly prompt.

So, I stepped up, made the big decision, decided what to trim, where to crop, what font to use, and pushed save. Feel free to look in the gallery and tell me how bad a choice I made, but Linda only allows one entry per person, and I’ve made mine. May the best badge win.

Regardless of whose badge you like, please vote and consider supporting One-Liner Wednesday. Linda brings us this super-fun way to share an interesting bit of conversation, a few words, song lyrics, all manner of stuff, each Wednesday. I enjoy the prompt, the challenge and I love reading the things the others come up with. Oh, and don’t be discouraged by the “one-line” thing. I’ve heard that some people exceed that limit…bigly.


  1. Sure, you made the correct and logical choice. But oh how I love that last image. Wonderful. The moon so big and the contrast between the birds. Calls for a poem. You and Faith did a good job! I hope you win. 👏🏻

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  2. Aw, Dan! Your badge is beautiful and I always will love birds! Your idea of “many” voices using phone or electrical lines with three birds is perfect. To me, this badge means writing can incorporate imagination and this is a lovely concept. :)

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      1. Dan, scrolling backwards as I do on weekends isn’t so great when I find out sad or tragic things have happened to a dear friend. Just this past holidays you showed your Mom’s door and apartment building. . .
        Words cannot express my sadness in reading about the loss of your dear mother. I am very sorry this week, silly (busy) things took me away each night. Eye appointment, dinner with Felicia. . . Hugs and deep sorrow of your mom’s passing.xoxo to Faith and the Mrs too. <3 Robin

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        1. Thanks Robin. Don’t worry. We all have lives and sometimes we miss stuff. It’s ok. I appreciate your kindness, and I appreciate your catching up with past posts.


  3. Dan, I love your sense of humor. And writing style. Even if you don’t win this contest, I think I’ll stick around for awhile.

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  4. I love the birds on the line. When I was little, I used to throw rocks at them for no reason at all. I feel so awful about that these days. I would miss all the time, but I would scare them off, denying them rest and time to groom.

    I also love how your transformers are small and compact. We still have the bulky ones.
    Thanks, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Peter. I try to keep Maddie quiet as we pass these guys. Now I feel better about sharing pictures of some sub-stations around here. At least someone besides me will enjoy looking at them.


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