Two Big Misunderstandings

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, everyone would be upset with me.

“You know, there are other empty stools. You don’t have to sit next to me if you don’t want to.”

“What? What’s with you?”

“I just thought you might want to sit next to one of your friends.”

“Uh oh, trouble in paradise?”

“None that I’m aware of Cheryl. He seems a little cranky.”

“Maybe a beer and a glass of wine will help.”

“That’s sounds like a good idea.”

“You might want to open separate tabs, Cheryl.”

“OK, what the heck is wrong with you today?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me. I’m not the one who has been redefining his friends.”

“Cheryl, bring the drinks, put them on my tab while I try to sort this out.”

“What’s to sort? I went to Flickr yesterday, to get my daily dose of Great River Park, and I discovered that I’m no longer your friend.”

“Here’s the drinks. Did you two kiss and make up yet?”

“No Cheryl, but I can fix this.”

“Excuse me. I’ll drink your wine, but this isn’t something you fix.”

“I didn’t remove you as a friend, I made my entire Flickr photostream private. Nobody can see it, including friends.”

“Why’d you do that?”

“Because Verizon bought Flickr from Yahoo, and I don’t like what I think are their terms and conditions.”

“Wait, you actually read the terms and conditions? Who does that?”

“I did, ‘cuz – Verizon.”

“Good point. So, what don’t you like about what you read.”

“It kinda looks like, as long as my photos are public, Verizon can do whatever they want with them.”

“Are you sure? That sounds somewhat extreme. Why would they do that?”


“…they can. Yeah, I get it.”

“Aw, you guys are talking again. You want another round, or do you want to risk a sober conversation?”

“We’re still working on this one, Cheryl.”

“Do you want any food?”

“He probably wants wings, but I’m thinking about pizza.”

“Ummm, I don’t know, I had pizza on Tuesday.”

“What? You were here on Tuesday? You know Tuesday’s my day off!”

“I can explain Cheryl. There were extenuating circumstances.”

“I’m gonna need more on that.”

“With all the travel I’d been doing, we hadn’t had pizza in a month.”

“So why not Monday, or Wednesday, or any – other – day?”

“I had plans the other days. Mostly work stuff. It was Tuesday or wait another week.”

“Nice going guy. Between pizza and Flickr, you managed to piss off everyone.”

“OK, if we have a pizza, can we get this place back to normal?”

“Only if you promise to come in during the week…you owe me.”

“Alright, I’ll swing by Wednesday on my way home from work.”

“Deal, what do you guys want on your pizza?”

“Why don’t we get what you and your wife like. We’ll get a large and you can take her the leftovers.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“What, what’s wrong with that idea?”

“I don’t know where to start. First off, my wife and I don’t get the same items on a pizza. Second, I’m not sure taking her ‘leftovers’ from my afternoon at the bar, is a good idea.”

“Married how many years and you haven’t been able to agree on pizza toppings?”

“Thirty four; and, by the way, the secret to a successful marriage is realizing that you can have your own pizza.”

“He always gets two smalls, to go.”

“Well, then, we’ll get what I like and I’ll take the leftovers home.”

“Not so fast. What do you like on your pizza?”

“Roasted red peppers and spinach.”

“Great, add garlic and you can share a pie with my wife.”

“Did you guys decide yet?”

“Yes, two small pies. One with Roasted reds and spinach, for him. One with sausage, green peppers and onions for me, and another round.”

“And, Cheryl, add some garlic to my pizza, I get the feeling he’s going to want to show me some pictures of that park. I don’t want him getting too close.”


  1. Oh my gosh, I had a good chuckle. We have a couple of yahoo email accounts, and I read those terms. My take was that they could do whatever they wanted with anything that passed through their systems. In our situation, our email accounts would put them to sleep. They’ll probably figure out a way to make a money making venture out of access to all those photos. :-) Thank you for the dose of Maddie. Here beautiful face always balances out the challenges of life and technology. :-0

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Judy. I never worried about access, which is why the photos were public, but I read how companies are using people’s photos from Instagram, in ads with no attribution and no pay. And some companies are selling photos to other companies to use :(

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  2. Call me naive, but wouldn’t those terms of service come back to bite Verizon in the proverbial butt? Or are they counting on the fact that most people are like me and we don’t read the the small print?

    At least the little misunderstanding between friends is cleared up.

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    1. I would hope that it would work against them, but Google and Facebook have very similar terms. I think they figure people either don’t read or consider it the price for free storage.

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  3. You know how to solve problems, eh? When someone makes their blog private, I usually don’t ask them – ‘can I please have the password to enter?’ I wait till they actually invite me.
    I’ll share the pizza if you take off the peppers and put anchovies instead – in fact – I’ll buy!

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    1. Anchovies? You drive a hard bargain. That’s a problem I may not be able to solve. But, you’re buying? Might be worth it. Oh wait, that’s how these services get you to give in – offer free stuff.

      No plans to make this blog private. I wasn’t getting much traffic on Flickr lately, anyway. But, it’s a good place for backup. I may switch to Amazon.

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      1. I can’t even remember the last time i bought something on Amazon. Even their books cost more than other places I buy from.
        We could always have the anchovies put on the side…..

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  4. It’s a good thing that my photos are a mess and I still haven’t organized or uploaded any of them anywhere. (They are saved to a flash drive at the moment.) I have Verizon for my cell carrier, so perhaps I should be concerned about what I do with my phone?

    Ah pizza. Good, ole pizza. I’m not able to eat much of it these days with trying to stay away from dairy (cheeseless pizzas aren’t the same). If I had to cheat, though, I’d go to my favorite local establishment and order the Brenda’s Fresco: Pizza sauce, topped with garlic sauce and cheese, with artichokes, black olives and sausage. It’s the best?

    Thanks, as usual, for the Maddie photos and I’m glad you didn’t fall in the lake and still have your friends.

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    1. I kept a safe distance from the water, but I was surprised they hadn’t closed the whole park. I guess the river was receding. Still, I’ve seen people do some stupid things there. Verizon says that given what they know about the people who have their phones, they should be able to compete against Google and Facebook for ad revenue. I don’t trust any of these guys, but I trust Verizon less than most. The terms seem to be written in a purposefully vague manner. They almost look harmless, until you stop and think about them.

      My wife’s favorite pie is from First and Last Tavern in Hartford. Think crispy crust, sauce and grated cheese – that’s it.

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  5. I’m gonna hang with you, Maddie. We’ll chill and let them decide about the pizza….. I don’t do flickr, but what is the point of posting photos if no one is going to be able to see them?

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    1. Good idea, Lois. I like Flickr for backup storage. The truth is, not many people were looking there. I get many more views of my photos here. I’ll still share some on Facebook, which has similar terms, but I don’t share as many, and I don’t share high quality versions. I read an article about how several people have seen their photos taken from Instagram and used in advertising, without any attribution. I’d be happy to have a photo used. I even offered photos to a non-profit that wanted a photo of Hartford from the east (of which I have hundreds) but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for credit.

      I’ll figure this out, or peer pressure will force Verizon to back off those terms. I need another beer :)

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  6. First of all, 😂 You and that guy keep me coming back to my moonlighting job. Secondly, I don’t use Flickr but you already have me paranoid about Instagram. Normally I don’t post my best work there anyway. Still….it’s not like I’m getting offers from Nat Geo or anything. Pizza? Kind of off my list right now. (See today’s admission post) I admit I need to lose those ten pounds. BUT, if we were having a pizza, it would be two. Hubby and I are like you and your wife although he would prefer it if we ate one big one. Why? He just loves to share food. Always putting things from his plate onto mine. No wonder I have to climb the spiral staircase. As for my pizza toppings, I like different things at different times but can eat a bacon cheeseburger style pie any day, or spianch and shroom. Just don’t even say the “a” word anywhere near my pizza or try to add things that shouldn’t even be introduced to one, like shrimp or barbecue chicken. No, not pineapple either. I’m so glad you fellas made up. These things affect my income you know. 😀

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    1. I do like a variety of pies, and we sometimes do get the same pies, but we tend to always get two smalls. My wife says the slices are easier to reheat, and, two of them fit in the toaster oven at work, so I can take them for lunch. Everybody does have these terms in their contracts. This is where we need some intervention. You shouldn’t have to give up copyright rights and nobody should be able to say “yes, you own the copyright but we can do anything you want with your photos.” Even if they added “with proper attribution” I’d be OK. I’m not looking to, nor do I think my photos are good enough to make money, but they are mine. Sharing them shouldn’t be the same as giving them away.

      I think someone will figure this out, but it may take a period of pulling back to get peoples’ attention.

      Me and the buddy are good. But, I think it’s his turn to buy ;-)

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  7. BTW, it seems as though most all new contracts online lately have that “anything goes” clause in them, even my forced app updates. Get them or your use expires in “x” number of days, months, etc. They have us in a vice. Im close to chucking it all out the window. 😒

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    1. The funny thing is, I never looked at Flickr’s TOS until Verizon bought Yahoo. Kinda like Attila the Hun buying your neighbor’s property – you know it’s not going to end well.

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  8. Whoa, the river is high! The arches of the bridge are nearly invisible and under water!

    Pizza. He-Man and I like mostly the same things on our pizza, but we’ll usually do a half and half b/c I like mushrooms on my pizza and he can’t eat them. Black olive, garlic, mushroom pizza for me. I also like artichokes and he doesn’t. If we can’t agree he usually gets a BBQ chicken pizza.

    Maddie’s hair in the breeze and sun looks gorgeous!

    It’s my understanding that if you upload your images to flickr the images they, or anyone else can use are those you have designated with Creative Commons License. There are a couple of versions of the Creative Commons license. Those images and videos are free for the public to use to manipulate, and sell.
    If you license your work ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED no one can use them but you.
    To truly protect yourself and image as a Copyrighted image you should register all images you make public on the web or elsewhere with the copyright office.

    I have always chosen ALL RIGHTS RESERVED as my license on flickr. I’ve only had one image stolen that I’m aware of since I’ve been posting there nearly 10 yrs. I only post small images 800px on the long side which helps. I think most image thieves are looking for full res images, or at least bigger so they have more pixels to manipulate.
    I just renewed my annual subscription to flickr. I’m hoping Verison doesn’t wreck it, but improves it.

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    1. I do use the all right reserved. The part of the agreement that scares me is the part that says if you put images in public spaces, Verizon has the right to use them. They don’t specifically say if you flag them as public, but they they don’t specify that they aren’t included. I asked them about that but they haven’t responded. They seem to say “your photos are yours but you’re agreeing to let us use them” It bothers me because I pay for the Pro account. If I wanted free storage, I could better understand but they don’t seem to distinguish.

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      1. Hum…I’m reading that bit again, and wondering if that means what you think it means now too?

        Without making all your images “private” you could make them “friends and family” only. That seems to me in the realm of non public spaces. ??

        I’m going to do some research and see if that has changed since version took over or if that wording about public spaces has was always there.

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        1. I’m wondering the same thing about friends and family. It’s pretty vague. If it was always there, I’d still be worried since Verizon has stated a desire to leverage what they know about people and the assets they have in order to sell more ads.


          1. Well, the more I read it the more I think that any image posted with the designation of “anyone can view it” is public so, I changed almost all my contacts to Friends and/or Family, and am only allowing Friends and Family to view my posts. I thought that was the best way to keep my contacts in the loop and hopefully not be in a public space.

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            1. Thanks. I think I will do the same. I was in a hurry to act, so I just made them private. I would like to open it up a bit. I went to Flickr so people could view without having to have an account, but I guess those days are over.

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  9. Yikes! I was just about to read more about Flickr and possibly start to upload my most recent trip photos. Not that anyone would want to steal my pics, but I don’t like the idea of just putting them out there unprotected. Let us know if you’ve found an alternative way to share a batch of photos with family/friends.

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    1. If you have Amazon Prime, you can use their photo service. It actually looks pretty cool. I may move to that. I don’t know if Flickr is a problem if you’re only sharing with friends & family. It seems to affect “public” photos.

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  10. Miss Maddie with the wind in her hair!!! The other pictures are gorgeous, too, but that one goes right to the heart.

    So let me get this straight: Your Meiomi friend is not a real guy, and Cheryl doesn’t tend bar at your pub? This is invention based on reality? If I come visit, is there a drug I can take where I can really go to that bar and meet that guy and get waited on by Cheryl? Or no?

    Hey! MADDIE is real, right???

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    1. Maddie is real. You would like the real bartender that Cheryl fills in for, and you can often meet one of my buddies who is a portion of my bat buddy. I get to exercise a little creative license…don’t I?

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  11. Thanks for the Saturday beer, Dan. I didn’t think it was possible to agree on pizza toppings. :D
    Sorry to be absent lately. WordPress has stopped emailing me about any blogs I follow. Makes it difficult to keep up. Hugs.

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  12. Oh that Maddie, she’s so pretty! Look at the floof, blowin in the wind :)
    The Mister and I don’t agree on pizza, either. Either I pick the pepperonis off, or I order my own. The only pizza I really love is goat cheese pizza. The girls usually want cheese only, so I’ll eat that over his sausage and pepperoni. Personally, I like sausage, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, and black olives, but the topping prices $$$ phew! I even like artichokes and anchovies, but pepperoni I just cannot do. They say it’s like that with foodies — we eat all these weird things and then don’t like somethin common. Pepperoni is mine.
    I am planning to move ALL of my photos to Amazon. I have never considered Flickr, probably because Amazon… There was a site maybe 5 years ago that had been private and then stopped, and all the mommies lost their minds… can’t remember what it was. But I was glad I was not involved in that crisis! I wonder if it killed their site and that’s why I can’t remember it… hmm.
    I regularly interact with people whom I not only refuse to friend on FB, but several I’ve actually blocked. Not a single one of them has ever asked me about it :D

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    1. If you stop just before black olives, your pizza would be a perfect pie for me. I don’t do olives. The Mrs. don’t to mushrooms. I have resisted putting too many photos on Facebook because it leads to friend requests. I’m gonna wait until our daughter decides what she’s doing. If we both go to Amazon, it would work easy.

      I’m getting the look, the floofy one wants her walk before it gets hot.

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  13. I stopped looking at T&Cs a while ago when I realized that there was little or nothing I could do about it. Now I just assume that nothing is “safe”. As a result, I’m pretty judicious about what I post anywhere nor do I use cloud storage.

    I’m relatively new to pizza. For most of my life I was pretty ambivalent about it and rarely ate it. Now my happy pizza is a thin crust with pesto, chicken, and artichokes. Even still, I don’t often eat it, although if it has a tomato sauce topping, anchovies are required :)
    Thankfully Husband and I share our unorthodox opinion on toppings … although I say no to BBQ sauce or pineapple. That’s just wrong.

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    1. I agree with some of the odd toppings being wrong. I stick with the standard set. But no little fishies.

      I use s variety of cloud storage for work and in support of various projects. I’m ok with private storage. Less and less ok with sharing sites, except WordPress via this blog. I hope it’s safe :)


      1. Me too. Although I’ve started deleting my older stuff. I haven’t yet decided what my goal will be, but I’m leaning towards keeping stuff on WP for a max of 24 months and then deleting it.

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  14. I like using Flickr for my blog pictures. With Verizon taking it over and if the terms of use are all screwed up, I know I will not have the variety I am used to. What has happened to Yahoo? They also have stopped the program for contributing articles as well. Are they fading into the sunset?

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    1. Verizon bought Yahoo, or at least most of it. I liked having the photos in Flickr so I could find them and size them for my blog. I guess I can still do that. I just don’t know about sharing. I was hoping to get to a point where I could say “if you like today’s photos, check here for more.” I probably wouldn’t have ever managed that anyway :-)

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  15. Wow, lots of photos and a bar “fight” nice action post. . . Hahahaha :D
    I like the replica sailing ships, Nina and Pinta. I liked the way you caught the boat ramp and cityscape.
    I love Maddie “under wraps!” :)

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  16. I understood that the reason they have this written into their basic contract is that it is their site, and they have to claim permission to be able to post it even under your banner name. Otherwise to post your stuff on your page they”d be in copyright violation. I keep reading but not finding out more… Making me crazy! I found this:

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    1. They clearly say that “you own your photos” but they seem to be adding “you’re giving us permission to use them…if you put them in the public space.” What remains unclear to me is what constitutes “public space” and how far that permission extends. Does permission extend to Verizon’s subsidiaries? To their partners? Those are the questions that worry me.


  17. My first bite of pizza was pepperoni; and I want my last bite to be the same, so I always order plain pepperoni. It drives my husband crazy; but I don’t complain when he orders a meat lovers or some such delicacy and then eats half my pepperoni. I enjoyed the dialogue, Dan, as always.

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