Back in the Burgh

No Predators, Please

Not me, the Stanley Cup. I wasn’t sure what to do about today’s post. I knew that if the Penguins won, I would want to say something about that. If they lost, and I had to go into the special kind of cardiac arrest that is being a Pittsburgh sports fan, for three more days, I’d just be sad. So, I gathered a bunch of photos. I thought if they lost, I’d just share some photos.

They WON!

Yeah, yeah, controversy, but they won. I knew they were going to. I predicted, before Thursday night’s game that they were going to win Thursday and wrap it up on the road, ‘cuz apparently, that’s what Pittsburgh does. No team has won a championship at home since 1960. I was six! I was sitting on my dad’s lap trying to get the stars to align for Smokey Burgess to get a hit. I liked Smokey. The superstition deal at the time was that I’d sit on dad’s lap when Smokey came to bat, and he would get a hit.

I know – silly.

I wore my 2016 Stanley Cup tee shirt last night. Up until last night, that shirt had performed miserably in the playoffs. I wore it three times. The Pens lost three times. I reasoned that that shirt should only be worn during the game when they were able to win the Cup. Not a game. Not a series. The Cup. It took almost the entire game (they finally took a 1-0 lead with 1:35 left to play) but they scored. They won. The Cup!

OK. I know there’s a few fans of other teams out there, maybe even a fan or two of the Nashville Predators. I’m gonna stop. I’ll show you some of those pictures now.

Lets Go Pens!

About Dan Antion

Husband, father, woodworker, cyclist, photographer, geek - oh wait, I’m writing this like I only have 140 characters. I am all those things, and more, and all of these passions present me with opportunities to observe, and think about things that I can’t write about in other places. I have started this blog to catch the stuff that falls out, overflows and just plain doesn’t fit the other containers in my life.
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48 Responses to Back in the Burgh

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Congratulations from a lukewarm Washington Capitals fan.

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  2. GP Cox says:

    You’re a good winner, Dan. You didn’t gloat like some do [and will!!]. Congrats.

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    • Dan Antion says:

      We’ve had too many games go the other way. I appreciate the victories, but the Pirates are currently in last place. That said, my daughter ordered our championship shirts right after the game was over :)

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  3. loisajay says:

    Sid the Kid is the Man!!!

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  4. Almost Iowa says:

    I am from Minnesota, we gave up winning decades ago, instead we build stadiums.

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  5. bikerchick57 says:

    I’m not a hockey fan, but I will say “congrats” to your team for the big win! Glad there were no cardiac arrests… ;-)

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  6. marianallen says:

    Your pictures, “artistic” or not, are all artistic and beautiful. And any team named Penguins should automatically win everything, whether they play or not. Period.

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  7. Paul says:

    Bunnies, squirrels, and dogs … wouldn’t pics of penguins be more appropriate, Dan? Congrats on the Stanley Cup win!

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  8. Congrats for the win!! Great pics of spring…side note: so you are a ’54 baby?? Great year!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

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  9. John Holton says:

    Smoky Burgess finished his career with the White Sox. By that time he was primarily a pinch hitter. Always fun to see him rolling out of the dugout. He was a good one, as I recall.

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  10. I pay almost no attention to sports, but I sure do smile and chuckle at Maddie’s family sitting with her in the backyard. I thing she knows how much she is loved because she sure looks content sitting there with one of her best buddies – Faith. Whenever you don’t know what to write about, just talk about Maddie and show us photos of her on her cot. :-)

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  11. Way to go Dan. That shirt did it. I liked the shot of Faith reading to Maddie.

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  12. Susanne says:

    Bitter in Ottawa but love the bunny picture.

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  13. dweezer19 says:

    Congrats on the win! And that lucky shirt. Good for them that you finally figured out the winning combo. I love your artistic shots. Especially those dewdrops on blades of grass. Maddie sure does look happy! I’d be pushing for that park too. Looks like a nice place to hang out. . Sweet bunyas.

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  14. dweezer19 says:

    But with that fave it’s hard to say no right?

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  15. dweezer19 says:

    It must be time to turn in. My fingers are trippin over themselves! Lol

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  16. joey says:

    Congratulations! Such a good time to be a die-hard fan of teams who haven’t won in decades. Seems to me like some sorta consolation for all the negatives these days.
    LOVE the photos! Love the caption at the park, Maddie lookin at Faith, a crowded park, and that Joe Crow. I mean, they’re all good, but those in particular elicited emotion so… :)

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    • Dan Antion says:

      Thanks! We were casual fans, until a visit a few years ago. We traveled to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play, and there happened to be a Pens game that weekend. Faith had never been to a pro hockey game, so… The energy inside that arena was overwhelming, and we were hooked.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I don’t know what it is about the crow on the light stands, but I always try to get that picture. They love to be up high, and they squawk and squawk. Sometimes, they’re on multiple lights and they yack up a storm.

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  17. Yeah, I’m glad your team won and the sport shirt worked!

    I hope no predators for the bunnies too, and how cute is Maddie! What a happy girl!

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  18. Peter Nena says:

    I love that park with the rabbit, squirrel, and birds. You can find such a crowd in any parks around here. And those seats look so stable.

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  19. You know how I am with sports :)
    But. I love gardens. And I love your pathway where Faith and Maddie sit. I like the grass near the paving. Very cool.

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  20. Congratulations! How can a team be called Predators?? What’s next, Trumps?

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