Tall Shots and a Short Stack

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be in an unusually good mood.

“Cheryl, let’s have a glass of wine, a Yuengling and a frosty glass for my dapper young friend.”

“I’m all for you opening a tab, but I’d hardly call a Pirates tee shirt and a denim overshirt, dapper.”

“You failed to notice his hair, Cheryl. Recently cut.”

“I had a haircut yesterday, but I don’t think I have enough hair for it to move me into the dapper category.”

“Did you have breakfast?”


“After your haircut. Don’t you usually have breakfast at that dive?”

“Allegro. It’s a diner, not a dive.”

“Let me guess, you had pancakes.”

“No, their pancakes are a little dry. I had a breakfast sandwich and some potatoes.”

“What kind of sandwich?”

“Egg, cheese and bacon on toasted Italian bread.”

“Oh, that sounds so good. Too bad this place isn’t open for breakfast.”

“We already spend enough time here.”

“Time, yes. Money, that remains to be seen. You boys eating anything today?”

“I’m sure we are, Cheryl, as soon as we stop talking about breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Did you see that website I mentioned? The one with the recipe for chickpea pancakes?”

“Cheryl, not only did I see that, I retweeted it with a harsh rebuttal. Chickpeas have no place at the breakfast table.”

“I have no doubt they would be tasty, but not in a breakfast sweet pancake-y way. More like a tortilla. I’m sure your wife has used chickpea flour.”

“She has. In fact, she uses it sometimes to thicken sauces. It sits better with me than cornstarch. But, she doesn’t tell me until I’ve eaten dinner.”

“Chickpeas aside, who makes the best pancakes?”

“Oh, that’s way too hard to determine. I like Maddie’s, and iHop, and Denny’s, and, ooh, . I discovered this week, that I actually like McDonalds pancakes.”

“Here’s your beer and your wine. I used to work for McDonald’s. I always wanted one of their perfect serving size pancake batter dispensers.”

“You used to work at McDonald’s? Funny, I can’t picture you behind that counter. What kind of wine do you serve with a Big Mac?”

“Cheery Coke is as close as we ever came to wine or a mixed drink for that matter. Did you guys look at the specials?”

“I did, the chicken and shrimp thing looks good.”

“Chicken? I didn’t think you ate any part of the chicken other than the wings.”

“I love Scampi, and I love Linguini.”

“You know we have to ask if you want Linguini or Garlic Mashed Potatoes, now.”

“Because of that dingbat woman?”

“Yes, she complained to the owner.”

“She should have been thrown out.”

“Wait, I don’t think I know this story.”

“A woman sitting next to me ordered a dish like this. When it arrived, she was upset that it was served over Garlic Mashed Potatoes.”

“Was that on the menu?”


“Easy Cheryl. It was listed that way, but the woman said she always made hers with Linguini.”

“So, who gives a rat’s ass? This is a restaurant.”

“Exactly, your next glass of wine is on me!”

“Thanks. But, back to the pancakes, if you like Maddie’s so much, why did you order pancakes from McDonald’s?”

“I didn’t, I ordered, and paid for an Egg McMuffin.”

“And they gave you pancakes?”

“They gave me a Big Breakfast. Pancakes, sausage, eggs and a biscuit.”

“What did you say?”

“I tried to explain, but the woman was called away from the window, so I just left.”

“Hmm, maybe I’ll try ordering a glass of wine and hope that Cheryl brings me a glass of Bourbon instead.”

“Unlikely, but we have a new Bourbon, you might like.”

“Really, what kind?”


“I’ve never heard of it.”

“I have. In fact, I’ve had that Bourbon. It’s quite good.”

“You? I’ve rarely seen you order anything other than beer.”

“I drink Bourbon after dinner, on occasion. If I have wine with dinner, I can’t go back to beer.”

“That sounds a little risky. Beers, wine and then Bourbon. That’s a tough drive home.”

“No, this would be when I’m staying in a hotel. I wouldn’t drive after that.”

“So, what’s this stuff look like? Which bottle is it?”

“It’s the one…”

“…with the horse.”

“You know what, I’m buying today. Who deserves a treat more than me?”

“One Blanton’s, and… another Yuengling?”

“Yes, pedestrian, I know, but I’m good.”

“Hey, whether it’s pancakes, beer or Bourbon, it’s nice to see a man that knows what he likes.”

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95 thoughts on “Tall Shots and a Short Stack

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  1. I’m drinking my morning coffee but haven’t had breakfast yet, and now I’m starving. :-) Of all the meals we eat out, breakfast is the one I like least. My hubby makes a great breakfast, it’s always hot and fresh, and I can eat it in my pjs. The last piece gets me every time. :-) Have a good weekend, Dan.

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    1. What time does he start serving?

      Thanks Judy. I knew I was going to regret adding those photos. I was getting hungry last night. I love breakfast while traveling. It’s good, no mess to clean, and it gives you a chance to figure out the day. I will add. I haven’t done it, but I’ve seen people come to the free hotel breakfast buffets, in their PJs – in Boston no less!

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  2. LOL. Dan, I can imagine you confronted with a chickpea pancake. :D You’ve got me hating my egg allergy with this gorgeous post. Sigh… I’ll have a second cup of coffee. A “beer might improve my mood” too. ;) Happy weekend hugs.

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  3. Two things. One, I love a sausage and egg McMuffin (preferably a double!). Second, we have a “crepe maker” that makes excellent pancakes. I bought a great big bag of pancake mix from Amazon. This whole thing cuts down the time from go to pancakes greatly so that even I, the maker, gets some good ones rather than the dregs.

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    1. I think my all-time breakfast sandwich was the egg and bacon bap from the place near you. I’d written about that before, or I would have included it here. I like the sausage biscuit at McD’s. It’s no wonder they’re starting to serve breakfast all day here. It is their best line up.

      I’ve been on a pancake kick lately. Too bad I can’t swing by and join you.


  4. Wow, you’re on a roll this morning!! (Or maybe on a biscuit.) Anyway, I’ll take the eggs, hash browns, and toast (whole wheat, for preference) and maybe a side of ham. At McD’s, I like the sausage burrito. For pancakes, I switched from a homemade mix that we liked to Kodiak Cakes, http://www.kodiakcakes.com/, which I buy at Costco, are whole-grain, delicious, and have lots of protein. I add blueberries and they’re wonderful.

    Off to have some homemade granola with blueberries, then off to the farmer’s market. Happy Saturday!


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    1. Thanks Janet. You reminded me of a comment at the Allegro Cafe. My friend’s wife asked if she could have whole wheat toast. The owner said: “you can have Italian or Italian.”

      My wife makes excellent homemade pancakes, but she has also found some good mixes. I’ll mention the Costco mix to her. Maybe – in any case, I’d give it a try.


  5. Breakfast foods are my favorite. What makes it or breaks it is the syrup. Recently a nurse who was giving my son his physical for sports told him he was quite dapper. She made him look up the definition on his phone and then read it to her. He blushed and she laughed. She’s a good 10 years older than he..I’m in trouble. He’s only 15. I do love the description, however.

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    1. It’s funny, Audrey, I looked up the meaning to see if I really understood. It was close enough that I thought it could be used or misused in that context. Hang onto your son in that office. The syrup does make a huge difference. Fortunately, we’re close enough to Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine to get some real Maple Syrup pretty easily.


  6. I have been vegetarian for 40+ years so always ate beans for the protein. Personally, I love chickpeas (garbanzo beans sounds so much better, no?). When I was vegan (for about 5 years) I was given recipes using the chickpea liquid–aquafaba– in recipes. So gross. There is no way I could ever make anything with that. Just no way.

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    1. My wife does a vegan fast, several times a year for Church. Recently, there has been quite a story around an egg substitute made from aquafaba. I grew up with chickpeas. My paternal grandmother was Syrian and also fasted for her religion, quite often. Vegan meals were usually very tasty, but I would try my best to push the little paste-pods off to the side. She would make me eat them. I just can’t deal with the texture. My wife and daughter both eat them. I did discover that I like white-bean hummus. I had that at an event in Texas, and it was quite good. My wife made it for us. She liked it, but I think she prefers the garbanzo variety (yes, better word). Thanks Lois.

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  7. Ahhhh dammit, man, now you’ve gone and made me hungry with all those food photos. And my youngest visiting is usually an eat fest anyway. Hubby and I have both been watching ourselves in an effort to shed a few pounds. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s bar encounter. Indeed who cares if one person’s tradition is not the same as the restaurant? READ the menu instead of making assumptions. I must admit I ate more than my share of McDonald’s. Met my ex there and was in the system for better than ten years. It is its own kind of cult. Or used to be before ole Ray passed on. Back then we all took pride in what we did. That was before the giant burger press arrived and biscuits were still mixed and rolled by hand. Oh. Sorry, just wandering around. I was once given a Big breakfast instead of my McMuffin. Now that was a reason for a disgruntled customer. I don’t like pan sausage and I was. Huge McMuffin fan. I’d wait till my breakfast shift was nearly done, sve back one McMuffin, and when they started cooking fries snag an order for my break to go with it. And always with Dr. pepper. To this day I cannot drink Dr. pepper without craving that combo. Lol. All great photos. Dapper Dan. I like the sound of that one. He food must be good at that restaurant! There are grease stains on the menu. Haha! And a good breakfast sandwich is always my favorite. We grew up eating my Dad’s Cholesterol special-hard fried egg, fried bologna and cheese nestled between two slices of ” buttered before” toast and slathered with mayo. 😱 I think I need my whiskey shot now…..giddayup horse!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl and thanks for the input for the behind-the-bar commentary. You touched on a favorite in this comment when you talked about waiting for the fries to go with your McMuffin. I love putting french fries on burgers and breakfast sandwiches. It was a thing in Pittsburgh to put the potatoes on the sandwich (still is at Primanti Brothers). Now that they are serving breakfast all day, I guess I can order a McMuffin and a small fries. Mmmmm.

      I feel bad for the guy ahead of me. There wasn’t anyone behind me, so I’m guessing I got his breakfast. Still, given the size of the bag, he should have known there was a problem.

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      1. Wow. Breakfast all day at McDonald’s. Dare I say it? Ray must have rolled over. 🙄 People think I’m nuts because, as Hubby’s mother used to say,”that girl will make a sandwich out of anytning!” And laugh in her special way. I love potato salad sandwiches, sometimes with a slice of leftover Easter ham. My Dad taught me that. He used to eat mustard and onion sandwiches but that’s lost on me…

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          1. Thanks. I feel better now. 😊But the filet o fish was lost on me. I think it is the steamed bun. I used to eat just the fish when I was “dieting”. I love a good fish reuben. Have you had one of those? They put a delicious light slaw on it. Marbled rye. Okay I have disembark from this food train immediately. Where are my running shoes? Lol

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  8. All my typos. Darn. Please repair. Grease stains. Please forgive me Pepsi Cola company. Dr. Pepper. Lol eating, not earing. Oh my word, I need coffee….notice I did not misspell one word about my favorite breakfast sandwich, 😂

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    1. You should visit Lincoln, NE. While there is a fair share of beefy burher joints, it is filled with healthy, organic vegan and locel farm sourced choices. Plus they have great bars and local brews too!

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        1. Oh I hope you do. If so, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a local “tour guide”. I know several! There is a great new venue which is actually a chain but was so awesome, with literally over 50 beers on ice cold tap called HopCats. Great food too.

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      1. We don’t even buy bread any more, or make our own. The bread of Tuscany is unsalted, hard-crusted affair. Hard already upon purchase. Even though it’s fun to fry it with garlic or mozzarella – you can hardly make it any harder. We bake potatoes with chicken and vegetables. I wouldn’t mind trying those garlic mashed potatoes though. But bread + potatoes together? Why?

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        1. It must be the soft, white variety like a good French bread or buttermilk loaf. It is what it is. I don’t get pasta with olive oil and no sauce but I respect that it is the norm for a lot of people. I’d try it. Once. With some grated parmesan or asiago. 😊

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          1. I don’t like that either, just with olive oil. But I like it with butter and sage, for example. :) To each their own, of course, but I’ve been reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and am heavily under the influence of distrust of the ominous corn.

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            1. Yes, I have been back and forth on corn. But if I eat it it is from the ground state, such as in tortillas or chips. I love the new flatbreads made with ancient grains. Still I limit any bread. I just love veggies but not always easy to get good fresh ones and one gets weary of salads. For me it is about thinking less about food and just eating for sustenance. A tough situation for a Southern gal.

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  9. Me too. If not for discovering wheat as the source of most of my sinus wors I would likely happily let myeslf go in breaded bliss. I do still eat the breads I make at home on occasion. Hubby is a bread addict. Only white though. No whole grains for him most of the time although he does like a good rye with pastrami.

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  10. When we were first dating, I had my wife’s family over for breakfast and won them over by making blueberry pancakes. I won the ladies over by making breakfast and won the guys over by adding my secret ingredient. This was during harvest and the guys all went out to the fields after breakfast – and the meal kept them going until well after midday. The secret ingredient? Oatmeal. Try it, it is delicious.

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  11. As I sit at the coffee house, eating bacon, eggs and gluten-free toast…

    I think of the chickpea pancakes and that I would be willing to try those. After all, I have chickpea pasta and I find that to be a suitable alternative to wheat pasta.

    I have a FB friend who just turned 50 and received a bottle of Blanton’s bourbon as a gift. It must be excellent bourbon (says the girl who prefers brandy).

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  12. It is rare for me to miss my Saturday morning fix of Dan and Cheryl and friends. But I was on an early morning road trip – and we had egg and lettuce and tomato on a multi-grain bagel from the golden arches. It’s the only place my hubby is comfortable eating out – besides Subway.


    Whaddya gonna do?

    BTW – I just re-followed Cheryl – I used to long time ago, but you know how it is with WP – blogging connections are fragile things that can’t withstand the multiple upgrades!

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    1. I’m glad you’ve reconnected with my bartender. She’s got some great photos and poetry and she pours a mess glass of bourbon. I like tomato on an egg sandwich. I often have them add a slice.

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  13. All those pancakes look pretty good and I don’t usually like pancakes that much. And the Italian bread french toast looks good too. I was researching a tiny bit about beers and ales and found out Yuengling is an old beer company (Pennsylvania?) The name sounds Chinese to me. Is it pretty good?

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    1. Thanks Deborah. The Italian bread french toast is wonderful. Yuenging is the oldest beer brewed in America. It’s a nice full bodied lager. I prefer it over any other lager. It isn’t sold in every state. they have a brewery in Pennsylvania and one in Florida. I think they were talking about expanding into the midwest.

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  14. Sometimes the word pancakes means fluffy flour-y things and sweet toppings, and savory pancakes kinda messes with people for whom the maple-coated version is so dearly loved. I can remember reading menu items to The Mister and mentioning a blue corn pancake and he snarled. lol
    I agree, Mc Donald’s pancakes are tasty, but the syrup is way too sweet for me. It’s like they mix maple syrup with corn syrup and sugar. I just can’t with that sweet syrup.
    Bourbon is my serious drink. Ain’t nothin light or fluffy bout bourbon. Bourbon means business. :)

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    1. I agree, McD’s syrup was way too sweet, but… Light and fluffies are the ones I want. Blue? Corn? Pan…no. If you want to mess with my pancakes, set some bacon on the side.

      At least we can agree on bourbon.

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  15. I am the pool this sunny Sunday with three M’s two girls and Micah. They have had chips one break, pizza slice another and $1 cup ice cream.
    I’m munching on peanuts and still drinking coffee in a big to go cup. No caffeine allowed at pool snack spot. I miss having a cherry coke here! Owned by the Y since city didn’t run budget well.
    Anyway, the Grove place has delicious looking French toast!! Yummy! 😊
    I like a bourbon over ice, an old fashioned order a bourbon sour. I would not “ruin” a top shelf alcohol as I know that is how my Dad felt. So I would take house brand. Have a great beginning of the week!

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  16. I like the pancakes and bacon at McDonald’s, too. I usually use their real butter and eat with a few drops of the syrup.
    I like diners like Hamburger Inn or independent restaurants since they make lots of sliced potatoes, onions and cheese and then I add two fried eggs! I love maple or pecan sweet rolls when made at the place. Mmm, hungry now, Dan!

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      1. Oh, I think your choices are all great in one way or another. I used to go to a Denny’s here in Delaware, then they moved it out to the highway, where Waffle House, Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel are located. Not sure why(?) One never knows!

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  17. Ok soooo I see you have not added the West Virginia traditional pancake to your list ” The Buckwheat Pancake”. Have you ever eaten them? if so do you like them? and if you have not I think it is high time you tried them… I will send some if you are willing to try something totally different but fluffy just the same… then let me know how you like them. Tom and I love the darn things but we make them thin and crispy buy just adding more milk to the batter…. let me know you may have a package coming your way!

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    1. I think I have had them, JoLynn, but not for a long time. I don’t think they are available anywhere around here. Other than, perhaps the chickpea variety, I don’t think I’ve ever met a pancake I didn’t like. I’ll have to check with my wife to see if she ever bought buckwheat mix. She has tried a lot of different flours and baking mixes over the years.

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        1. My wife says she used to get a buckwheat mix from Maine, back when she was trying all kinds of different things. Since I’ve never walked away from a plate of pancakes, I’m going to go with “I liked them.” She experimented with several varieties of whole wheat, as well as other flours, for both bread and backing. These days, with just the two of us, she doesn’t bake a lot.

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  18. I don’t eat pancakes too often…they’re the wrong kinda carb – a girl’s gotta watch her calories. If I don’t the pounds creep up too fast!
    I like McDonald’s, iHop, and Denny’s pancakes, and Krusteaz mix when I make them at home.
    He-Man gets pancake cravings more than anyone else in our little family.

    I splurged on Sunday morning at a restaurant in Brookings, OR and had a “lite” breakfast with one egg, two sausage links, and a pancake. It was as big as a full size dinner plate! It was very thin, pretty tasteless, and they watered down the syrup. I usually put jam on pancakes, but always have a bite with maple syrup for tradition’s sake. It was a disappointing pancake. I ate less than a quarter of it, but if it had been good I might have eaten half of it.

    I slept in today and am just having a rare cup of coffee instead of tea, but now want a full breakfast!
    I should have known better than to read your “If we were having a beer” post before breakfast because there’s always food at Cheryl’s, or talk about food at Cheryl’s! :)

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, and sorry to make you hungry. I like your comment about pancake cravings – that’s the mode I’ve been in for several months. The pancakes at The Grove in Iowa and at Maddie’s near where I work are large. The Grove easily covers a plate. I ordered one pancake at Maddie’s and they gave me two because the cook thought I looked like I should have two. I’m not sure what that says about how I look, but I did eat both of them.

      You do have to be careful with the bar visits. I often write these on Friday night, and I worry about how I’m going to feel when I check the post on Saturday morning. Either that, or I’m hungry when I go to bed :(

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