If We Were Having A(nother) Beer

This visit to the bar is also part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series, Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Yours truly is filling in for Linda today, and our assignment was:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ooooh, aaaah,”. Use it as a phrase, or break it apart. And since I love bonus points, bonus points if you somehow manage to start and end with all or part. That’s about it, oh yeah, I almost forgot – Enjoy!

“Ooooh, just the man I was hoping to see.”

“Was this in doubt? I mean, I’m usually here on Saturday.”

“Well, you’ve been mixing it up a lot, I thought maybe you were changing your routine.”

“Dan? Change his routine? $10 says he asks me for a Yuengling.”

“No bet, Cheryl, he is a creature of habit.”

“I am, and I will have a Yuengling, and I don’t understand why you think I’m ‘mixing it up’ “

“Well, I heard that you were in here on Sunday.”

“Yes. Sunday. Father’s Day. I was having dinner with my daughter.”

“Aaaah – I get it. Her gift to you? Pretty safe bet.”

“Actually, her gift to me was a visit to the Railroad Museum of New England and a ride on the historic Naugatuck Railroad, and a wonderful book from their gift shop.”

“A train ride. That’s an even safer bet than coming here. Here’s your beer, and I assumed you wanted a glass of Meiomi.”

“Speaking of safe bets, thanks, I was going to ask.”

“You boys want to visit the dining car, as it were?”

“Do you still have the Oysters special?”

“No, and I can honestly say, I don’t miss serving them. But, we always have Mussels on the menu.”

“Oooh, those are good, but white wine with red wine, I’m not sure…”

“I’m good. Mussels go fine with beer.”

“They’re Blue Point Mussels, red, white and blue…for the fourth???”

“OK, OK. Two orders of mussels.”

“Coming right up, you guys are easy today.”

“I think that’s because it’s my turn to pay.”

“So, I’m checking that museum out on my phone. It looks like you finally got your wish.”

“What wish was that?”

“To ride on a train pulled by a New Haven Railroad locomotive.”

“Not quite. They do have NHRR locos in their fleet, but we were pulled by a Naugatuck Railroad locomotive. Same GE engine, actually they said it was one of the first engines to have a rudimentary computer control, very similar paint scheme and the same slab serif font in the logo.”



“I was just thinking how you could have said: “No, it just looks like New Haven, it was actually a Naugatuck Railroad loco…that’s all.”

“I do tend to go on.”

“You do. So how long was the ride?”

“It was an hour and fifteen minutes.”

“Wow. That’s a good long ride.”

“Yeah, it goes down to Waterville then back up, past the Thomaston station, over the Thomaston dam and then back to the station. Oops, there I go again.”

“So, half way being pulled and half being pushed?”

“Nope. In Waterville the engine disconnects, turns around and reconnects at the other end.”

“That must be fun to watch.”

“It was, but they give viewing preference to the kids on board.”

“Aaaah, that’s cool.”

Mussels with white wine

“OK guys, mussels are up. More wine? Another beer?”

“Ooooh, look at those bad boys. Yes, I’ll have another beer.”

“Great, you boys doing anything special for the fourth?”

“I might go into Hartford for the fireworks.”

“I’m going to pass on the fireworks. The loud noises still screw-up my hearing.”

“Let me guess, you got your building permit and you’re going to start on your garage.”

“I did get the building permit, but I’m pretty sure my wife will be maintaining the fourth-of-July-construction-ban.”


“Three years. Three projects. Three trips to the ER or walk-in medical, and she drew the line. No construction on the fourth of July weekend.”

“Who are you, Tim from Tool Time?”

“Ha ha. It was beginning to feel that way.”

“She doesn’t seriously forbid you to do the work…right?”

“Oh no, she does. Seriously, no construction. I can do some work in the shop, but I won’t be starting that project.”

“So bike ride? Barbeque? Sit with Maddie and suck down a few Yuenglings? What’s the deal?”

“Those all sound pretty good.”

“What if it rains?”

“It’s supposed to be a pretty nice weekend. And, on the fourth, there’s always the Twilight Zone Marathon.”


The video is of the work yard for the museum., I thought David would enjoy seeing the collection of rolling stock.


  1. Dont send me the model. The last time you did that, it was hugely stressful and expensive for everyone. all round-grin. Still, I would love a NH Alco RS-3 on my layout. It would be perfect for a newly scheduled through freight (ooops – there I go again!).

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  2. Ooooh, aaaaah! Too early to share a beer with you, but I do love mussels in white wine, preferably with a good bit of garlic. Yours is the second blog in the last five minutes that I’ve read that talks about food, so I guess it’s time for breakfast and maybe some of those delicious strawberries I got at the farmer’s market this morning. Happy weekend and Fourth, Dan, whatever you end up doing.


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    1. Thanks Janet. I got myself so spun up about these mussels that I’ll probably actually have an order today. We also have some fresh strawberries from the farmer’s market. It might be a lazy weekend but I’m up for that, too. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. “Sigh…”
    “I was just thinking how you could have said: “No, it just looks like New Haven, it was actually a Naugatuck Railroad loco…that’s all.”
    “I do tend to go on.”

    Totally cracked me up. I am married to one… music. I say I liked that bit he was palying and he begins ot explain the intricacies of things-I-cannot-begin-to-undertand. I am glad he doesn’t rad this blog cuz he’d be hurt… Being a good wife, I listen. We have to share this crazy crapola in our heads on the things we do with SOMEONE!

    Dan I can’t see a train or a beer now without thinking of you… Is that too funny? And we’ve never met!

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    1. I’m homered to be associated with those images in your mind. I feel a little better knowing I’m not alone in my willingness to share details. Thanks Kate.


        1. I normally start with “if we were having a beer”. But I wanted those bonus points. And, I already had a post titled “if we were having a beer”. I know, it doesn’t matter, but…

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  4. oooh ahhhh – or aaaah if i were paying close attention. sounds like the warm up routine for one of our fellow gardeners when we get together and show pictures each fall. it is a drizzly day here. mist , rain, and damp. that might make it a good day for a train ride – followed of course by a beer. mussels would be a good follow up. is it noon yet ? somewhere ? in the mean time i will finish this cup of coffee. and dream of train rides and beer – ooooh ahhhh !

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  5. I’d say that Faith knows her dad very well … that was a thoughtful gift! :)
    I had to smile at the photo of the 2 of you. Faith has a big happy smile and your expression is more like ‘are you sure that it’s on?’ hahahahaha!!

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend and whatever 4th of July celebration you get into!

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  6. Oooohhhhh….what a great way to spend Father’s Day. Kudos to Faith. And to the missus for keeping your body parts intact over the holidays. Most people end up with eye injuries and burned hands from Fireworks. You have to go and upstage the Fourth with building injuries…lol. Thanks for giving me the night off for my special day too. Ummm…and the mussels, in the same category with oysters….enjoy but no, aaaahhhhhhh….(loved all the photos Mr. Conductor) 👏🏻

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  7. My fav is of you and Faith, Father and Daughter. And OH how I laughed about the ER trips and your wife putting forth the decree no working on July 4th with dangerous machines. LOL I’m getting herbs into my cats to help them with the fireworks that they hate. No plans on going anywhere but here to keep them as comforted as possible. Awesome gallery, Dan! Thank you! 🌹

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    1. Thanks Amy. It was a great day. The construction ban has been in force for many years but she’s not interested in relaxing it. Maddie will be in her thunder shirt when the fireworks start.

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      1. Unfortunately most people don’t understand how the huge noises are so terrifying to our animals. I work hard at keeping calm in this house on the 4th. Poor Maddie. She will need a lot of hugs!

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          1. You’re not alone. Hubby does not like fireworks so he will do his best to block out the noises. Unfortunately many around us locally are blowing off fireworks which we have no control over. Good luck!! 🌸

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  8. Aw, Faith really is a great kid — those were excellent gifts :)
    Your wife may be on to something with her prohibition on 4th of July construction. I think the third time shoulda been the charm, and after that third incident, I have to agree, you’re jinxed. Nothin you can do this weekend that can’t be done next weekend. And I’ve taken my own advice on that matter. Imma weed the garden and otherwise sloth.

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    1. I think it was two incidents then a safe weekend and then another trip to the ER. 3 out of 4 landed me in construction jail. Father’s Day was perfect. I cleaned my shop a little today. A little more tomorrow and then easing around for a couple.

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  9. Everything in this post brought a big silly grin on my face. This is the original Dan I met a few years ago through blogging. . . we “lost touch” for awhile, and now stay in close friendly touch. You are the railroad King who loves the intricacies of locomotion. Your interests vary~ (woodworking, home improvement projects, photography, travel and especially a family man I admire.) Happy belated Fourth 🇺🇸 to you, Faith, the Editor and Chief of your life and the cats with Maddie!! This was a stellar post! 👏 🚂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so happy too! I blame blogging on my phone and that darn “unfollow” button. It should let off a loud whistle or warning signal. 😊 My fingers aren’t big, but I accidentally delete a few times and unfollow occasionally, too. Oh well, I am extra careful now!

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