Late Night Activity

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, the conversation starter would be obvious.

“Holy crap, what happened to you?”

“I fell.”

“You fell? That’s like Bill Gates saying ‘I made some money in software’ what did you fall from, or into?”

“I fell at home, in the bathroom. The exact details are less than clear.”

“Yikes, Dan! What the heck happened?”

“He fell.”

“I did.”


“He doesn’t remember.”

“I didn’t say that. I fell in our bathroom. I’m just a little sketchy on the details.”

“But, other than the obvious, you’re OK?”

“Yes, Cheryl. Thanks for asking.”

“I was gonna ask.”

“OK then, for the critical detail. Are you on any medication that prevents you from drinking alcohol?”

“I am not.”

“Good. Then I prescribe one Yuengling, administered orally, via frosted glass.”

“Add a glass of Meiomi to that order, and put it on my tab Cheryl.”

“Aww, thanks.”

“I thought you were going to say ‘you don’t have to do that’ at which…”

“…at which point you would have retracted the offer. I cut my head, I don’t have a concussion.”

“What were you doing in the bathroom before you fell?”

“Um, guys, let’s remember that people are trying to eat here. Maybe a light touch on the details is in order. Here are your drinks.”

“Agreed, here’s to good friends and a light touch.”

“You guys have a point. Can you tell me when it happened?”

“Thursday night, around 11:30.”

“Did you call 911?”

“My wife did. After she helped me up, asked those annoying questions and helped me control the bleeding.”

“Annoying questions?”

“You know, ‘what day is it?’ ‘How old are you?’ ‘What’s your birthday?’ those things to see if you’re still thinking straight.”

“Oh, ok. So who came, ambulance or cop?”

“The police arrived first, followed in a few minutes by the ambulance.”

“What did the cop do?”

“He offered to help and then asked all those annoying questions.”

“Did you get to ride in the ambulance? I mean, did they take you to the hospital?”

“They took me to St. Francis.”

“Lights and sirens the whole way?”

“Lights, no siren.”


“Yeah, but I got to ride the stretcher down our ramp.”

“Wow! That must have been quite a thrill.”

“It was! I heard one of the paramedics comment about how smooth it was. I built that ramp, that’s quite a compliment.”

“I’m happy for you. How long were you at the hospital?”

“About three hours.”

“That’s a long time for one, two, three…”

“14, there are 14 stitches, a new record for me. But they ran a bunch of tests, too.”

“CBC, Chem, EKG, and all that ER stuff?”

“You watch too much television.”

“ER is on in syndication.”

“Ha ha, yes all that, and a CAT Scan.”

“Wow, in two months, you’ve had an MRI of your head and a CAT scan. I guess that proves there’s something in there.”

“It does, and what’s in there is fine.”

“I came to ask if you boys planning on eating, but I need to know, are you going to stick with ‘Dan’ or switch to Scarface?”

“I’ll stick with Dan. The doctor promised a minimal scar, if I get these out within five days.”

“Come on, I’ve had stitches, they aren’t magic.”

“I just have to give it some time.”

“How much time?”

“About a year. Cheryl, how about putting an order of 20 wings on his tab?”

“I can do that, but are you sure you want to look at napkins covered in barbeque sauce?”

“Good point, make that a large pepperoni pizza.”

“And another round?”


The gallery includes some June leftovers from the Solstice and the high water at Great River Park. And, if you’re not too squeamish, there’s a shot of the new look I’m sporting. I kept it small, but you can click on it or any photo to start a slide show.


  1. Not a good way to start the weekend! I feel cheated now. Did the same thing a few weeks ago – but it must be my thick Italian skin . . . no cuts, no bruises, no rides in an ambulance, no stitches – thus, no story. Hopefully your drink sooth the pain and hurt feelings!

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    • Ha ha. I’m sure the floor knew better than to mess with you, Bob. Falling, whatever the result, is just not a good idea when you get to be our age. I hope Jack helped. I’m going try something similar today.


  2. Well, now, that’s not a good thing. Those floors are unforgiving. Glad you survived to write the story but sorry to hear about so much excitement in your life. I bet you’re tired of people asking if you walked into a door. Take care – sit outside with Maddie today and rest up. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. If you can tell the tale, things are OK. I haven’t been out much. I’m hoping most people I know will read this before I see them again. The Mrs. is taking good care of me. Maddie is stealing my place on the couch :(

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  3. Wow. You sure you weren’t mugged? Looks like the doc did a good job. I’d buy you another beerif I was really there. PS. I love that first photo! Awesome. Be well Dan. Maybe bar food isn’t such a good idea. Eat something healthy so you can heal….

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I’m half expecting a similar recommendation from the Editor, later today. I told the ambulance driver that I needed a better story. He suggested telling people I fought off three intruders.


  4. Ahhh but if you said it was three gremlins you could be famous! Face on the cover of National Enquirer. (En) quirung minds would be impressed! Might get a visit from Mulder and Scully! 👏

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    • Thanks Pam. This is the third time I’ve had stitches within close proximity of this eye. Once, when I was the or four, I cut above and below that eye. I guess I lean to the left 😏

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    • Thank you. I (the doctor) got several compliments of his sewing ability. I was impressed with the medical “system” throughout this process. Everything went smoothly. Everyone was caring, professional and everyone shared enough information to keep us comfortable. I was particularly impressed, given the time of day and the fact that it’s a downtown hospital and was very busy. We normally choose a suburban, related facility, but I’d have no problem going back here. I mean, you go where you need to go, but…

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    • Ha ha – that’s a good one, Bryant. See, it just goes to show that you need to get the media guys involved earlier in the process. I like the way yours ends, with me getting the upper hand.


  5. YIKES! As I was scrolling through the gallery I prayed, “Don’t show the injury. Please don’t show the injury.” Then you did, and it’s not as ghastly as I feared, but then, I looked with my eyes squinted shut.
    [shiver] my knees feel wobbly. Glad I’m sitting down.
    Take good care, Dan.

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  6. Man. Am I glad you are okay. That was some fall. If it happened to me, my wife would forbid me to use the bathroom ever again which would have caused other issues. Thanks for letting us know you are okay.

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    • It’s funny, the previous trip to the ER resulted in me giving a wrong, but predictably wrong answer to “what’s today’s date?”. The doctor looked at my wife and she said. “he’s fine, he always get’s that wrong. He believes his watch which is wrong until he resets it after a month that only had 30 days.”

      Doing pretty good now.

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  7. Hmmm… falls are baaad (think of the teacher in South Park for the accent.) I had one some months ago in the bath but thankfully no injury apart from anxiety that it could have been worse and what a **** (insert your choice of swear word/s) idiot I was not to balance properly. But then I don’t, and it sounds like you don’t, either. I’m glad you didn’t have a worse injury and that your brain is intact. Or in anything else.

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    • Thanks Val. This wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but bad enough. The stitch count is a lifetime high for me. I hope that’s a record that stands a long time. We may be adding another grab-bar. We have one in the shower, but not in the room.

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  8. My go-to lie is always, “Knife fight. You oughta see the other guys.” Make sure the doc who removes the stitches knows how many there were and gets them all.

    Best photo today (other than Maddie, of course): The Solstice Sunset with the house and just a few pinpricks of human lights.

    Best line today (tough choice): “Good. Then I prescribe one Yuengling, administered orally, via frosted glass.”

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    • Thanks Marian. I do like your line. We all agreed that I won whatever battle I was in, even the version with alien intruders. I appreciate the other observations.

      I should tell you that I didn’t include the Maddie photo originally. I added it this morning, using my phone, which shows how much I love you guys.

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  9. Oh dear, Dan. Not good indeed! It looks dreadful, but I’m glad to hear you’re otherwise ok. The real question though is – why did you fall? Any concerns about balance issues because of your ear?

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  10. Oh, no! The bad thing about starting on past posts and working my way forward, I miss crucial, current facts and situations! Sorry to hear about this, Dan. Fourteen stitches is a lot. Hope it is not causing you headaches or anything. . . .
    Now, on July 4th you were “not allowed” to use home improvement equipment at all. Then a few days later, you show that there is no way to totally bypass accidents nor bans from what the Editor (missus) can’t cover All aspects of Home! :( I guess it could have been worse. Friendly hugs and hopes for healing sent your way. 😊

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    • Thanks Robin. I’m doing well. This was just one of those things that could have gone better but could have been worse. This was outside the boundary of the 4th of July ban. No construction activity/equipment involved.

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  11. Oh my! I’m glad you’re okay! We just had a talk with #1 Grandson Thursday evening about how most accidents at home occur in the bathroom. While I was on an evening walk and he was in the bath he jumped up on the rim of the tub to retrieve some toy from the sink and slipped and banged his cheek up pretty good on the vanity. It scared Baby Girl half to death who was right there and couldn’t stop it as it happened all too fast. No ambulance, or stitches thankfully, but he’s bruised up and has a little cut on his face. :(

    You can’t be too careful in the bathroom!

    I hope you get the stitches out in 5 days, and there’s no scar when it heals completely. Sending healing vibes, and prayers your way!

    RE: Maddie and your place on the couch. She knows one of our house rules. “Move your feet, lose your seat! “:) Rest up, and get better soon!

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    • Thanks Deborah. Bathrooms are dangerous places. We’re still trying to figure out what I hit. Best guess is that I just landed snack on the floor. This also happened very fast.

      Stitches are coming out Tuesday.

      I read your comment on the photo (I can’t reply there from my phone). Maddie does seem to know your house rule. No dibs for a bathroom break? She’s in heat and she seems to like nesting (not having puppies).


  12. I like the sound of “Scarface Antion.” It has a nice ring to it, good for a movie about a man and his evil bathroom :-p

    All kidding aside, I’m glad this wasn’t something much worse…like a bad concussion and a few days at the hospital. That would have seriously dug into your beer and wing time.

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    • It’s so glad to see that my friends understand the priorities in life. Thanks Mary. It could have been much worse. The bathroom didn’t quite have the murder scene feel to it, but it set the Mrs. back a step at first. Fortunately, she sprang into action like a trooper.

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  13. Ouch, Dan! I was afraid that was a true story as I was reading. I hate to think about the headache. I’ll toast your health and safety with a glass of Riesling. Cheers and hugs.


  14. OMG hope your head heals soon, Dan – best wishes from a fellow bathroom accident victim. When I fell out the shower a couple of years ago I cracked the back of my head open on the wash-hand basin on my way down. On returning home after a visit to hospital I was truly shocked at just how much blood was everywhere – the bathroom resembled a scene from Psycho! Headaches were a problem for me for a good while after, but apart from a really neat scar hidden in my hair it’s all a distant memory now :-)

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    • Ouch! That makes my head hurt just reading it, Ruth. I had passed out before falling so I don’t know what I hit. We think I just smacked the floor and split my forehead. At first, I only saw a couple drop of blood. I thought I had a bloody nose. Then I saw the rest and started calling for my wife. My face is still tender but no headaches so far.

      I don’t have enough hair to cover this 😞

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  15. Aargh! heh, heh, heh. Pretty sporty scar, Dan. It gives you character. When I had the melanoma on my neck removed back in May, the doc gave me interior sutures and superglued the outside. ‘The glue will fall off gradually,’ he said. Almost 2 months later, and I am still waiting for more than half of the glue to ‘fall off gradually.’ I love that the EMT’s notice your handiwork outside. How great is that?!

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    • I think the ER is set up for rapid turnaround, not aesthetics. Still the guy did some fancy seeing my wife and daughter were watching snd both were impressed.

      I was really happy with he ramp ride. We built it in case we needed it for normal old age stuff. I never considered a stretcher. The ride was smooth. He complimented the ramp and when I told him that I built it, he seemed impressed. If nothing else, it kept my mind off the gash on my face.

      I think Faith had some stuff that was supposed to wear off over time. I’m not sure how well that worked.

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  16. Oh dang! I’m guessing you had not been drinking a bathtub full of watermelon margarita, so that’s just a shame on both counts. Owie! That looks owie now, I can’t imagine how much it hurt at the time!
    You crack me up though, about the compliment on the smoothness of your ramp! Haha! Well done!
    This post is a good reminder for me to finally apply those sticky things in my tub. Nothin like clean smooth surfaces to encourage a slide into stitches. I’ve fallen too many times to count. I put a rubber mat in there to stop that, but I prefer the sticky things.

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  17. That’s both disturbing and hysterical. Good job on the ramp, didn’t know how important it was, did you? Now for the drinks…. make sure Cheryl is with you when doing anything dangerous, such as using the bathroom.
    I always knew there was something in the head worth scanning – you are a picture taking family.

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  18. Wow, already 80 comments! I was going to ask (not knowing about what happened to you)
    if you were okay, because you seemed “not there” in your comment on Thurs. Doors.
    When coming here now, at first I thought this was a make up story, till I looked at the photo gallery. Now I KNOW you weren’t “there!” Am glad it wasn’t worse:) You better not take a shower when your wife isn’t there!

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    • I appreciate your concern (and that of the others). Thursday was a hectic day, which I thought had come in for a soft landing. Prior to my encounter with the floor, I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Some stories, you just can’t make up.


    • I am doing fine. Just to be clear, they didn’t do an MRI (that was last month) but they started blood work on arrival, and wired me up for the EKG. I was pretty impressed with everyone, from the policeman, to the ambulance crew, to the hospital staff. And, my wife and daughter stepped up in a big way.

      Hoping for a quiet week. I hope yours is good, too.

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  19. So so sorry about your accident, Dan. Hopefully, the scar would not be that bad. I have a scar on my nose from a car accident many years ago [broke my nose]. I can tell you that scars do not end your life as you know it, just gives you character.

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    • Thanks Glynis. I’m not overly concerned about my appearance. I’ve actually gotten a few compliments on the stitches. One person said it gave me a bit of a dangerous look – I kinda liked that ;-)

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  20. Holy moly, Dan! What gives? First your hearing goes all funny and now you fall and hit your head. Oh my goodness! Good thing Cheryl gave you medicine to feel all better. Lived the gallery. The sun shot is spectacular. Please! Be careful. 🎀

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    • Thanks Amy. Let’s hope this isn’t one of those things that comes in threes! The Mrs. took good care of me despite walking into a bathroom that looked like a murder scene, after being woken up around midnight. This could have been so much worse.


      • Yes it could gave been a lot worse. Any head wounds bleed profusely so I can well imagine what your wife walked into. Bless her for not being the faint of heart. I had a shower incidence where as I leaned on the ceramic soap dish, it fell off the tiled wall hitting the cast iron bathtub. As it hit it shattered and one piece stabbed me in my left ankle. Blood everywhere. I did not go to the hospital but instead opted to butterfly the gaping wound together. It worked. Today I have no scar. Now mind you I had lots of experience as an ICU nurse. Good to know you made it to the hospital and did not take matters into your own hands. 👀

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  21. Falls are scary for adults. And when you cut your head I know it can bleed a lot which is scarier. Have to be sure to walk carefully, especially at night when you are half asleep, and if you are dizzy. Feel better soon!

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  22. Yikes, Dan — so sorry to hear that you fell and hurt yourself! Kicking myself for not being on here on Saturday to say that. I hope your healing is swift, and the evidence (i.e., scarring) is light!

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  23. Wow…sorry to hear about this my friend…glad everything is ok and glad they ran tests because of passing out….nasty cut….not sure how I would react if it were me…either no honey I’m fine…no need to worry even with all that blood on the floor…( I try and not do what in my head is over react…which actually turns out to be not reacting well period)….the trials my poor wife goes through with me and that approach…can someone say stupid Kirt….glad I don’t live alone! Best to you as you have had a run of stuff lately!!

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  24. Late to wish you a prompt recovery, Dan. But you’re so productive on your blog it’s hard to keep up with your posts and your falls :)
    Really hope you’re fine, though. Looks like you are since you can still write intelligent posts :)
    We fall so much when we are kids without hurting ourselves that it’s scary to fall when we are older. Seems to happen more often in a bathroom. Maybe the floor or the light.
    In any case, take care!

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  25. The high water with the seagull along with separate photo of the great blue heron were special ones, Dan. Just starting on my blogging voyage to the present, starting on one I had commented mainly on your face (sad) and Maddie, (happy) I believe. . . Inserted my emotions, too.

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  26. Ow, Dan! Ugh. Those darned mysterious slash ridiculous falls at home. Endless source of awkward explanations.
    Have a question: Why did a cop turn up? When we call 000 they ask if you want police, fire or ambulance and send you what you ask for.
    Congratulations on the ramp. You should be so proud. 👏👏

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    • We call 911, but police always respond first. They are usually closer and they are already on the move. Our ambulance takes a few minutes. The police are trained in first aid and emergency care. They also assess the situation to see if other rescue workers (firemen) are required for access or to help move someone.

      The 911 dispatcher stayed on the line with my wife until the cop showed up (almost instantly). It actually made her feel better.


  27. I missed this post, Dan. So glad you’re ok. I’ve only ever had one ambulance ride, and unfortunately I was puking too much to enjoy it. And it was wee bit embarrassing being carried out of my own house. But I did notice that the male attendants were quite cute.

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