One-Liner Wednesday – How Many Es in Eeew?

Let me start with a great big disclaimer: I don’t normally take my cell phone into the Men’s room at work and I have never taken a picture in there. OK, that’s not true, I took a picture of a disgusting scene (near the trash can) once, with the thought of sending an email to the company across the hall from us. I never sent the email and I deleted the photo.

Don’t ask – just don’t

I’ve been carrying my phone with me these past few days, after falling in my own bathroom, like a security blanket. Of course, I know that if I fell, the phone would break or slide to a point where I couldn’t reach it, but this is what you do to convince yourself that you are once again in control of your surroundings. Replace ‘you/your’ with ‘I/mine’ and you get the picture I don’t want to share.

So, I took my phone into the Men’s room, fully planning not to use it. Upon walking into the stall, I snapped (and cropped for your benefit) the photo at the right, thinking I might use it for a light-hearted “things you’d never expect to see’ post. Then, after getting, ah, um, er, situated, I heard the one-liner I can’t resist sharing:

“Excuse me, did I leave my water in there?”

I am ending this story right here.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Today’s gallery includes a variety of photos from my office window. They are replacing the roof on our building. Am I lucky, or what?



  1. LOL! Eeewww! LOL! Don’t worry about the correct spelling of Eewww – use as many E’s and W’s as you’d like. The grosser the scene, the more letters that are allowed. From personal experience, I can tell you that the womens’ bathrooms can hold a bevy of grossly interesting and messy sights. But I won’t mention details here. Let’s think about puppy dogs and sunshine, okay?

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  2. Ooooh…hiw many o’s are supposed to be in that? Lol a crane! Your day started out perfectly. And speaking of making short work of that load…I try not to bring anything into a stall that will be consumed, unless it is in my suitcase at the airport…and maybe not even then. I have done what I needed to while holding my stuff if the “situation” is questionable enough. Sometimes you don’t even want your purse to touch the door! Happy Wednesday Dan.

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    1. Traveling alone so often, I understand your contorting behavior. Yeah, I try not to take anything in. The worst I’ve seen, and I see it a couple of times a month, cause the guy works across the hall, is a guy, at the urinal, with an apple.

      But the crane was an awesome treat :)


      1. How did I know you were going one step further with food in there? 😱Try the main employee bathroom being IN our breakroom?! Yeah uh I use the “management r” restroom.


  3. I live with boys. You can’t outgross me with toilet photos.
    I’m very careful if I take my phone in the toilet. I’ve dropped it in there TWICE. (Exactly, to the day, two years apart. My husband thought it was a deliberate ploy to get a new phone at the end of the contract.)

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  4. Eeewww is right! Did you hand over the bottle of water? I’ve been asked through the door if they left their phone in there. They had. I handed it over after I was done with my business. :)

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  5. Like MOSY, I’m pretty hard to gross out after growing up with 2 older brothers and having 2 sons. It falls in the same category as ‘show no fear’. They can smell it and use it against you ;)

    Two of your captions made me laugh out loud. “As soon as I got to work, I knew it was going to be a good day” and “Later in the day, they had to move the crane closer to my desk”. Yeah, I’m guessing you were a little distracted all day ;)

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    1. Thanks Joanne. The crane arrived shortly after I did and left about 30 minutes before me. I’m sure I got some work done in between…really. I guess, as a gender, our reputation precedes us.

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    1. Ha ha – I thought about doing just that! I acknowledged that the bottle was there and left it for him to recover on his own…or not, up to him. But yeah, I would have written that one off.


  6. I love the ‘No Access’ guy. Women are prone to sharing toilet paper under the stalls. I have heard many an interesting conversation in the Ladies Room, also. At that point, I must get out in a hurry. Seriously? This could not wait until you are out of the restroom?!

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    1. Thanks Lois. It wasn’t a phone or a diamond ring. It wasn’t even a pricey water bottle. Why did you bring it into the bathroom in the first place? I don’t usually consume stuff in that room.

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  7. Glad you are feeling well enough to be back at work. Hope they figured out why you fell so you can avoid it in the future. I’m guessing you’ll be challenged to get much done because you’ll be watching that crane. :-) I like your balcony. I’d be moving my laptop out there. Now, grab some gloves and dispose of that water bottle. Ewwwww.

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    1. I am back at work. The likely reason I fell, was nausea, related to everything I ate that day. I’m sure I’ll lose your sympathy if I put the list out here. The crane is gone :(

      I should take my laptop out there, that’s a great idea. Thanks Judy.

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  8. Oh my gosh whenever I use a public bathroom I am so conscious of what NOT to touch. Ewwww is right about that water. Gross! And I got a kick out of the “no access” picture, Dan. Someone certainly has a sense of humor. Hope your head is feeling better! 🌸

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    1. Well they didn’t go well. I was trying to backspace but hit send. I wouldn’t have wanted the water either it was gone later, but I don’t know who took it. The little guy is one of our engineers ;)

      The crane was fun to watch. I would have had better pictures and video but we weren’t allowed on balcony and we’re not allowed to raise the shades :(


  9. Oh.My.Worrrrrd. I think the amount of Es in ew is unlimited, and varies depending on the ewness of the circumstances. I choose to believe the bottle owner merely wanted to empty it, onto a plant of course, and then recycle it. That’s what I choose to believe.
    Oh and, charming captions :) Crane day must have been dreadful for you ;)

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    1. You’re a good soul to believe such things. I’ll go with your version, but I’m adding an ‘e’ or two. Crane day was amazing. The cranes always set up outside our balcony (large paved area) but they are usually here for a pick and then gone. This guy was here, almost the entire day. I’m sure I did some work…if my boss is reading, I know I did some work, lots of work.

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  10. I never thought of bringing water into the the toilet with me. I’m usually in there to get rid of water… I think you can put as many “E”‘s in it, as long as you use at least as many “W”‘s, e.g. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

    One place I worked, we used the handicapped bar as a magazine rack.

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    1. That happens in there as well. It’s a pain if you need to use the rails. Our neighbors run a training facility. The days they have classes, the men’s room looks like a gas station


  11. This really distracted me, Dan. I had to think of that warning on a website of how many feet away from a tier flushing a toothbrush should be! I actually moved a cup, toothpaste and brush to the kitchen. No real flushing there! :D
    The crane, the crane made me think of the show, Fantasy Island with the shorter man standing by Ricardo Montalban said, “De plane!” or “Ze Plane!” This was a fun post but it took me off on a tangent.

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  12. Funny post. I used to clean the church/school restrooms. Some scenes I don’t like talking about, let alone posting a picture! But I encountered one commode in the men’s restroom where some kid smeared Ben Gay all over the toilet seat and another kid sat on it.


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