Oh, Now You Let Us Speak

In response to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, the voices in my head will be speaking on my behalf today.

Yeah, we’re speaking, ‘cuz you got nothin. All week long, you’re all meeting, meeting, meeting, conference call, “quiet, quiet, I gotta think about these measurements…” blah, blah, blah. Then, Friday night comes around and you got bupkis, and you’re all “hey, do you guys want to take a stab at Linda’s prompt?


We got better things to do. Well, OK, we don’t, but that doesn’t matter. You should have planned to let us do this all along this week. No, you thought you could pull off a bar conversation, after working three days and spending two in the garage building stuff, and talking to yourself, but not us. Yeah we heard you: “29.2°, 29.2°, 29…” how many times do you have to remind yourself of that angle? You were laughing when your friend Mary wrote about talking to yourself, but you do it all – the – time. Yes, we can hear you.

Anyway, what did Linda give us for a prompt?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “limb.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

How can we thank you for giving us this one? Let’s start by saying that we’re happier being the voices in your head than in any of your limbs. Although you gave us a smack a few weeks ago, you’ve been beating up on those limbs forever. Cuts, bruises, burns, breaks, you name it, and it seems you’ve put one or more of those appendages through it.

Speaking of limbs, you have some risky business to attend to in the front yard. You need to trim the upper limb of the dogwood so the squirrels can’t climb onto the roof. Oooh, look at that, ‘climb’ has ‘limb’ in it. That’s pretty cool. Do we get bonus points? No? What the…” How come you only give us the SoCS prompts when there are no bonus points involved? Anyway, you need to cut that limb because those squirrels make a crazy racket up there. It sounds like they’re having a party.

There aren’t a lot of words that contain ‘limb’, unless we can use typos. You’re forever messing up the ‘u-i-o’ part of your keyboard, and we can’t begin to count the number of times you’ve typed ‘limber’ when you meant to type ‘lumber’ and since you can’t edit these posts, we could get some extra limb words and maybe then Linda would open up the bonus points drawer, and… Oh, you can edit typos?

You wouldn’t know that by looking at your previous posts…just sayin.

I know, the editor catches most of them, but you don’t always let her read the stuff you post. Like yesterday, your #WATWB post had a bunch of errors and you copied and pasted half of it from Mary’s post! You went out on a limb with that post, and you almost blew it. If Cheryl hadn’t told you about your worst typo, the one where you wrote “addition” instead of “addiction,” some people might have missed the whole point. Although, Cheryl was pretty funny when she pointed out that she (and other visitors here) might consider that there are many dangers associated with addition.

OK, that’s it for today. Now remember, the next time Linda is offering bonus points, we get them. Oh, and take care of those limbs, yours and the ones the squirrels are using.


  1. The dangers of addition? You might become a weapon of math destruction. Words that contain
    limb?” The first word that comes to mind is “limbo,” as in “how low can you go.” which coincidentally is the response I often get to my puns. I loved the post, Dan. There is something about “stream of consciousness” that fits your style of writing and apparently your way of thinking too, at least some of the time.

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    1. Thanks so much, Mike. I like your puns. I thought about “limbo” but I guess it didn’t fit the train of thought. I like the SoCS prompts. Now and then, it’s fun to let chaos fly and see if I can get it back to earth.

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  2. ‘Limb’ in ‘climb’?? Oh, definitely bonus points. The squirrels are so cute–especially the one on the fence with the light shining through his ears. Maddie, as always, is beautiful. Keep your fingers limber, Dan, but the voices in your head did great today.

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    1. Thanks Lois. The black squirrels are adorable. We can’t help ourselves…so many pictures. I had to include Maddie. I’ll give these guys another shot, when Linda is offering bonus points.

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  3. I saw that you copied the wording from my #WATWB post. First I tried to do the one eyebrow Elvis look, then I rolled my eyes, and then a small chuckle. Thank goodness my head wasn’t a limb or I would have hurt myself…much like I’ve hurt my right heel with bad shoes or the finger that got to close to the slicing mandolin. Ow.

    Dan, I’m giving your voices 50 bonus pooints for today’s post. It would have been more but they were a little whiney about not getting points from Linda. You can’t always get what you want and that goes for the voices too.

    Have a happy Saturday and give the “kids” a pet for me.


    1. Thanks Mary. I should give you 100 blog-buddy-bonus-points for not screaming “plagiarism!” I was so tired Thursday night and I realized that I forgot that paragraph (with all those links) so, I cheated. Ouch on the mandolin. I have my wife one as a gift, but she doesn’t use it. Take the bonus points and get yourself some good shoes. Your feet deserve it.

      The cats are still sleeping. Maddie has been for a walk. #noFacilities might be done. Have a great weekend.

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  4. LOL. Personally I’ve found plenty of dangers in addition!
    Dan… I’m starting to think there might be nearly as much chaos in your mind as there is in my own. Nah… that’s impossible. Enjoyed this SoC Saturday. Well done. Hugs on the wing.

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  5. Dan, There are many dangers with addition. I can think of two. First one – honey I am going to add a few more plants to the garden… Second one – the granddaughters have been added to the occupants of this house for the weekend… what could possibly be slightly disruptive ? ! ? ! ? I am going to go out on a limb and hope they do not saw or snap it off while I am out there !


  6. LOL! The voices in your head are pretty good. Addition! The voices in my head start waving their limbs, and screaming ” Danger Deborah Zajac! Danger Deborah Zajac there’s addition ahead!!
    A lot of math gets Lost in the Spaces in my head. :)

    The little squirrel on the porch seems awfully brave! Then I remembered the Mrs. feeds them and there might have been food there.

    Hope you get the Dogwood limb down sans problemes. Oh, to have a blooming Dogwood in the yard would be grand!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. If I don’t take that branch down, it’s going to break.

      That little squirrel will actually come up to the door and put his front feet on the glass.

      I love the Lost in Space reference. That’s my favorite thing to say when things go south.

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      1. You said, “I love the Lost in Space reference. That’s my favorite thing to say when things go south.”

        Quite often it’s mine too. I think I watched every episode when I was kid. :)

        Be safe up there cutting that limb down!

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  7. To be fair, I also find many dangers in addition. Add numbers wrong and you can come up short on carpet, tile, grass seed (right! like I’m doing yard work!), party supplies, or moola when the cashier rings up your items.

    As for limb removal, aren’t there people who do that for you? We’ve got lots of them around here. It’s a choice that seems vastly safer than climbing a super, super tall ladder while juggling a sharp saw and hoping nothing jumps out to startle you along the way.

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    1. Somebody to do it? Where’s the fun in that? I’m not big on yard work, but I can take a limb off this tree. It’s only about 20′ up.

      The truth is, I sit at a desk all week telling a computer to do things. I love to do things that actually are hands on


  8. Dan, shaking my head on this one. The voices in your head have SOC talent! But then, they’re yours, so…! Of course Maddie’s photo, little creatures, and a flower must be featured too. Happy Saturday! ☺️ Christine

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  9. I’ve fallen victim to the dangers of addition more times than I can count! Hahaha!
    Limbs are a bummer, man. I love trees. I wish I could tell them, “Hey, avoid that power line” or “Fall to the lawn, not the drive” but it’s no use.

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    1. That would be a problem. I worry that I’ll add the dimensions of several pieces wrong and then come up short after they’ve been cut. It’s hard to make a piece of wood longer.


  10. 😂Thanks for the plug. Something tells me the voices in your head have more input in your regular posts than my might realize (or like to admit). They are so mischievous. I love those pink flowers and that fog. Very nice! I don’t think I’ll make the prompt post in time. Been playing today. Lighthouse adventures.

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  11. Okay, I often talk to myself at work, quietly! There’s a guy who admitted he was car surfing as a twenty something year old and fell off the roof of his car. He sounds like Tourette’s syndrome but is actually processing his work out loud. :D 😀

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