One-Liner Wednesday – I Said No

On a recent walk with Maddie, we got to watch a little scene play out high atop the lights at the baseball field. It reminded me of the guys who tried too hard to pick up women in bars. I’m sure this activity still goes on, but it brought me back to the early 80s (the last time I was anywhere near those places). I can only imagine the bird on the left saying:

What part of no don’t you understand?

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

The first few photos in the gallery are the sequence we watched (click on the top left photo to start a slide show). The gallery also includes some other photos from our walk. Sometimes, I stop Maddie to take a photo. Sometimes Maddie stops me to look at something. Sometimes, the bunnies stop us and force us across the street.

Although the song is from the early 90s, I can’t pass up a chance to include this song from Lorrie Morgan.


  1. Even little birdies have their limits and need their space. It appears no means no in any critter’s language. Nice one-liner for today, Dan. I enjoy seeing the bunnies, squirrels and birds from your daily walks.

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    1. Thanks, Mary. This crow was so funny. It really looked like major rejection in progress.

      The bunnies are pretty bold this year. There are tons of them, and they really seem to expect us to walk around them. I pull Maddie out into the street, and they just keep eating.

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      1. There are a lot of bunnies around these parts too this year – a bumper crop of bunnies :)
        It couldn’t make me happier.
        Bless your neighbour’s heart for keeping the clover uncut for the bees and the bunnies!

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  2. If the first mushroom were more deep yellow, my father would pick it. We call them “cheese mushrooms”. I’m not a fan.

    As for the “which part of no” saying, I once bought a t-shirt saying that, in Venice Beach, Ca. Wearing it brought me several curious responses. In Denmark a woman confused me for a die-hard feminist. Another man told me that this was cool on so many levels, seeing that “no” is an especially complicated Japanese performance art. And I’m quite sure it brought me several who said nothing at all, which is how I like it. :D

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    1. Thanks. It’s always interesting to do posts that include language that doesn’t translate completely. My father could instantly tell is a mushroom was safe to eat. I can only do that if they’re in a store.

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  3. Love the crow story …. gee even the crows have guy trouble. Well I’ll be! LOVE the foggy shot and the peek-a-boo shots, both having some serious atmosphere going on there. Bunnies well those strictly are put across your path every day for Maddie’s entertainment of course. As for that squirrel at your steps … what a hoot! Your backyard kinda sorta resembles ours. As for mushrooms … I was told the brighter they are the more poisonous they are. I dunno if that means anything to you. LOL

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  4. LOL! I loved the bird dialogue. Those mushrooms were interesting. I loved the second image of them. They reminded me of little chefs in their caps.

    I haven’t heard that song in decades! It was good when it came out and still is.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I’m glad you enjoyed the dialogue. Watching them had me shaking my head. It took a while to remember that song. I mentioned to someone that most country songs have the woman walking away, driving away, setting fire to something or shooting someone.

      I have been trying to figure out the “close-up” feature of my camera. I took a lot of photos of those mushrooms. I was lucky to get two that looked OK.

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  5. Love the photos … and the commentary even more. Bunnies rule in our yard these days. As we Open the door and let 3 terriers loose shouting “run bunnies run!” No casualties so far … but I am concerned when their waistline thickens and they can’t escape through the fencing.
    I love that Maddie is a friend to the bunnies. 💛

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    1. Thanks Val. I worry about over-use, but they’re so cute, I can’t resist. I guess it was a good year for bunnies. Ours seem to know the way in and out of the yard, but the adults tend to move on. We joke that we run the maternity ward. We’ve had some very little ones.

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  6. That was fabulous, Dan. (I don’t know why WordPress stays a day behind on letting me know about your posts — I really could have used these smiles yesterday. But I need them every day, so I’ll go ahead and grin now. :D )
    Loved all the critters and the narrative. Have a thriving Thursday!

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  7. In the 2008 movie, Taken, there is a scene where the bad guys catch the good guy and mean to kill him. Their leader tells them to do it quietly and then walks away. But the good guy overpowers them and as the fighting escalates, the leader looks back and tells one of the men still with him, “Go ask them which part of ‘quietly’ they did not understand.”
    It is a fine movie and that was one of my favourite parts.

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  8. Aww, Deborah saw the chef’s hats like I was going to say! Those mushrooms are awesome and so unique! I have seen a lot more mushrooms and toadstools since the rain has been pouring every other day! :)
    Only two “pick up lines” that worked were, “I haven’t seen you around this place before” (if it were my first time at a bar or tavern). The other one that reminds me of college is, “Are you old enough to remember disco?” Both men had my attention for more than one night, as I have them my ph #.
    I smiled when someone said I looked like Mary Steenbergen. Just may sound corny but my brother Randy has taught me how very difficult it is to approach women, so my sympathy is for the single guys in my age bracket! :)

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    1. I’m glad you guys thought of those hats. I couldn’t figure out what they reminded me of. I’m nervous enough around the women in WordPress, I wouldn’t do well in the bar scene.


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