Serendipity #CFFC

During a recent trip to Pittsburgh, we stopped to visit my mother’s grave. We were driving out of the cemetery when I spied this. I had to back up and snag a picture. I thought I’d have to hang onto it for a long time before finding a use, but Cee changed my plans. Her Fun Photo Challenge this week is “Tombstones or Cemeteries” – I couldn’t resist posting on a Tuesday – Thanks Cee!

I guess this guy was a tree lover.


  1. Hi Dan – incredible tying in of moments. That is an incredible ‘tombstone’ or monument to I guess as you mention a prodigious tree lover. In the old cemetery here – when I’ve walked through … I’ve been amazed at the creativeness of the tombstones … I expect your mother would be somewhat surprised at what came about after your visit to her resting place … but I’m sure she’d have laughed too – cheers Hilary

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    1. Thanks Hilary. I think she would have chuckled. When I explained why I was taking pictures of her neighbor’s apartment doors (Thursday Doors) she said: “well, if you want pictures of interesting doors, you need to go down that end…”

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  2. I like this original style and artistic effect, Dan. I was wondering, do you think the husband’s last name was Gilmore and the Donaldson is the wife? Or is Donaldson “a chip off the old man’s block?!”
    It must be hard still not to get teary eyed. I don’t know how long it will be for me to not get moist about my Dad. I sent Felicia a photo (via text) I hadn’t seen for a long time of her and her brother with my Dad. He’s looking up at me behind the camera, with a big grin on his face. 😁

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    1. It is hard, Robin but I guess that’s a good thing. There’s a lot of good to remember. As for the “tree” headstone, I have no idea. I should have gotten out and taken a better look, but I never expected to be using it so quickly.


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