Opportunities Lost

When things go wrong, experienced bloggers reach for the backspace key. When things go wrong during a post that is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun Stream of Consciousness Saturday series, the backspace key, as well as its sister key ‘delete’ is off limits. When things go so far wrong that a blog post turns into a train wreck, it’s best to start over. I guess I should have listened to those pesky voices in my head.

Note: Without meaning to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, there are known errors and probably a few unknown ones in this post.

The disclaimer is necessary, because we, the voices in Dan’s head have claimed this post, and we want to be sure that you understand that not all the errors belong to us. Last week, when the prompt was “Pants,” Dan tried to cobble something together, but it went off the rails. Maybe that should be through the rapids and over the falls. Sorry, that’s in inside joke.

We were all painfully aware of the difference in meaning of ‘pants’ when considered from the UK vs the US. He had written a post a long time ago about buying pants and a few people commented here and on Facebook that they didn’t want to read about underwear. He was referring to what the folks in England call trousers, and apparently there are more UK readers that he knew about. Yes, WordPress tells you where your readers come from, but he didn’t check (and he didn’t want our help).

This is why we like to distance ourselves from his part of the brain. His great idea last week, you might want to sit down, was to talk about the part in “African Queen” when Audrey Hepburn explains to Humphrey Bogart how she likes wearing trousers in Africa.

See why we needed the disclaimer?

First off, The African Queen stared Katharine Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn was an actress, but not in that movie. Second, Katharine Hepburn wore a dress in the movie and she didn’t discuss it with Humphrey Bogart. What was he thinking?

It’s possible that Mary knows what was confusing Dan last week. If she does, we’ll give her any bonus points we earn from this post. What, there aren’t any bonus points? Darn.

He was thinking of the Star Trek Next Generation (STNG) episode “Ship in a Bottle.” There’s a scene where Countess Regina Bartholomew (played by Stephanie Beacham not Audrey or Katharine Hepburn), female companion to James Moriarty, explains to Captain Picard, how she enjoyed going on safari in Africa. She said: “I got to wear trousers the entire time” and she said it with such impish joy that we understand why we remember it. We don’t understand why he connected it to the African Queen. Maybe the Countess reminded him of Rose Sayer.

Still, wrong actress, wrong movie, wrong clothing, wrong century – he couldn’t have been more wrong if he had been talking about William Peters Hepburn, the Civil War soldier and Iowa Congressman who died in 1916. At least he probably wore trousers. Then again, we try not to talk about politicians on this blog.

This post has been part of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I asked the voices to be brief, since an unusual turn of events makes this the 6th post in a row. The SoCS prompt, as mentioned earlier was:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy!

In addition to the voices taking over the writing, Saturdays are the day I let Maddie take over navigation. She likes to walk in and around “her park” a.k.a. Veteran’s Park. The photos in the gallery have been collected during these walks, including one where our walk was cut short by a crew from the Public Works Department. Maddie was most unhappy.


  1. hahaha enjoyed that! I know what the connection is to Katherine Hepburn and pants! She is quite famous for wearing trousers before it was fashionable for women. She always said she preferred them.

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  2. As I told John over at Fiction Favorites, upon turning When into a question, you never seem to get an answer – why is that?
    Since I’m not an imaginative writer, I’ll stick with the happy puppy and baby chippy!

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      • Yeah Maddie! I remember when I lived in Europe (a lifetime ago) and I was always excited to speak English with the folks from the UK because somehow it felt like home. But I got burned a few times when I was told I didn’t speak proper English as I was from the U.S. That was just a few people out of a vast number who said that, but it was an eye-opener for me as to the differences in the English language. :)

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  3. 😱How on Earth did I miss THAT post? I got no notification and have had no time to peruse my Reader. 🙈African Queen is only my most FAVORITE Bogey movie. What a love story! Although I do think he took HIs pants off at least once in that one. And yes, she wore a long, hot dress in that movie. He was so sexy as a gnarled boat captain. Oh! Pinch me, I was daydreaming…lol what a beautiful day for a walk with Maddie too!

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    • You didn’t miss it, I went to the bar instead :-)

      It was such a mess, I tried writing around the mistake and it just kept getting longer and longer and…

      African Queen is one of my favorite movies. If Linda ever gives us “Psalm singing old biddy” as a prompt, I’ll be all over it. The only part I don’t like is the leches – eeeew.

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  4. I’m taking away 100 bonus points from those jesters you call voices for taunting me with bonus points, and I’m giving them to you, Dan, for putting up with them. Geesh.

    Another 100 bonus points for the STNG reference.

    Nice response to the SOCs prompt. Thanks for the link back to MJM and for the reference to Katherine Hepburn and pants. I loved her, such a sassy and classy lady.

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    • Thanks Mary! I don’t have to share, do I? Those clowns were in a bad mood over the lack of bonus points. I feel like I should share. I knew you would at least understand the reference, if not my confusion. I think the relationships (Countess-Moriaty & Rose-Mr Ornat) are kinda similar…maybe. Maybe I just messed-up big time.

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  5. Oh, Dan, the voices in your head do write so very well! Humphrey Bogart was my all-time favorite actor and The African Queen was a great movie. I have the book that Kate Hepburn wrote about it: “The Making of the African Queen.” Quite a fun read.

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  6. Your brain is so much deeper than mine, but you reeled me in with a Saturday with Maddie which always brings a smile. I wonder if that Public Works Department Crew realizes how large a blogging fan club Maddie has? They need to be aware of who they are dealing with or it could result in bad press for them. Kidding. Hope Maddie has a wonderful Saturday walk with no interruptions in her travels. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. Maddie took me for our walk, and she dragged me into her park. She sniffed all around that entrance, as if to say “they where here, this is where they were.” She wasn’t getting turned away again.

      It’s funny how dogs seem to relate to their world. She’s so happy on those walks.

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  7. LOL… I’m glad I already had my coffee, Dan. :D Listening to the voices from someone else’s head isn’t nearly as frightening as having my own. It’s comforting in a way, to know you have them too. ;)
    And informative — OK, so I knew that in the UK, knickers are not old fashioned golf pants, but undies. (I won’t tell that story here…) However I didn’t know that “pants” were also undies there. Now I’ve done it to myself… where’s my second cup of coffee? Happy weekend hugs!

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    • I hope you’re enjoying the weekend Teagan. I learned that pants are undies, the hard way as my UK friends picked on me. I’m done with coffee. Thinking about adult beverages.


  8. English vs American English…always fun. Your voices had me smiling and I thought your readers (and you) might enjoy these illustrated differences between the two languages. As my husband was a rugby player in his younger days, I especially enjoyed #15. He would be on the left, just in case anyone is wondering. These days, you never know. :-)



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  9. Audrey Hepburn played a young nun with Cary Grant in “Father Goose,” Dan. She doesn’t get to wear pants nor trousers but the atmosphere and scenes remind me of Africa. Maybe you saw this great movie and intermingled her with Katherine Hepburn?
    The whole other context is not one I could explain since space doesn’t usually include water as African Queen and Father Goose do. Hmmm! 😁
    Sweet Maddie holding a toy with half in her mouth looks so cute!
    Aww, wish those were fallen flower petals or as you thought, water droplets. The leaf growth is kind of gross, actually.

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  10. Your stream took me back to college…

    My dearest mate from college was a woman from Manchester. She stopped dead in her tracks the day I said, “I hate my bangs today!”
    She looked at me and said…what are bangs? I’ve been reading American novels for years with no idea what the women were talking about. I flipped the front of my hair and said these. …! She couldn’t have been more excited to finally have the answer. Then said..we call that fringe…now I call it my fringe. Good stuff and a fun moment to remember. Thanks for that, Dan.

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  11. Your memory seems as shaky and hole-riddled as mine, Dan. You really should pay more attention to the voices in your head.I know they can be pesky, but they know all about you, your strengths and your foibles. Trust them. They only want the best for you. For example, right now mine are telling me it’s time to go in and see how my husband is doing since he limped home from a game of pickle ball. He might need something. but I’m enjoying sitting on the patio reading blogs. However, being wise than you, I’m going in to check. right now.

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  12. I love The African Queen. That’s one of my top 100, fersure. And it fersure was Katherine, but you know, these things happen. Like sometimes people might get confused about Kierkegaard and Skarsgard and mention to one’s husband that one found a new detective movie staring… No, that’s not right. Dead philosophers do not star in crime dramas.
    OR one might tell Dan to remember dessert has two tees OR one might tell Ellen the dog is a fine feline specimen.
    I don’t know who wears the trousers in my brain, but she’s never dull and neither are you :)
    I love the sprinkler photo, the sun with rays, and the long shadows walking :)
    Great SoCS!


    • I confuse Roxsan Dawson, the woman who played Bilana on Star Trek Voyager with Sandra Bullock. It’s become a joke with my daughter.

      It’s funny, I had to write about driving through the desert in Washington in a comment yesterday and I thought “no, it’s dessert that had two Ts” – so your advice is working.

      Some mistakes build a life of their own. Thanks for sharing yours.

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  13. Lovely SoCS post, Dan. Even though my parents came from England, I’d totally forgotten about the “pants” thing. I may have distanced myself from it because, for some reason, I can’t stand the word “trousers.” Weird, I know.

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  14. You navigated the stream so well, considering the voices, like rapids, and twisty turns. It was like flipping channels – nice to watch, but if I was really in the boat with you, I’d need some Dramamine. The grounding photos were a nice finish.

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  15. I almost went straight to the comment section when I read Audrey Hepburn being in The African Queen but stopped myself and read on. I am so glad I did. I was going to correct you when, actually, you wrote it right. Katharine Hepburn is one of my all-time favorite actresses. Audrey is good too but I gravitate to Katharine.

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    • I thought that might happen, Glynis. I’m glad you kept reading. If I hadn’t caught the error myself last week, you could have been part of the crowd picking on me. Some would have added that “she didn’t wear trousers” and that she never talked about her dress. Katharine Hepburn is one of my favorites, too. If you have a spare $12 million, you could buy her house in CT. I won’t be making an offer ;-)

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  16. I don’t mind when you and the voices in your head go off the rails. Cause even then they make sense to me! :)

    I left several comments on the images today cause if I don’t do it when I think of it I forget by the time I get back here. :(

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  17. With all due respect to the Brits , and to the rest of the world , I have never uttered the word ‘trousers’ and I never hope to . That’s just me . I don’t ‘queue’ either . Just stubborn that way , I guess . There’s an ocean of difference that I think should be respected , and never Mark Twain shall meet !

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    • “Trousers” is a bit too hoidy-toidy” for me. I don’t use it. I recently learned that you don’t queue. I only queue at work, cause it’s a think in computer programming.


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