This One’s For You

Time to rise and shine.

I appreciate that you stuck with me for six-days-in-a-row of blog posts last week. Two extraordinary posts filled in the normal respite from my blather. Both posts were for good causes but I do worry about overdoing it – I wouldn’t want my editor to go on strike (or ask for a raise).

So this is it, less than 100 words and some of the prettiest photos I can find. These are mostly from in and around Great River Park where I sometimes spend a few minutes on my way to work.


And, a little music. Your choice, “Shinin’ Brightly” or “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”

I’m taking Pam’s advice, and offering you a choice.


  1. I think sunrises are my favourite. There is an implied promise of things to come. The sad part of course is that it is arriving later and later now.
    For those of us accustomed to rising with the sun in the summer, we too are getting up later … or are bleary-eyed from dragging ourselves out of bed in the dark.

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  2. Mellow music and colorful, contemplative images–what a great way to ease into a new day and a new week (it may be un-American, but I tend to think of the week starting on Monday, not Sunday, like folks in many other parts of the world).

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    • Thanks Mike. All my calendars start with Sunday, but God rested on the 7th day, so… Oh well, maybe tomorrow, I’ll sit in the park a little longer, thinking about that. One thing’s for sure, it’s better than sitting at work.

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  3. Happy new week, Dan. It’s a good day for gratitude. (A few years ago, I was supposed to get an interview for a great job with NASA — in Houston… But as with most fed jobs that “selection” was just filling out the numbers for their CYA (cover your a$$). Now… actually I don’t know — I would have been great in that job. But still, feeling the general gratitude for being on high ground.
    Your lovely sunrise photos are perfect inspiration for gratitude. Here’s to extra moments of sitting in the park.

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    • Thanks Lois. I discovered this park one day when I had to abandon the highway due to heavy traffic. It was the best traffic jam ever. I typically take this “shortcut” two or three days a week.

      I’m glad Pam encouraged me to include “Dock of the Bay”

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  4. The early morning golden light on the city from the park, and the one with the clouds reflected in the river, oh and the big red ball of fire with two power towers are my favorites of the collection, but my, what a collection!!

    Thanks for starting my Monday off with lovely sunrise images.

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    • Thanks Deborah. The photos with the power lines are from the shoulder of the on-ramp to the highway. It’s literally the first point at which I can see the sun and the last point from which I can safely pull over to get a photo. I have so many pictures of the sun between those power poles, but they all seem different and somehow, special.

      I treat myself to visiting the park a couple times each week. It’s a great way to stall the approach of the work day.

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      • It would be a stop high on my list most days. It’s so pretty, and peaceful looking that it would surely set my mood up for the day to be a good one. Well, more peaceful and to take things in stride. By nature I’m pretty happy, and people comment that I smile all the time. I imagine that smile would be a bit bigger after a stop at the park before work. :)

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  5. It is curious that the sun can look like that at a certain time of the day. So solid and orange and calm. Shapeful, too, an orb. The thing is usually impossible to look at directly. Too hot, too bright, too cruel . . . one can almost imagine a jagged, shapeless alien ship ejecting superhot steam and monster rays towards the earth, floating like a satellite just over the atmosphere.
    I live near the equator. It can get hot, man. It gets hotter than it used to these days.

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  6. What a great commuting discovery…beautiful pics…all of them and how could you go wrong with Otis Redding? Popped that tune right into my head…took me all the way back to Junior High…our school had piped in tunes during Home Room (study time)…so remember listening to this……perfect tune, perfect setting, perfect pictures!!

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